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{Story} Rabbit Love By VictoriuosChild

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Rabbit Love


”oh my, he proposed to me today, i still can’t
believe it’s for real” I sat on the bed which also serves as chair,
watching my bestie behaving like a bunny who
has just seen a fresh basket of carrot. ”V, you only met this guy five months ago” i
said to her.
”Becky, like seriously? She asked me, feigning
I pretended not to notice the look and she
continued. ”time doesn’t matter in this kind of thing o,
shine your eyes o, this is Lagos o, bae, no
dulling” you might be wondering who i am.
Well, my name is Becky Ugwuoke, a graduate
of mass communication from the University of
Nigeria Nsukka, and this is my story.
Well, i must tell you, Life is not a bed of roses,
what most people who are born with silver spoon, get with just a phone call, those of us
who are born without spoons or even a wooden spoon, have to struggle for it and
even sell our bodies and dignity for it.
”The struggle for survival is real”


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  1. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 1. I put my right hand on my chest to stop my
    heart from falling out of it and with the the
    other hand clutched my turquoise blue purse.
    I froze on a spot looking at him, if beautiful was
    a word that any man has a right to be called
    then i guess, i can proudly say ‘he is beautiful’ As if on impulse, he turned and smiled at me
    revealing the best dentition and the ‘whitest
    teeth’ i have ever seen.
    I couldn’t smile back nor do anything, i was just
    foolishly looking at him.
    He waved at me and began coming towards me as if i had a big placard saying ‘come to me’ in
    my hands.
    I turned sharply and began walking away to
    only God knows where, they say love is foolish
    but now i know and i can scream it loudly that
    love is indeed foolish. Since i had seen him that morning at Vivian’s
    church wedding, my heart has been doing
    some unimaginable stunts.
    He was the bestman and i the chief bride’s
    maid, even while at the altar, i was praying to
    God to see me through as my legs were shaking and my heart was beating faster than
    normal, as if to torment me more he kept giving
    me those charming smiles that could make any
    woman go gaga.
    His perfectly chiselved face and his dark lashes
    and thick brows, pink lips, slightly pointed nose and i can’t forget the skin colour, the
    golden brown colour, he was just perfect, he
    could become Mr. Nigeria without even
    All those features kept coming to my mind as i
    walked away foolishly, i only stopped when i bumped into someone who didn’t take it lightly
    with me and hurled insults on me. It was as if the insults brought me back to my
    senses, as i looked around to see that
    everywhere was almost deserted, and the hall
    which the wedding receptions was held which
    once looked beautiful was now a ‘fine mess’ as
    the chairs which were decorated with turquoise blue and white were now stained
    and some were even over-turned.
    I decided to forget the ‘prince charming’ and
    look for my bestie, the lady of the day.
    I located the room easily as she had used that
    particular hotel room in the morning for the bridal preparations.
    ”V, i am so happy for you” i said hugging her
    ‘thanks sis”
    ”you are now Mrs. Vivian Kolawole” i said and
    winked at her. ”Go jare, i was about changing when you came
    ”what are you waiting for, change nah”
    ”i don’t want to change in front of single ladies”
    she said and gave me a tongue out.
    ”haba, your marriage has not even reached ten hours and i am already receiving insults, what
    will now happen if it reached ten years or just
    ten days sef”
    ”by then you too would have become a Mrs
    nah” she said with assurance.
    ”you talk as if, Mrs is a title that i can just go and buy from the market”
    ”Biko, help me and zip this gown down jare”
    she turned her back to me and i did as she
    ”bae, this gown make sense today for your
    body o” i said in pidgin with a pinch of jealousy.
    ”aha, you just noticed it right? I don’t blame
    you sha, why would you notice it when you
    were busy drilling holes into the best man’s
    body with your eyes’ she said and i flinched
    ”so she noticed” i thought to myself. ”aunty please close your mouth” she said and
    touched my jaw
    ”it was obvious nah, i am sure everyone
    noticed it”
    ”V, it is not what you are thinking” i said in
    whisper. ”what am i thinking” she asked keeping her
    facial expression neutral.
    ”let’s change the topic jare’
    ” hmmmm”
    puttting on a gorgeous red gown, she sat by
    my side and i knew from her facial expression that she wanted to do one of those her serious
    ” most times i wonder, how did i attract this
    super-rich guy, i mean what do i have, for him
    to choose me over all those classy girls” ”You have super-big b**bs” i said and she hit
    me playfully,
    ”i will miss you, your noise and not forgetting
    all your unnecessary tantrums” i said and
    hugged her tightly and tearily We were still in that position when, we heard a
    knock on the door, Vivian answered the door
    and when i turned lo and behold, i came face to
    face with the beautiful him. TBC.

  2. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 2. He walked in with the man of the day closely
    behind him. ”Mrs. Kolawole, ain’t you set to leave for the
    romantic trip” he said and winked at Vivian
    ”i smell Jealousy” her husband said to him.
    ”Bro, you know, that word Jealousy does not
    exist in my dictionary, besides, am already thinking of hooking up” he said that and
    looked at me with his charming eyes. I didn’t even realize that the two men were
    both talking to me until Vivian hit me with the
    elbow and gave me a ‘get your act together”
    kind of look.
    ”uhm, my bad, what did you say” i said and
    looked at the two of them simultaenously without making eye contact with any of them.
    ”what were you thinking” Kolawole asked.
    ”well, it kind of getting late and i was
    wondering how i will get home, coupled with
    all this traffic congestion” i lied.
    ‘well, my good friend here Kelvin, will drop you off” he said and looked at Kelvin who tried to
    fake a smile, it was obvious he didnt want to do
    ”so Kelvin is the name of this prince charming” i
    thought to myself.
    ”it’s okay, i will take a taxi home” i said trying to give Kelvin an easy way out of the task.
    ”No way, how can i let a beautiful lady take a
    taxi home when i have a car with me” he came
    and put his hand on my shoulder, i wasn’t
    expecting it so i didn’t know how to react to it, i
    just kept quiet and stayed still, but i am very sure he noticed the way i was shaking under
    his touch. ”Mr and Mrs, are you good to go”
    ”yes, Bachelor, Becky already helped me pack,
    so i am all set for the trip” Vivian said and made
    to get her luggage when Kelvin stopped her
    and helped her with it.
    ”he isn’t just handsome but caring also, his girlfriend must be lucky” i thought to my self.
    ”easy o, she is my wife not yours” Kola said and
    flashed him a smile.
    Kelvin raised is hands in mock surrender ” I
    was only helping a beautiful lady with her
    luggage” ”Mr. Nice, thanks, i will carry my wife’s luggage
    by myself”
    Vivian and I stood there watching the two
    friends exchange words over Vivian’s luggage,
    it was obvious that they were close and they
    both look handsome, except that Kola was dark in complexion with a slightly broad nose
    but he was still handsome. ”if you’re really looking for what to carry, i
    suggest you carry your wifey” Kelvin said and
    we all laughed.
    ”nice suggestion, Boy, just take the luggage
    down to car” he said and patted Kelvin on the
    back. ”Am only doing this because i won’t be seeing
    you around for the next two weeks’
    ”thanks Kelvin” Vivian said to him and he
    winked at her again before saying ”you are
    ”thanks bro” Kola said to kelvin ”what are friends for”he replied.
    ”shall we” he said to me in particular and
    smiled that captivating smile to me again.
    I blushed.
    Everything about him was captivating and i just
    couldn’t take my eyes off him while we were walking down the stairs to the cars.
    After series of hugging and patting and Vivian
    even shedding tears when she hugged me,
    Kola’s driver drove the newly wed to the
    airport leaving just me and prince charming, i
    mean Kelvin. He stood majestically beside me with his hands
    in his pocket.
    ”Becky” he called.
    ”huh, how did you know my name” i asked.
    ”i have ears and they are not just for
    decorations, Vivian can’t make two sentences without mentioning your name.
    ”oh, i see!”
    ”all i see is that it’s just you and i and am
    supposed to take you home”
    ”i will take a taxi” i said to him, luckily i was
    stammering or smiling and staring foolishily ”am not complaining, am only trying to say i
    don’t drive long distances in the dark” he said
    and i looked at his innocent facial expression
    and felt pity for him although an inner voice
    was telling me that he was lying.
    ”sorry, for bothering you, ehm, Kola should have considered that before telling you to take
    me home.
    ”well, ehm, maybe he forgot, maybe he got
    carried away with all the excitement and all”
    ”thanks for everything, i will just take a taxi
    and go home” i said and made to walk away. ”it’s too dangerous for a lady” he said and held
    my hands, i was mesmerized by his soft hands.
    ”what do you suggest we do then” i asked him.
    ”what about, we spend the night here and then
    i will drop you off tommorrow morning”
    i thought about it for a while, all of me wanted to say no but i just couldn’t say no to such
    request from a beautiful guy like him.
    ”please don’t say no” he said to me.
    ”yes but on one condition”
    ”what condition”
    ”we stay in seperate rooms” ”done” he said.
    ”by the way you look gorgous in that gown,
    you were the most beautiful lady here today”
    i just kept blushing at his words, thank God, it
    was slightly dark, so he couldn’t see my face properly. He paid for two rooms in the hotel and we went
    in after waving goodnight
    I was glad i finally left him, before my heart
    became uncontrollable. I heard a knock on my door, i checked the time
    and it was 1AM, i was scared cos i wasn’t
    expecting anyone To Be Continued

