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Things You Do That Have Been Hurting Your SEO
By at October 26, 2017( 5 months ago )

There are many mistake you make that will be hurting your SEO and unknowingly to you. And this are the reasons your organic traffic are going down, and you keep wondering why. Take a close look at the Seo killer tips and try to get them solved.

Don’t Use Underscore (_):

things that hurts your seo

Yes, don’t use underscore where? The question running through your mind?
Desist from using Underscore in you URL.
Most times you might want your URL to be keyword conscious, and you keep on using underscore while not knowing that you are hurting your Seo. The only character(Symbol) that is Seo friendly is hyphen (-).

Spamming Links:
Most bloggers feel it’s good to spam other people’s blog with their without knowing that Google will penalize you if your link is found in a non-related article.
If you wish to spam, do that in an article related to your niche to avoid been flagged as a spammer.

Link On Low DA/PA Blogs:
Getting Backlinks from blogs with low DA/PA will hurt your Seo so much.
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Improper Website Design: Your blog design is another thing that kill your Seo. Let’s say for instance, if your readers find your blog design irritating, Google Bot will just do the same. Work on a mobile friendly design.

Poor Contents:
Short contents are great at times but mind you, short contents are Seo killer, quality contents are what make you rank higher.
Do your best to write contents that are unique.
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Seo traffic (Organic Traffic) are the best that you can enjoy. Working towards that can only be achieved if you can correct and key into the above listed tips.
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