  3. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 3. ”Who is there” i asked after adjusting Vivian’s
    night gown that i was wearing, she had
    abandoned it at the hotel where we slept the
    previous night, thank God for it anyway.
    without thinking a second time i quickly opened the door and came face to face with the
    guy that had swept me off my feet from the
    very first minute i saw him.
    ”hello” he said waving his hands in my face.
    ”uh, sorry come in” i was too busy admiring his
    muscular body under the tight T-shirt he wore that i had forgotten to ask him to come in.
    ”hope i didn’t wake you” he asked me after he
    walked in.
    ”no, not at all” i lied.
    ”well, i am so sorry for disturbing you, sleep
    just eluded me when i needed it most” he told me.
    ”sorry about that, you can sit”
    ”I need to use the rest room, feel free, i will be
    right back” i told him and quickly rushed to the
    bathroom. I heaved a sigh of relief and let out a breath
    which i had been holding since he walked into
    my room.
    ”what does he want now” i said to myself
    ”Father, lord help me to stay calm around him” i
    prayed and adjusted my hair and nightie and left to the room.
    He flashed me that smile again immediately i
    walked in.
    ”five minutes and six seconds” he said to me.
    ”Huh” i asked puzzled.
    Smiling ”i said you spent Five minutes and six seconds in the rest room”
    ”oh boy, he is also smart” i thought to myself
    and smiled at him.
    ”were you counting or what”
    ”nah, what are wristwatches for” he said and
    flashed his wristwatch at me. ”who wears wristwatch at night” i asked him
    ”me!” he replied in the same tone
    ”thanks for letting me in” he continued.
    ”you are welcome”
    Then the two of us became silent and the only sound we could hear was the sound of cars
    passing through the road at the back of the
    hotel, this is lagos, anything and everything is
    The silence was making me feel uneasy, he
    finally spoke up startling me with his question ”what did you say” i asked again to be sure i
    heard right the first time.
    ”I asked if you knew how to play card game, i
    mean our local whot” he repeated.
    ”where the hell, did that question come from” i
    said amidst clenched teeth. Like seriously? What was i expecting? for him
    to tell me he loves me or what.
    ”still waiting” he reminded me.
    I realized that i hadn’t given him an answer.
    I contemplated on what to say, if i say no, i am
    sure he will leave and i will miss him, if i say yes, then he will stay and i won’t get any sleep even
    though my head was aching badly due to
    sleeplessness. ”yes” i finally said, his presence is better than
    his absence.
    ”then, why did it take you forever to say it”
    ”well…well…” i stammered. ”oh, you were scared of loosing to me? Don’t
    worry beauty, i would go easy on you” he
    I scoffed.
    ”no one has ever beaten me in the game” i said
    proudly. ”like wise me, this is going to be tough then”
    ”so were do we get the card” i asked him.
    ”i have it here” he brought it out of his back
    pocket ”the guys and i used it to while away
    time last night at the hotel.
    ”then let’s get to work” i said excitedly. ”lets make it interesting, if i win, you will spend
    the week with me” he said shocking me.
    ”sorry to disappoint you, i work on weekdays”
    ”what kind of work” he said sorting the cards.
    ”am a school teacher” i proudly told him.
    ”you don’t look like a school teacher to me” ”how does a school teacher look?” i asked him.
    ”i mean, you look more like a model, with that
    hot figure and fair skin”
    ”i have always wanted to be one” i revealed to
    ”well, you can be a model, if you want, you sure have the body” he said and winked at me,
    with his cards in his hand.
    ”In this Nigeria or in another country?” i asked.
    ”in Nigeria”
    ”well, if you don’t have connection here then
    you will go nowhere” i told him. ”you sound so sure”
    ”that’s cos am sure”
    ”ever heard of KISS Modelling Agency?”
    ”yeah, that’s like the biggest modelling agency
    in Nigeria, they have the best super models in
    the country, like Bella Madi and Kyshia, mehn i like them”
    ”like seriously” he asked me smiling.
    ”checkmate!” i announced to him.
    ”what da heck, maybe i was too easy on you”
    he told me after accepting defeat. ****
    I was in Kelvin’s car heading home the next
    morning, we were getting friendlier and i was
    becoming less uneasy around him after the
    game of the previous night which i won all
    through. I sighed without realizing.
    ”what was that for?” he asked.
    ”yesterday was hectic and i haven’t even called
    Vivian to know how she is doing” I quickly
    covered up.
    ”oh! That reminds me too, i haven’t also heard from kola”
    ”Birds of a feather” i said and we both laughed.
    ”ehm, Becky i know you won the game, but i
    have a request”
    ”what is it” i asked.
    ”there’s this dinner party coming up in my workplace and i was hoping you could
    accompany me there”
    ”yes, i will” i said without even thinking. TbC.

  4. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 5. The next morning i woke up and found
    congratulatory text from Vivian and i decided
    to call her.
    She picked it on the first ring.
    ”La model, how are you doing” she asked, i
    could feel the excitement in her voice. ”Go jare, amebo, how did you even hear?”
    ”your other half told me” she replied.
    ”which other half, when did you marry me off
    without me knowing” i asked pretending not
    to know what she was talking about.
    ”Queen of pretense i hail thee” ”But bae you really wronged me o”
    ”what did i do” she inquired.
    ”why didn’t you tell me who Kelvin was”
    ”haba!!! I would have told you if i knew about
    it myself, he did a good job of hiding his
    identity from the public” ”you should have seen the look on my face
    and how shocked i was when i found out who
    he was”
    ”so, tell me has he…” she stopped mid way.
    ”has he what” i feigned ignorance.
    ”don’t pretend joor, has he asked you out yet” she asked blurtly.
    ”isn’t that too early, it’s been just a week” i
    ”you don’t have all the time in the world, you
    are not getting younger o, you are Twenty-four
    for heaven’s sake” ”yes mummy” i replied sarcastically.
    ”am only saying that once you meet the bone
    of your bone, it takes just a minute to know”
    she replied defensively.
    ”Mrs. Kola I didn’t argue with you o, anyway i
    want to prepare for Church now i will talk with you later”
    ”alright, i heard there will be a party to
    celebrate and welcome you into the agency”
    ”Amebo, you are in Miami and you know
    everything that is happening here in Nigeria,
    yes there will be a party at 8Pm today and Kelvin is coming to pick me”
    ”hmmm, take it easy o, i don’t want to hear any
    story that touches the heart o” she warned.
    ”yes mummy, my regards to Kola”
    I ended the call and hurriedly prepared for
    church, as i hated going to church late. No dull moment in my church, everything was
    lively from the praise session to the prayers.
    This particular sunday, a guest speaker was
    invited and his sermon was about seeking
    God’s face before taking any major decision, i
    felt that the topic was not for me so i just sat there absent minded, the only thought i had in
    mind was the thought of the party.
    Luckily for me, the service soon came to an end
    and i hurried home without even exchanging
    pleasantry with anyone. I got a text from Kelvin at exactly 2:55PM
    asking me to get ready on time for the party,
    the last part of the text says that i shouldn’t
    forget to dress sexily for the party.
    That part actually made me smile. ***
    He later came with one of his numerous cars,
    this time around a black Ford jeep, to pick me
    for the party.
    I invited him in but he declined and i got into
    the car as i was already set for the party before he came.
    The ride was a lovely one, he kept on asking
    me questions about myself and family and after
    much pestering i finally gave in and told him i
    was an orphan which was a partial truth as i
    had lost my mum at the tender age of nine and i didn’t know who my dad was, i couldn’t bring
    myself to tell him that i was conceived out of
    ”sorry about your parents” he said to me after i
    told him i lost my parents in a ghastly motor
    accident. ”i have gotten over it now” i replied ”now it’s
    your turn”
    ”my turn for what” he asked.
    ”tell me about yourself, why did you give your
    modelling agency the name KISS”
    ”I have three siblings and KISS is just the acronym for our names; Kelvin, Isabella, Samuel
    and Samantha”
    ”wow, that is really thoughtful of you” i was
    really taken aback by his consideration and
    ”KISS, is actually for my family not just mine, so i didn’t want anybody to feel left out so that was
    the reason for the name KISS” ”Thanks for making my dream come true” i
    said to him after he finished.
    ”it’s nothing” he replied.
    ”it is, i’ve always envied all those super-models
    especially Bella Madi whenever i see her on
    Television” he chuckled ”but she is human, just like you”
    he told me.
    ”i know, but she is young, plus the fame, the
    body shape and not forgetting the money”
    ”well, you are more beautiful and curvier than
    her and you will soon get all the money and fame”
    ”thanks” i replied. We got to the party venue and it kicked off after
    the signing of contracts and all that, all through
    the party i tried to be friendly with Bella Madi
    but she kept giving me looks that were not
    friendly at all.
    Kelvin on the other hand was supportive, he stood by me and did all necessary
    The party soon ended and i went out to the rest
    room, i heard Bella Madi’s voice, she was
    obviously on the phone with someone else, i
    wanted to mind my business and walk in but the last part of her statement caught me off
    ”he probably had s*x with her like he does
    with every girl before signing them into this
    agency, he thinks he can use me and dump me
    after promising me heaven on earth” I was shattered when i heard that, i just
    couldn’t believe that my Mr. Perfect was capable
    of such things. To Be Continued

  5. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 6. The ride back to my house was filled with
    silence, i just couldn’t wait to get to my small
    apartment where i usually find refuge
    whenever the world gets ugly. I guess Kelvin noticed my mood and decided to
    cheer me up.
    ”Miss Model, don’t tell me you are developing
    cold feet already” he said to me in other to
    break the awkard silence that had been
    existing between us since i overheard Bella’s call. ”no, am not developing cold feet” i replied
    ”Beauty, come on cheer up, You’ve been silent
    since the party ended” he held my hand with
    his free hand while using the other hand to
    drive, his touch sent cold shivers down my spine.
    It was difficult to believe that he was capable of
    such, he looked too innocent to even hurt a fly.
    ”Did i do anything wrong” he asked me.
    ”no, no, not at all” I was having mixed feelings about the whole
    thing, and i decided to let it go and cheer up.
    Besides, he wasn’t my boyfriend or anything,
    the fact that he has been nice to me doesn’t
    give me the right to question any of his actions.
    I sighed and relaxed my body of the chair. ”Beauty, you can talk to me, what’s the matter,
    you look disturbed” he asked me and i could
    feel the sincerity in his voice.
    ”it’s nothing, i just miss Vivian” i lied to him.
    ”I understand, you two have gone a long way,
    but you have me, you can always talk to me about anything whenever you need a listening
    ear” he said and winked at me and smiled.
    I was beginning to cheer up, there was no
    point crying over spilt milk, whether he did it or
    not was none of my business.
    ”hey beauty” he tapped me gently and i realized i was lost again in my ”thought world”
    ”sorry, i was just thinking about something”
    ”what was it, do you mind sharing” he asked
    and tinted his head.
    ”no, it’s not important”
    ”alright, well i was saying that you have to move into another apartment and place, one
    that will fit this level of life that you are in now”
    he explained.
    ”but i like where i live now” i protested.
    ”you are Model now, you are no longer a
    school teacher dearie” ”Is alright i will think about it” i told him.
    ”think fast, cos you will start work in a month
    time after all the coaching and training”
    ”i will” TWO WEEKS LATER. I came out of my nicely furnished room looking
    elegant in a black dress and black heels to
    I couldn’t believe i was now living in Victoria
    island, a place that simply smells ‘wealth and
    luxury” Earlier in the week, Kelvin has seen that i was
    not arriving at any decision and he suggested i
    stayed in his house for a while till i finally make
    up my mind to get an apartment, at first i had
    declined the offer since i didn’t know where i
    stand with him. It was as if he read my thought, he immediately
    started going on and on about his love for me
    and how i have been the one giving him
    sleepless night since we met.
    When he finished i was short of words.
    And then he finally sayed the words that i have been waiting to hear.
    ”will you be my girlfriend and make me the
    happiest man on earth”
    i didn’t even think twice before saying yes,
    funny enough i had been waiting for that
    question since the day we met. He kissed me that day and i could recall that i
    melted in his arms and i didn’t want the kiss to
    end. BACK TO THE PRESENT. ”baby are you ready” he called out to me while
    coming to my rooms direction, He had been
    driving me thro and fro to the Agency since i
    resumed my training classes.
    He stopped walking when he saw me. I knew i
    looked beautiful but i just didn’t think i was that beautiful to get such a reaction from him.
    ”wow, you look like an angel” he said ”my
    angel” he added.
    ”i think i will have to put a label on you
    indicating that you are my girlfriend” he said and smiled to me.
    I walked up to where he was and he held my
    waist and whispered ”you look awesome” to
    I simply smiled and pushed him slightly before
    another uncontrollable and unforseen event starts.
    The training that day was hell for me, as my
    trainer was no other person than ”Bella Madi”
    she was told to teach me one or two things
    about the runway.
    But she took it upon herself to use the opportunity to humiliate me and make fun of
    Any little mistake, she will spark and then laugh
    foolishly, i simply ignored her, since i was an
    expert in ignoring people who i don’t deem fit
    for my anger or love. I was glad when the class ended, it was now
    time for lunch and i was told that the
    director;Kelvin was calling me.
    Immmediately i got to his office, he kissed me
    and asked me to go out to lunch with him, i
    quickly obliged and we left. He drove straight to his house which got me
    confused, but i was happy when i saw the meal
    that his cook had prepared for us.
    We both enjoyed the delicious meal.
    After the meal, he took me to his room and
    confessed that he just couldn’t concentrate on his work and that i was the reason behind it. I was speechless when he ended but
    nevertheless i gave in to his demands. Tbc.

  6. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 7 Vivian called me the next day, I couldn’t bring
    myself to tell her that I had slept with Kelvin, I
    felt bad because she has always advised me
    against it, though she flirts alot but she knew
    where to draw the line. I had crossed the
    boundary, I knew it in my heart. Even though he was my boyfriend, he was still
    my boss. After the training session that day, I took a cab
    home since Kelvin didn’t go to work but there
    was something suspicious, he was preparing
    for work when he received a text and
    suddenly he held his head and told me that his
    head was aching that he wouldn’t be able to go to work. I attended to him before going to work, but on
    getting there, Bella Madi did not also show up
    at the agency. I was restless through out the coaching classes
    and i was happy when it finally ended. I got home and ran to his room first to check-
    up on him, i knew he faked the headache
    being the Igbo girl that i am but i decided to
    brush it aside and play along. ”hey baby, how was your classes today” he
    said and gave me a peck.
    ”it was nice, i enjoyed every bit of it” i lied, i ran
    upstairs hoping to catch him with a girl but
    unfortunately i met him coming out of the
    bathroom, although the bedsheet was rumpled. ”Any problem” he said to me when he noticed
    my change of countenance.
    ”No, no problem, am just a bit tired, i need to
    take a quick shower”
    He smiled and i knew what was going on in his
    mind. ”Don’t even go there” i told him and he
    frowned slightly.
    ”well, i don’t mind taking another shower” he
    said while rolling his eyes in a funny way which
    made me laugh.
    ”am your girlfriend, not your wife” i told him. ”my soon to be wifey”
    He wanted to hold my waist but i pushed him
    aside knowing fully well that it was a trick to
    get me to go into the shower with him. I stayed in the bathroom longer than i normally
    do, i was just there thinking about how my life
    has changed for better in the past one month.
    I guess Kelvin noticed my unusual stay in the
    bathroom and he came and knocked on the
    door, informing me that dinner was ready. I came out thinking he was gone but i met him
    sitting on my bed. ”huh? I thought you already left” i said to him.
    He just kept on starring at me and swallowing
    hard that was when i realized that my towel
    barely covered what it was supposed to cover.
    I quickly went to my wardrobe and took out a
    decent cloth and ran back into the bathroom while he stood there puzzled. I knew i went too far in sleeping with him the
    previous day and i was determined to make
    things right by avoiding anything that would
    make us roll in the bed again. I had changed and came out of the bathroom
    looking decent but he was no longer in my
    room and i didn’t even hear when he left. I knew he was downstairs so i went down
    there and met him him flipping through T.V
    ”am ready for dinner” i informed him.
    Dinner was a delicious meal of Semovita and
    Vegetable soup, i enjoyed it especially the periwinkles in it. His cook, a middle aged
    woman deserved a medal, she was an
    excellent cook.
    We ate silently although he kept on glancing at
    me at intervals. After dinner, Kelvin asked me to go for a stroll
    with him, i quickly agreed to it, i was glad he
    didn’t suggest we go to his bedroom to play
    card games like he usually does since i moved
    We got outside the compound hand in hand and suddenly he went behind me and covered
    my eyes with his soft hands.
    ”Baby, guess what” he said to me.
    I didn’t know how to react to that, i mean i trust
    Kelvin but what happened this morning made
    my trust for him to diminish by some percentage.
    ” I can’t see a thing and i hate guessing”
    ”please try” he pleaded.
    ”uhm, uhmn, there goes nothing” i told him.
    ”you are really bad at guessing” he laughed.
    ”well, just follow my lead” ”how am i supposed to follow your lead when
    you are covering my eyes” ”well i will guide you” he said and held my
    waist. He held me and led me a little further and then
    turned right, i assumed he was going besides
    the house which turned out to be correct he
    uncovered my eyes when we got there and lo
    and behold, there in front of me was a grey
    coloured Toyota camry the latest model. ”ta da! A gift for my wonderful girlfriend” he
    whispered to me. I was super excited, i hugged him tightly. ”do you like it, it’s all yours” ”I love it, thanks alot, sweetheart” ”you are welcome” ”let’s celebrate it” ”how about we start now” i said and kissed
    him on his lips and he responded passionately,
    i knew i had earlier decided against sleeping
    with him, but after this wonderful gift i couldn’t
    deny him what he wanted. The kiss was getting more passionately, i was
    already lost in the magic world, when he
    ”Don’t you think my room would be more
    comfortable” he said and held my hand and we
    ran upstairs to his room. Tbc.

  7. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 8. I had just concluded my Training classes and it
    was time to move into the real world of
    modeling. Kelvin and I decided to visit Vivian and her
    husband since i would officially resume work
    on Monday as a model and I won’t have the
    time to visit her regularly.
    The drive to their house was just one hour.
    I was super-excited, I had missed Vivian, my best friend, my confidant and my only sister.
    We got there and met Vivian and Kola waiting
    for us as we had informed them earlier of our
    Vivian was looking absolutely gorgeous and
    her beauty was radiating, she couldn’t hide her excitement when she saw me.
    ”Becky, i missed you alot,” she said while
    giving me a hug.
    ”I missed you too Vee” i replied her.
    The two men also shook hands with one
    another and exchanged pleasantries. I was looking around the well-furnished
    mansion while the others were busy
    conversing about one thing or another
    although i made sure i put in one or two words
    so that they would not notice that i wasn’t
    paying full attention. After a while Vivian excused herself and also
    beckoned on me to come with her so she could
    show me around but knowing fully well the
    kind of person that Vivian was, i knew she
    wanted to gossip.
    ”Babe, oya gist me nah” she said to me immediately we left the sitting room.
    ”I thought as much” i replied and we both
    I really missed her alot, her jokes, her pestering
    and most especially her laughter.
    ”Girl, you look amazing” i said to her admiring her outfit.
    ”Nah God o, you also look amazingly amazing”
    she replied.
    ”Babe, gist me nah, i heard Kev bought you a
    ”Gbegborun(Pokenoser), how did you know?” i asked her.
    ”There is nothing hidden under the sun, My
    husband told me”
    ”So you guys are now using my matter to
    gossip abi”
    ”but Becky, you no try at all, why didn’t you tell me, atleast, i would have called him to say
    thank you nah”
    ”Vee, i am sorry, i wanted to surprise you, I
    even wanted to bring the car here but Kelvin
    kicked against it, he said that we can’t be
    driving around with two cars, i am sorry” i apologized to her. ”Apology accepted! So can i see the car?” she
    asked me. I brought out my phone and showed her all
    the picture of the car, i could feel her
    ”Becky, i am so happy for you” she hugged me
    ”thanks alot” ”God has really helped us o, by this time last
    year we were still squatting in our self-contain
    apartment and using our Legedis-Benz, but
    look how far we have gone” Vivian said
    emotionally. ”if God is on our side who can be against us” i
    said and we both laughed.
    ”Bible scholar” she teased.
    ”so, tell me which level is your relationship with
    Kelvin now”
    ”Level i don’t know” i replied ”Be serious” she frowned.
    ”alright, he is still my boyfriend, and our
    relationship is going smoothly” i answered.
    ”smoothly? Hmmmm? Two things are involved
    then, it’s either he loves you more than himself
    or you are sleeping with him” At the mention of ”you are sleeping with him”
    my face tightened
    ”Becky, i understand, am not judging you, but
    you’ve got to stop it now, love and s*x are two
    different things” Vivian advised me. ”Thanks Vee for not being judgmental” That was all i could say, i couldn’t bring myself
    to tell her that i have been sleeping with Kelvin
    everyday for the past two weeks, i was turning
    into a nymphomaniac. Our Visit soon ended and Kelvin dropped me at
    home and went out to hang out with his
    friends since it was a saturday.
    When he came back later and demanded for his
    usual, i wanted to heed to Vivian advice about
    abstaining till we get married but i was scared. I couldn’t deny him s*x after all he has done for
    me. Monday came sooner than expected and my
    life as a model officially began
    First and foremost i was introduced to the
    outside world as the ‘next supermodel”
    I was interviewed by Ebony TV and the
    interview was shown life on ‘A moment with mo”( The Name Of The Program)
    Next was my interview with Linda Ikeji’s TV.
    At first i was camera-shy but i soon relaxed and
    enjoyed the moment.
    Many questions were asked ranging from my
    family background to my aspiration in life. All the interviewers and presenters on various
    shows that i was invited to, all complimented
    my beauty and my light skin. The first week of my life as a model was hectic
    with interviews here and there and live TV
    programmes, i barely had enough time to eat
    but in all, Kelvin stood by me and made sure i
    was not overstressed nor asked unnecessary
    questions by the presenters. Just as expected, my name was on everyone’s
    lips, blogs and websites were all filled with my
    pictures and i had not even done any official
    photoshoot. Monday of the second week was my first ‘real’
    photoshoot, it was a photoshoot for the cover
    of ‘style magazine’
    it came out really nice, I looked so elegant.
    ”Baby, I think I will make an enlargement of
    this picture and put it in the sitting room” Kelvin said to me when he saw the picture.
    I was really enjoying this life more than i had
    expected. Tbc.

  8. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 9. Lagos Fashion week(LFW) was just around the
    corner and i was among the models that were
    to walk down the runway.
    I was so nervous when I was informed, i was
    happy and also sad, happy because i was
    finally going to walk down the runway and sad because it was a major event and i didn’t want
    to mess up. Kelvin was very supportive, he was always
    trying his best to comfort me whenever I felt
    like i was at my breaking point.
    Simply put, he was the ”world’s best boyfriend’
    He always know what i want before i even
    asked, he was very understanding except when it comes to s*x. My next photoshoot before the Lagos Fashion
    Week was in south Africa, it was for the cover
    of Africa Women magazine and i wasn’t the
    only model that was going to be featured in it
    Bella Madi, Dency Watson, an African-american
    model signed to Cassie Modelling agency were going to be featured in it also. Kelvin volunteered to go with me to South
    Africa, since i had never been on a plane before
    talkmore of travelling abroad.
    I was grateful to him.
    I enjoyed every bit of the flight to south Africa.
    It was a first class, so i got maximum comfort. I only experienced a little phobia when the
    plane was about to take off.
    My boyfriend held my hand and whispered
    ”it’s gonna be over in a minute and you will be
    fine” into my ears and i calmed down. The photoshoot was supposed to happen in
    cape town, so we lodged in a five star hotel in
    the heart of the city. The next day, the photoshoot session started
    and we were dressed up a nicely tailored
    flowing ankara gown.
    The photos all turned out well except the one
    that Involved just Bella and I, which turned out
    bad because of the awkward posture where we had to hold each other’s hands with my
    hand hanging on her shoulder.
    Dency Watson on the other hand was very
    friendly to me and all out photos together were
    After the photoshoot, Kelvin congratulated me for the wonderful poses and all, he also went
    ahead to congratulate Bella who ignored him
    and left.
    He followed her shortly after she left.
    I waited and waited but i didn’t see any of
    them, at a point i pleaded with Dency Watson to inform Kelvin that i had gone to the restroom
    incase he gets back before me.
    I got to the restroom which was clearly marked
    female and i perceived the strong scent of
    Kelvin’s perfume but i ignored it and went
    ahead to do the business that brought me there, after i had emptied my bladder, i noticed
    that the scent of the perfume was strong there
    meaning that the user wasn’t far away from
    where i was.
    I listened well and i could hear voices coming
    from the cubicle next to the one i was. I thought i heard Kelvin and i moved closer so i
    could hear better.
    I thought i was dreaming when i heard it again.
    ”Kelvin i have missed your touches” it was
    Bella’s voice.
    ”My Queen, i have missed your touches too, no one else does it better than you” this time
    around the voice was obviously Kelvin’s voice.
    I stood there listening to their moaning and all
    the other rubbish they were uttering and when
    i couldn’t take it anymore, i went out and
    pushed the door but it was locked as expected, they were obviously carried away to notice that
    someone pushed the door. I began pushing and punching the door before
    i heard Kelvin’s voice.
    ”Use the next one, am helping my girlfriend out
    ”Kel, Kelvin, what did you say” i asked amidst
    tears. I guess it dawned on him that i had caught him
    red handed this time around.
    ”Bella, how dare you seduce me” i heard him
    screaming and shouting at Bella but i knew it
    was fake, he was a great actor.
    He finally opened the door and immediately went on his knees when he saw me.
    ”Baby, i am sorry, she caused it”
    Bella on the other hand came out, looked at me
    from head to toe, hissed and walked out.
    ”Kelvin, i am so disappointed in you, how could
    you do this to me” i asked sobbing. He just knelt down there like a wet puppy
    without saying a word.
    ”Kelvin, how could you?” i asked again.
    ”Baby please i am so sorry, she seduced me
    when i followed her to find out why she was
    unhappy” he explained. ”Kelvin, she seduced you, how did she do it?
    Did she glue your leg to a spot, couldn’t you
    have just walked away”
    ”Baby, i am sorry, it will never happen again”
    ”Kelvin, I am disappointed, after sleeping with
    you every night, you still went ahead to make out with another girl, Kelvin why?” i asked
    amidst sobs.
    ”Baby, i am sorry, it won’t happen again, if only
    you had slept with me last night when i wanted
    it, all this wouldn’t have happened” he
    explained and i opened my mouth in shock. ”Just one night, and you couldn’t control
    yourself, you are worse than a dog, Kelvin you
    are worse than a dog” i said and walked out. I was beginning to doubt if Kelvin had any
    feeling called ‘Love’ for me.
    I was devastated, i wish Vivian was around to
    help me out of this mess. Tbc.

  9. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 10. ”Baby, please I am sorry, don’t let this little
    issue come between us”
    Kelvin pleaded.
    He had been pleading with me to forgive him
    since the ugly incident occurred.
    It’s been two days since the incident and we were already back in Nigeria and i was getting
    ready to walk down the runway for the very
    first time. ”Leave me alone and go back to your
    girlfriend” i shunned him.
    ”you are my only girlfriend” he replied ”I am
    sorry for cheating on you” ”no, no, no, Bella is your girlfriend, have you
    forgotten what you said before realizing that i
    was the one standing outside” ”I am sincerely sorry, trust me it was my
    hormone’s talking not me” he pleaded. Well, this is what my own hormones has to say
    ‘LEAVE ME ALONE, LET ME BE” I brushed past him and walked into my room
    and made sure i locked the door. After few minutes i heard him knocking on the
    door and i ignored him and put on my
    headphone. I didn’t even know when i fell asleep, i only
    opened my eyes to see that it was already 5 AM.
    It was the D-day, the day i have been waiting
    I was really nervous, i needed someone to talk
    to but unfortunately i was not in good terms with Kelvin.
    I quickly got ready and packed my things,
    since we were asked to arrive on time so we
    could practice alittle before the main show
    starts. When i was walking out of the apartment i
    heard Kelvin calling me but i ignored him and
    went to my car and drove off. I got there on time, and as expected my
    number one enemy; Bella was already there
    sitted like she was the queen of England, i
    ignored her and went ahead to socialize with
    the other models, some of them behaved like
    they owned the world, luckily for me Dency Watson was there and she kept me company,
    she was a very jovial girl and when she tries to
    speak our Nigerian-pidgin, it’s usually hilarious. We soon finished the 1 hour practice and we
    went to the dressing room. I was sitted next to
    Bella the queen of England.
    I totally ignored her and she kept herself busy
    with her phone taking selfies and making some
    stupid faces while taking the selfies. I felt like strangling her. ”huh, what did you say” i asked her.
    ”are you deaf, i asked if Our boss would come
    for the show”
    ”i thought you were his mistress, how come he
    didn’t tell you”
    I couldn’t believe she had the effontery to talk to me after what she did with Kelvin back in
    south Africa” ”Are you still angry about that little episode that
    happened in South Africa’ she asked me
    smiling and i felt like pulling all her teeths out.
    ”Am not angry” i replied her.
    ”welcome to the world of showbiz dearie, you
    have to be brave and smart to survive in this our world” she replied me.
    ”who are to advise me, you sl*t” i replied her
    with anger.
    ”The last time i checked, we were both sl*ts,
    neither you nor I is married to him, yet we both
    sleep with him, what does that make us” she asked still smiling foolishly.
    ”am his girlfriend and we will soon get
    married” i replied her. ”soon? Soon to be wife and wife are actually
    different, baby check your dictionary, if you
    doubt me” she replied me obviously enjoying
    the exchange of words while i was already
    furious. ”If he sleeps with me, that is because i am his
    girlfriend and soon to be wife period, are you
    that dumb” i asked her.
    ”Miss, check your Bible, the two of us are in this
    together, we are both committing Fornincation,
    read my lips F-O-R-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N’ ”so you even read the Bible”, i asked her, i was
    getting irritated with her words.
    ”Even the devil reads the Bible” she replied me
    ”well, if you read the Bible, then you should
    know that you are nothing but are shameless wh*re, sleeping with a man in the restroom,
    were you so broke that you couldn’t even get a
    room” i asked her and she was visibly angry. She made to slap me but dropped her hands, i
    was actually waiting for her to slap me so i
    could retaliate and give her the beating of her
    She was smiling, the smile was obviously fake, i
    followed her gaze and was surprised to see that Kelvin was at the door. Seeing him there made me happy but i didn’t
    show it, i only hissed and left that dressing
    room to another one and he didn’t even bother
    calling me back and that made me more angry. The show soon commenced, and in little or no
    time it was time for the main event. The runway show started with models like me,
    the amateur models, i was super nervous but i
    was relieved when i saw Kelvin sitting at the
    front row with other dignitaries, i felt this
    sudden joy and peace of mind.
    And thanks to him and his smile i walked down the runway three times without messing up. That day show soon came to an end. ”Baby, congratulations, you were awesome”
    Kelvin said to me at the backstage after the
    show. ”thanks” i replied and shrugged.
    ”I am sorry for everything, forgive me” he
    began pleading again.
    ”i have forgiven you” i replied and he kissed
    me there without minding that we were in a
    public place. Tbc.

  10. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 11. The second day of the Lagos Fashion Week was
    less hectic than the first day, i wasn’t as nervous
    as i was on the first day.
    Kelvin did not come to the show, according to
    him he had an important meeting to attend and
    he couldn’t afford to miss it. Throughout that day, The Queen of England;
    Bella as i now call her kept on making sarcastic
    comments to annoy me but i did a good job of
    ignoring her. I couldn’t wait to leave that place. Her presence
    alone irritates me, i couldn’t help but wonder
    how my idol, the girl i once admired and
    desired to be in her place became my number
    one enemy. Maybe it was because we both
    wanted the same thing; Kelvin. The event finally ended at 5: PM and we went
    backstage to change and do some prepping in
    preparation for the third-day show. We finally
    rounded up at exactly 6;20PM. I dashed to my
    car as i didn’t want to run into Bella.
    Too late! She was just few inches away from me when i got to the car park. ”hello, who do we have here” she said, i knew
    she was talking to me but i ignored her and
    started unlocking my car door. ”don’t get too comfortable, cos it’s just
    temporary” she retorted, entered her car and
    her driver zoomed off. I wish she had waited, i would have demanded
    for an explanation.
    What did she mean by ‘it’s just temporary” ”Enemy of progress” i said aloud and drove out
    of the car park. I got home after driving for thirty minutes and
    met Kelvin watching television, he welcomed
    me with a peck, after all the greetings and all
    that, I went to my room to get a cold shower. After the shower i came out and was whistling
    to my favourite song; Carrie Underwoods Jesus
    take the wheel, when i heard a knock, i knew it
    was kelvin, i refused to open the door as i was
    helf unclad. ”Beauty, i was thinking, ehm, maybe we should
    go out for a delicious dinner this night” ”Sounds fun” i replied. ”so where are we going” he asked me. ”you brought the idea of going out, why not
    bring the idea of the venue” i was irritated. ”i
    hope it’s not one of those your pranks cos am
    famished right now” ”hey, hush, i was only being a gentleman, i
    thought you will like the idea of picking the
    venue” he informed me. ”Gentleman, that’s quite un-romantic of you” i
    said playfully. ”i wasn’t trying to be romantic miss, well, since
    you don’t like the idea of choosing the venue,
    just meet me downstairs in about 20minutes” ”yes boss” i replied playfully. ”i won’t mind you wearing my favourite
    colour” he added before walking away.
    I kept smiling to myself after he left, i had
    completely forgotten Bella and her drama. I
    was hopelessly in Love. Thirty Minutes later we were on our way to a
    place which i know nothing about since Kelvin
    refused to disclose the location to me.
    ”have i told you that you look perfectly
    stunning in that red gown” ”yes, for the fifth time in the last ten minutes”
    ”oh! I really can’t help but compliment you
    again and again, this is why i like the colour red
    on women, it’s a flattering colour” i simply smiled and choose not to dwell on the
    fact that he mentioned women and not just me. We soon got to the venue for our little
    rendezvous; Jevinik Resturant, it was in a
    secluded area, i guess it was for people who
    wanted privacy with their loved one, the
    environment was homely.
    The cool air of the night greeted me when i came out of the car, i could see all manner of
    people hanging out their, some were skimpily
    dressed, some you could tell that they were
    husband and wife, one particular couple
    caught my attention, they were so young,
    playing around and laughing in the neatly trimmed lawn, i could see the rings on their
    fingers, so one could easily guess that they
    were newly weds. ‘This could be Kelvin and I” i muttered to
    myself. We didn’t go into the resturant, we sat at a
    corner in the bright light and a waitress came to
    attend to us.
    She was skimpily dressed and i saw how she
    was openly flirting with Kelvin who in turn
    responded with a smile, i was disgusted at the open display of shamelessness but i didn’t
    bother much, i had my stomach to satisfy which
    was my number one reason for being there. Our food was served and i immediately started
    devouring the nicely prepared meal.
    Jevinik resturants were always known for their
    well prepared food, so i wasn’t surprised when
    the delicious meal was served.
    Kelvin noticed that i wasn’t talking to him, he just kept quiet but he was always glancing at
    me during the meal which made me very
    uncomfortable. After the meal, i stood up to leave.
    ”where to” he asked me.
    ”home” i simply said and continued walking.
    He grabbed my arms from the back, and i
    stopped walking and turned to face him.
    ”I am sorry for that little drama with the waitress, i am just not good at telling people off
    or being rude” he pleaded with me and my
    heart melted. The rest of the night was amazing and fun-
    filled, to the extent we lost track of time and
    overstayed. it was an unforgettable night. To Be Continued

  11. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 12. The next day, i wasn’t really myself, i didn’t get
    enough sleep the previous night, i was down
    with headache.
    After that day show, i quietly went to the
    backstage to rest my head.
    After a little while, Bella walked in and as usual she was parading herself and chewing gum
    noisely liked she owned the world.
    I ignored her and put my head on the dressing
    table. ”I must confess you are getting better at all this,
    you didn’t look as foolish as you looked the
    previous days” Bella said to me. I made her look foolish by not even raising my
    head not to talk of replying her. I pretended
    like no one talked. ”Hey, have you suddenly turned deaf” she
    asked me, infuriating me the more. Luckily, before i could reply her Dency watson
    walked in. ”sorry to disturb” she said talking to no one in
    particular. ”like duh! Why do we have doors? So you can
    knock on them” Bella said. We ignored her, i knew she wasn’t also in good
    terms with Dency. They were both the most sort
    after supermodels. I have come to realize that
    Bella hates competition and competitors. ”Becky, hope you are okay?” Dency asked me
    with genuine concern. ”Like seriously? Didn’t i just talk to you Dency”
    Bella asked visibly angry.
    ”what if you talked” Dency answered.
    ”if i talked then i expected a reply, nobody
    ignores Bella” she answered proudly, my
    hatred for her was increasing everyday. ”Bella, you should know me by now, when my
    dogs are barking i don’t bark with them” Dency
    replied calmly and i couldn’t help but laugh.
    ”Did you just call me a dog?” she asked angrily.
    I was enjoying the drama.
    ”Was there water in my mouth when i said it” Dency asked.
    ”oh! You have touched the lion’s tail”
    Bella raised her hand to slap Dency but she
    caught the hand in mid-air.
    ”Bella, I can tolerate all your pestering and
    insults but slap, no no, no i can’t take that from you, you hear me? I can’t take it from you,
    i knew that things will get out of hands if i don’t
    interfere, so i gently walked up to Dency, and
    patted her on her back calmly.
    ”Dency, it’s okay, don’t let her get to you” i said to her.
    ”thanks, i just needed to let all those words out,
    i have been bottling it up for a while now” she
    said to me and then turned to Bella again ”and
    as for you bi*ch, the next time you raise your
    filthy hands on me again, i will cause a great scandal for you that will ruin your career, and
    this time you won’t be able to use your body to
    get out of it” ”don’t threaten me! I am warning you” ”i wasn’t threatening you, you dummy, i am
    only warning you to stay off my path” ”A b*****d warning me, Bella you have
    suffered” Bella said smiling wickedly
    ”A b*****d with dignity and pride and talent,
    unlike, you a cheap wh*re without talent” Bella hissed and started packing her things
    ”I curse the day my father met your mother”
    she said while packing her things.
    ”don’t you dare, bring my precious mother into
    this, it’s between you and I, sister!” i had to intervene, things were getting out of
    hand, they were already bringing their
    personal unresolved matters into the fight. ”D, let’s go to your dressing room”
    i said to Dency.
    ”you guys can eat this room, i’m out” Bella said
    and walked out. ”ha! I finally feel okay” Dency said and
    ”i never knew you to be this aggressive” i said
    to her.
    ”am only aggressive whenever am around her”
    she said smiling. ”you two must be really good friends” i said
    and went back to my seat.
    ”good friends indeed! Well, sorry about the
    little drama, i actually came in to check on you”
    she said taking the seat that Bella had vacated.
    ”I noticed that you’ve been quiet since today, what’s wrong” she asked me. ”nothing serious, just slight headache”
    ”woah, you temperature is really high” she said
    while touching my forehead.
    ”yeah, i didn’t get enough sleep last night”
    ”what happened”
    ”nothing, i went out last night with someone” ”That someone must be really special for you to
    loose track of time while hanging out with him
    or her”
    ”quit being nosy” i said playfully.
    ”am just being a good friend, well you can rest
    all you want since you won’t be making any appearance tomorrow”
    ”yeah, you are right, thanks alot”
    ”you are welcome, so can i have your address
    so i can check up on you tomorrow” she asked
    me. I wrote the address for her and she screamed
    when she looked at it. ”what is it” ”Victoria Island? I never knew i had a super
    rich friend”
    ”you are really a drama queen, what is the big
    deal about Victoria Island” ”that places stinks of riches and power and
    some innocent human blood, what i mean is
    that, it’s a dwelling place for the rich and
    powerful and influential”
    ”I had no idea” i said pretentiously
    ”well, who do you live there with? Your parents, your rich uncle or you stay alone” she
    ”i don’t stay alone”
    ”then with who”
    ”well, i stay with my boyfriend and we are
    about to get married” i said defensively. Tbc.

  12. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 12b ”Boyfriend! Tell me you are kidding” ”why do you sound like i committed murder or
    something” ”hello, to me this is worse than murder” ”what” ”why will you be living with someone who isn’t
    married to you” she asked me puzzling me. ”we will soon get married” i said trying to
    justify what i did. ”soon? Oh no, tell me you are not falling for that
    word ‘soon” ”trust me! Kelvin is a nice person” ”Kelvin as in Kelvin the Director of KISS
    Modelling Agency, as in Bella’s boss” she asked
    me. ”yes, and he is a very nice person” ”sorry to say but i don’t like that guy, i heard
    that he was involved with my sister, i mean
    Bella sometimes last year” ”Is Bella your sister” i asked changing the topic. ”isn’t it obvious, she is my step sister” ”wow, no wonder you two don’t like each
    other” ”i don’t hate her” she defended. ”how come she is a full blown Nigerian and
    you are a half-caste” ”which one is half-caste again, am biracial not a
    half-caste” she asked feigning annoyance. ”sorry, that is what we call it here but please
    answer the question i am curious” ”well, my mum is from canada, she is a
    canadian, she met Bella’s dad when he came
    for a degree programme in Canada and they
    started dating, and he promised her heaven on
    earth and before you know it they were living
    together and with the hope of getting married to him my mum was sleeping with him and
    before you know it she took in five months
    prior to when he would complete his
    programme there, he asked her to abort the
    pregnancy but my mum refused and his
    behaviour towards her changed completely” ”you mean like love gone sour” i asked. ”exactly! So after he completed the programme
    he left Canada and returned to Nigeria, after
    promising to come back for my mum, my
    innocent mother waited and waited for three
    years but there was no sign of him. So she
    traced him down to his house in Nigeria through the help of his friends, when she came
    here she was shocked to see that he was a
    married man, married with two kids a boy and
    girl. Bella and her elder brother. ”i can imagine how hard it was on her” i put in. ”she was devastated, and out of anger she left
    me with him and left, well, his wife made my life
    a living hell, as i was more intelligent than her
    two kids and many people loved me more
    because of my skin colour. ”i’m so sorry about that” ”well, it’s not anyone’s fault, i don’t blame
    anybody, i lived with them for three years until
    my mum got married to her high school crush,
    a biracial too, and they came and took me away
    from the hell i was living in” ”so how come the different surnames” ”My mum’s husband adopted me legally and
    gave me his last name and that was how my
    horror filled life turned into a happiness filled
    life” ”wow, that was an inspiring story” ”you are really funny, now you know why i
    hate the idea of you living with someone who
    is not your husband, he can disappoint you at
    anytime after using you to satisfy his sexual
    desires” ”Kelvin is different” i said. ”my mum once said that” ”trust me, he is different” ”it’s not like i don’t trust you but as they say,
    prevention is better than cure, get your own
    small apartment and stay there until he marries
    you then you can proudly move into his
    apartment as his wife, with respect, i really hate
    premarital s-x” ”Kelvin will not be happy if i do that” ”i feel like it’s my mum’s story that is playing out
    infront of me again, Becky, a guy promising
    you marriage doesn’t mean that he will marry
    you, people break promises at any time they
    like” ”I will think about it” ”be fast about that, if you don’t have enough
    money to get an apartment then you can move
    in with me, i stay alone, not very far from you” ”huh, what do you mean by that” ”I stay in Victoria Island too” she said smiling. ”am not surprised, you are rich” ”No, my father is rich” ”you mean Bella’s dad” I asked ”No, i don’t mean the s***m donor, i mean my
    father, a father is someone who loves and
    cherish you not necessarily the one who got
    your mother pregnant” she explained. ”you are right about that” ”Let’s head home, am really exhausted” she
    said and got up and i packed my things and
    followed her. ”wait a minute, let me get my bag from my
    dressing room” ”alright” she went in while i waited at the hallway. She
    came out few minutes later with her handbag
    and a black bagpack strapped to her back. ”i am curious about something” ”what is it” ”why are you enemies with Bella” i asked ”Am not her enemy, she clarified ”i got here
    through hardwork and she got hers by
    sleeping around, so that is why i am angry
    whenever she brags” ”how do you mean” ”story for another day” she said smiling. We soon got to the car park and she got into
    her car and drove off but not without telling me
    to think thoroughly about what she told me
    earlier. Tbc.

  13. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 13. ”Baby, why are you not eating” Kelvin asked
    me, while scooping the tasty fried rice into his
    mouth. ”Am not hungry” i said to him.
    ”Atleast eat a little, you are looking so pale, is
    anything the matter”
    ”i already ate to my satisfaction” I was enjoying the meal when Dency’s advice
    suddenly came up in my mind, the once tasty
    food turning tasteless in my mouth. ”hey, talk to me, what’s eating you up and
    don’t tell me there is nothing cos there is” ”It is nothing important” i replied him.
    ”I don’t care if it’s important or not, just share it
    with me.”
    ”what do you think of me getting my own
    apartment” i blurted out.
    ”huh” the look on his face showed that he wasn’t
    expecting what i said.
    But he soon recovered from the shock. ”why
    would you want an apartment when my house
    is big enough to contain a whole community”
    he asked me. ”but…”
    ”no but” he cut in.
    ”seriously, i like the idea of living in my own
    apartment,” i said with a more serious look on
    my face.
    ”if it’s about privacy, i promise i won’t barge into your room anymore” he said and tilted his
    head and winked at me.
    ”No, it’s not about that, although that is enough
    reason for me to leave” i said sternly enjoying
    the different emotions playing across his face.
    ”please just get that idea out of your head, my house is big enough to for us both, and i am
    not complaining” ”Seriously, don’t you think it’s better for us to
    live in separate apartments before people start
    talking” i said to him. ”whoever wants to talk should talk” ”Trust me, when they start talking i will be the
    one at the receiving end”
    ”how do you mean” he asked.
    ”people will only look at it like am after your
    money” ”stop having negative thoughts and stop
    making up things in your head” ”hey am not making it up, am not a macho man
    like you, you can endure whatever people say
    but i can’t” i replied him raising my voice lightly. He would not let me leave the house if i keep
    being calm, in as much as i hate to leave, i still
    think that Dency was right about all she said
    earlier in the day. ”Don’t tell me you are raising your voice at me
    simply because you have made enough money
    and now you want to leave” he said surprising
    me with his words, i never expected him to
    think that way.
    ”It’s not about that, i don’t want people to see me as a gold digger” i explained to him calmly. ”you are just making all this things up in your
    head, nobody is seeing you as a gold digger,
    stop imagining things” ”Kel, please reason with me, i don’t think it’s
    advisable to live with a guy who is not your
    husband” ”Who has been feeding you with all this?” he
    ”We will soon get married, tell that to whoever
    has been giving you all this nonsense ideas” ”Kel, it’s not a nonsense idea” The once calm heart to heart talk was now
    turning into a heated argument. ”Fine get an apartment if you want and also
    make sure to get a new boyfriend and a new
    job” he said with a note of finality and left to his
    room. ”What”
    Was he threatening me?
    I know i have hurt him with the idea of leaving
    but i didn’t know that our little argument had
    escalated to the point of him threatening me.
    I closed my eyes. ”God please see me through all this” I said with
    tears in my eyes. I pushed the plates aside and went to my room
    with the tears in my eyes blurring my vision. The next day, i woke up with a slight headache
    although it was not as worse as the one i had
    the previous day.
    I had cried myself to sleep, maybe that was the
    reason why the headache came back. I checked the time and it was 8:09 precisely
    and i picked up my phone and called Vivian
    atleast her voice could give me some assurance
    that i was not alone in this world.
    She picked on the first ring and we talked for a
    while before i dropped the call and went to shower.
    I came out of the bathroom and heard a gentle
    knock on my door, i knew without being told
    that it was Kelvin.
    ”yes, come in, it’s not locked” i replied and sat
    on the bed. ”good morning, how was your night” he asked
    as he came into full view.
    ”my night was fine and yours” ”fine”
    ”i see you are already dressed for work” i said,
    more of a fact than question.
    ”yeah, i just came to see you before leaving” ”alright, thanks” i replied coldly. ”Baby, forgive me i am sorry about all that i said
    yesterday night” he replied coming closer to
    ”am not angry” i replied coldly.
    ”am super sorry, you can get the apartment
    and i will pay for it, i can even help you search for one on saturday” he said.
    I was surprised at his words, i didn’t even
    know when i stood up and hugged him tightly
    with tears in my eyes. ”Thank God for giving me this understanding
    man” i thought to myself. ”Thanks for your understanding,” i said to him. ”i get it, now quit dampening my clothes with
    your tears” he said to me playfully and we both
    laughed. Tbc.

  14. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 14. I was in the sitting room, flipping through my
    phone contacts wondering who to call, as i was
    bored, i had called Kelvin twice that day and i
    didn’t think it was necessary to call him again, i
    sighed in frustration and dropped my phone
    on the couch. I was still relaxing my head on the couch when
    the door bell rang and one of the maids went
    to get the door and i was informed that Dency,
    my new found friend was at the door.
    ”let her in” Dency walked in looking dazzling in her black
    high waist skirt and a blue top with a nice pair
    of black sandals to match. ”what a pleasant surprise” i said rising to hug
    her. ”I just dropped by to check on you as
    promised yesterday” she replied, settling in on
    the couch that she had met me sitting on when
    she came in. ”Thanks dear, what can i offer this august
    visitor” i asked, still very happy that she came
    just when i was dying of boredom. ”water is okay” she replied with a wave of
    hand. ”nah, nah let me get you fruit juice instead” i
    said racing to the Kitchen before she could
    protest, we models are usually on strict diet to
    keep the Abs and shape in check, but we were
    always allowed to take fruit juice. I came back later to see her checking out the
    pictures that were hung on the wall. ”mehn i love this red feathery gown” she said
    while running her hands along a picture of
    Kelvin and I that we had taken to celebrate our
    one month anniversary as lovers.
    It was specially shoot by one of the best
    photographer in Lagos state and it was worth it cos the photo was out of this world. ”that makes the two of us, i love that dress just
    too much, here is your drink,” i said carefully
    placing the glass and pack of juice on the table. ”Thanks” she replied and went back to check
    out the photographs that were hung on the
    wall. After admiring and commenting on each pics
    she came back to sit with me on the couch. ”First thing first, how is your health,” she asked. ”Am fine, I thank God for it, so how was the
    show today?” i asked with genuine concern for
    her. ”It was indescribable, can you imagine that the
    man that got my mother pregnant with me was
    there today, he sat boldly at the front seat and i
    felt like driving a knife through his chest so he
    could just die and stop pestering my young
    life” she blurted out. ”what it so hard to locate this place” i asked
    intentionally changing the topic, I wasn’t
    emotionally strong myself so i just didn’t know
    how i was supposed to handle her if she
    breaks down. ”it wasn’t so hard, i am kind of familiar with this
    environment” she replied, maybe aware that i
    didn’t want to dwell on the topic involving her
    dad. We sat down talking and laughing when Kelvin
    came back home.
    After exchaning pleasantries and all, he went
    into his room to change and came back few
    minutes later in a neat and new set of clothes. I noticed how he kept looking at Dency, not
    that i was jealous. I was just angry.
    No point in being jealous cos i trust Dency, she
    won’t allow a man to come into her life and ruin
    her ‘perfect life ” as she always called it. The chatting and laughing ended so quick, as
    Dency informed us of her intention to leave.
    ”Stay a little more ” I pleaded with her although
    the pleading wasn’t from my heart, i noticed the
    way Kelvin was tearing her clothes apart with
    his eyes since he came back from work. ”I can’t dear i have to get going” she declined. ”Alright, when next should we be expecting
    you?” Kelvin asked making me irritated with his
    words. ”Very soon” she simply replied and made to
    leave. ”good, let me drop you off to where ever you
    are heading to” Kelvin said and a little gasp
    escaped my lips. ”that is very generous of you, but i am sorry to
    decline your offer” Dency replied. We both walked out of the door, and when we
    were outside she brought up the topic of the
    previous day. ”what have you decided” she asked me. ”i have considered all you said and i think it is
    better to get my own apartment” i said to her
    and she hugged me like i won a massive
    trophy. ”now, your head is getting clearer, you are
    beginning to think well” she said while still
    hugging me. ”Thanks, but the issue now is, i have absolutely
    no idea on how to go about the whole house
    hunting of a thing” i said to her. ”don’t worry, we will find a way, how did your
    boyfriend take it.” she asked me. ”At first he wasn’t happy about it but this
    morning he apologized and even promised to
    help me search for a decent apartment” i told
    her. ”perfect, now you can live peacefully in your
    own house without anybody bossing you
    around. I knew what she meant by that statement. ”Kelvin isn’t bossy” i said to her playfully. ”who said so? Guilty conscience” she replied
    and smiled at me. I was happy to have someone like her who
    was ever-ready to give you advice on whatever
    you needed advice on.
    She was God’s sent. To Be Continued

  15. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 15. The next day, i went to the show for my last
    participation in the runway show.
    When i got there, i was expecting Queen Bella
    to parade herself like she used to but
    surprisingly she was quiet.
    The day slowly ended and i left exhausted. I had made plans with Dency to accompany me
    to search for an apartment in a decent place
    incase Kelvin failed to keep his promise.
    I had also called Vivian and informed her of my
    decision to move to my own apartment and she
    was excited about it and she confessed to me that she never liked the idea of me living with
    Kelvin. Fast forward to present.
    I got home exhausted and when i got in, the
    house was empty, no maids nor cooks nor
    cleaners, just the gateman although the whole
    doors were unlocked. I dialed Kelvin’s number but it was switched off.
    I went to the gate to enquire about their
    whereabout. ”Adamu, where is everyone” i asked the
    already dozing gateman.
    ”Madam, everyone he dey inside” he replied me
    in pidgin.
    ”no, the house is empty” i informed him and he
    opened his eyes in shock. ”Madam, walahi, me i no know where everyone
    ”but your Oga is back right”
    ”Yes, oga he come back since with one girl, but
    me i no know the time when he commot again” Immediately i heard ”one girl” i was taken
    aback. I was no longer interested in every
    other things that he had to tell me, and worse
    still i couldn’t ask Adamu about them, he was
    probably asleep when Kelvin left, although all
    his cars were in the compound. ”where did they all go” i asked myself.
    I went back in since Adamu was of no use to
    me. He had nothing important to tell me, he was
    probably snoring away like an elephant when
    Kelvin walked out on foot with the mystery girl. I went back in confused, i saw a note on my
    bed which reads ”Meet me at the garden” i had
    not even noticed the note at first.
    I hurried out of the room to the garden which
    was about five minutes walk, Kelvin’s house
    was a fairly large house. I got there and i was greeted by darkness, the
    whole place was dark, not even the security
    light was on.
    I became scared, i wanted to run back into the
    house, when a hand caught my arm, i knew
    who it was, the scent of him alone was doing wondrous things to my brain.
    I slowly turned back and faced him, that was
    when the lights were turned on and i pinched
    myself to see if it was a dream when Kelvin got
    on his knee and brought out a red box and
    opened it to reveal a diamond engagement ring.
    ”Will you marry me princess?” he asked me.
    Without a second thought i screamed ”YES, I
    And then the sound of clapping filled the air.
    I then realized that we were not alone and i looked around and saw all the house-workers
    there and many people from the agency.
    The place was neatly decorated with red and
    white. The interior designer must be a
    After all the clapping, introductions and exchange of pleasantries. A delicious meal was
    served and the aroma filled the whole place
    and drinks also were served. It was a
    memorable night. I couldn’t wait to retire.
    Finally, when I retired with the sparkling
    diamond ring on my finger, i was filled with joy.
    I got in and called Vivian to share the good
    news with her.
    ”Hello, soon to be Mrs” she said immediately she picked the call.
    ”the all-knowing Vivian how did you find out
    about this,” i asked her.
    ”Kola and Kelvin did all the preparations and
    rehearsals together” she informed me.
    ”wow” i exclaimed. ”sorry i wasn’t there, Kola and I went to visit his
    mum today, we just got back, the old lady is ill”
    ”Sorry about that, i said sympathetically.
    ”so, gist me how did it go” she asked.
    ”I wasn’t expecting it and i almost jumped in
    excitement when he popped the question, i thought i was dreaming initially”
    ”samething happened to me, it felt like a
    thousand butterflies were flying in your
    stomach right?”
    ”that’s right” i told her.
    ”you must be exhausted, let me leave you to sleep,” she said to me and yawned ”am also
    tired myself, i will call you tomorrow,” she said
    and i ended the call after saying goodnight.
    I called Dency next, she couldn’t hide her
    excitement and kept on screaming and
    shouting excitedly. We soon ended the call but not before she
    advised me as usual, although her last question
    kept ringing in my mind.
    ”are you sure he didn’t propose to you to keep
    you from moving out of the house” Kelvin came into my room later and the smile
    on his face showed that he was as excited as i
    ”Baby, how are you feeling,” he asked me with
    his hands on my waist.
    ”feeling excited, i wasn’t expecting this,” i told him.
    ”i know, we haven’t been together for long but
    we have been together long enough for me to
    know that you are the one”
    ”i love you” i said to him.
    ”I love you more, hope you won’t leave me anymore” he asked me.
    I replied yes before i even thought of what he
    Maybe Dency was right when she said he
    proposed to me to stop me from moving out of
    his house or maybe not. Tbc.

  16. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 16.
    Sooner than expected our engagement soon rolled into
    months and now it’s exactly 5 months since we got
    He has never brought up the idea of me seeing his
    family and whenever he called or they called, he would
    always excuse himself to take the call. At first i thought
    it was normal, that he needed privacy with his family but
    it soon became suspicious and worrisome.
    One night after dinner.
    ”honey, don’t you think its high time you introduced me
    to your family?” i asked him calmly, giving him a side
    look cos i was scared of looking into his face.
    In he past few days he gets angry over every little
    mistake that i make.
    ”Why” he thundered.
    I shivered and kept quiet.
    ”I just asked why” he said loudly.
    ”ehm….ehm….i just thought maybe, just maybe i could
    get to know your family members”
    ”Ehen, so I am no longer enough for you right” he asked
    me and i became confused at his words.
    ”what has meeting your family members gotten to do
    with you no longer being enough for me, won’t that even
    deepen our relationship” i retaliated with just the same
    tune that he had used on me earlier.
    ”So you can now shout on me, right, after i took you
    from the dustbin and polished you and made you into
    who you are today, you can now shout on me, I don’t
    blame you, out of all the girls that were dying to warm
    my bed, i picked you and here you are shouting on me
    like i was some kind of trash”
    I couldn’t take it any longer, why was Kelvin treating me
    like this? Just a simple question that i had asked and he
    made the whole thing look like a fight. I decided to pay
    him back in his own coin.
    ”oh no, you actually picked me cos i was much more
    beautiful than all your who*es including the so called
    Bella Madi”
    His face tightened
    ”Don’t let me do what you will regret to you, i am
    warning you, I am not like those men that you deceive
    with your sweet words and then crawl into their beds
    and then try to control them”
    ”Kelvin, what men? When did you see me with any man
    and when have i ever deceived you”
    ”your second name is deceit” he retorted and i
    shuddered at his words.
    ”kelvin why are you being so callous, what did i do
    wrong, where did i get it wrong, tell me please” i pleaded
    with him and he pushed me aside and walked away.
    I could feel hot tears flowing down my cheeks.
    I was confused, i just didn’t know what to do at that
    point in time.
    Where is the man i loved?
    Where is the Kelvin that charmed his way into my heart
    the very first time i saw him?
    Where is my Mr-perfect?
    All this questions and others where still running through
    my mind when he came back to the sitting room.
    ”am sorry for all i said earlier, you can come to the
    room now, that’s is if you don’t have any other man to
    visit this night but if you have then goodnight” he said
    with his voice void of any emotion, he turned his back
    towards me and stood for some seconds before walking
    I wanted to run after him and strangle him, i no longer
    saw the charming and handsome Kelvin rather i now
    saw him for who he truly was; he was a demon
    possessed, s*x freak and an entirely annoying and
    bossy human being.
    For the past few months, we have had s*x every night
    except i wasn’t at home, he didn’t care if i was tired or
    hungry, and he would complain if i didn’t perform
    satisfactorily to him, according to him he liked his
    women wild on bed and not like ice-buckets.
    I got up and slowly started walking to his bedroom, the
    bedroom that we now shared since he proposed to me, i
    puzzled at the door when i heard his laughter, he was
    obviously on the phone.
    ”Baby, you know you are the best” he said and my heart
    started beating faster than normal.
    ”I will meet you there in let’s say 15minutes” were his
    next words.
    I stood transfixed at the door and when i gathered
    enough courage, i knocked.
    ”Come in” he said from within.
    I opened the door and walked in, he was already getting
    dressed, it wasn’t a casual dress so i assumed it was a
    date night.
    ”I am here” i managed to say to him, i was irritated by
    the smile he gave me, the smile that i had once refered
    as charming.
    ”You are 3 minutes late” he finally said after putting on
    his jacket.
    ”sorry” i said quietly.
    ”well, i like people who keep to time and as you can see
    i am no longer interested in you tonight” he said and
    picked his car keys.
    ”alright” i replied coldy and he looked at me, then shut
    his eyes tight before speaking up.
    ”Baby, i am sorry, i was just angry, don’t take my words
    seriously” he assured me calmly with his hands patting
    my back.
    ”it’s alright, seriously, i forgive you”
    ”thanks baby” he said and kissed my lips ” and don’t
    wait for me, i have an emergency meeting with one of
    my business partners and i will pass the night in the
    hotel afterwards, the meeting is so important, i can’t
    postpone” after pouring out all the lies as i watched
    calmly and nodded, he majestically walked out and i
    broke down and began crying my eyes out.

  17. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 18.
    I drove home feeling very happy after my outing with
    Vivian, i didn’t even want to call it a day with her, i had
    been filled with the kind of joy i haven’t even felt in a
    while since Kelvin started behaving abnormally.
    Speaking of Kelvin i didn’t know how he would react
    when he sees me, i didn’t even tell him i was going out.
    I did the sign of the cross and pushed the sitting room
    door open.
    I shivered when i saw that he was at home, I quietly
    closed the door and started walking towards him, my
    mind was already made up to receive whatever insult he
    would hurl at me.
    ”My love, where have you been, you left me worried,” he
    said while coming towards me.
    Maybe I didn’t hear right, i stood glued on the spot
    waiting for the illusion to go away.
    I only realized i was not dreaming when he grabbed my
    ”huh, what did you say” i asked.
    ”i said, where did you run off to without telling me, i was
    worried about you”
    ”Is he high on drugs or something?” I thought to myself.
    Whatever he was high on, i don’t really care, it’s time to
    give him a taste of his own medicine.
    ”you have no reason to be worried about me and
    besides, am not a kid and i don’t remember you being
    my father” i said too loudly and made to walk away but
    he grabbed my arms.
    ”Baby, please i am very sorry for all my attitudes this
    past weeks, work has been really stressful,” he said
    gently like the Kelvin i once knew.
    ”hmmmm, i don’t remember coming to complain to you
    about your attitude” i said fiercely.
    ”but still, i am pleading with you forgive me and forget
    how unfairly i have treated you this past few weeks.
    ”Kelvin, when you are done with your Shakespeare
    tales, please let me pass, i am exhausted and you have
    succeeded in ruining my evening”
    ”please baby, I am so sorry,” he said and put his hands
    on my waist to draw me closer to him.
    ”will you get those hands off me before i chop them off”
    i shouted and he quickly withdrew his hands.
    I am pretty sure he was surprised to see me this
    What was he expecting? To see me melting in his hands
    at the mere touch of his skin against mine, then he must
    be kidding. Although i must confess, Kelvin had never
    been this sober since i met him, he was looking so
    fragile like a chick that just lost its mother, i wanted to
    hold him and tell him how much i still loved him after all
    he has done, i wanted to touch him gently and remind
    him that love surpasses all but i just couldn’t bring
    myself to do it, i was determined to pay him back in his
    own coins.
    ”Kelvin, get out of the way, i need to shower”
    i pushed him aside with all the strength i could gather
    and started walking away.
    ”Baby please forgive me” he screamed behind me.
    Was he possessed by demons or what? Why is he
    acting normally all of a sudden.
    I turned to him and was shocked to see him kneeling on
    the floor and he was close to tears.
    ”I am so sorry, i never really meant to hurt you or your
    feelings, i really love you more than you can imagine”
    i stood on the spot not knowing what to do, i never
    really expected any of the drama that was being played
    out in front of me. I had expected to see the stone-
    hearted Kelvin.
    He stood up and started walking towards me when he
    saw that i wasn’t saying any word.
    Baby, please forgive me, i haven’t been myself recently”
    He was now nothing more than three inches away from
    I opened my mouth to speak but no word came out
    instead tears began pouring down my eyes.
    He leaned forward and placed my head on his shoulder.
    ”I have been the worse guy on earth this last weeks, i
    love you baby and i promise to make it up to you, please
    forgive me”
    ”Hope you enjoyed your day” Kelvin asked me beaming
    with smile.
    ”of course i did, who wouldn’t? I especially loved the
    goldfish part” i said and i could bet that i sounded like a
    kid who just got a bicycle for the first time.
    ”I thought as much, i saw the way you were looking at
    ”Hey don’t blame me, i thought i would hear them speak,
    i saw that on Big Brother Africa show once when the
    goldfish talked to Sally one of the housemates”
    ”Sorry to disappoint you ma’m, but goldfishes don’t
    speak, those are just film tricks, just like the way Disney
    XD made me believe that Unicorns exists”
    ”I thought i was the only one, i was actually planning on
    getting a pink unicorn when i grow older, only to realize
    that Unicorns don’t exist”
    We were both laughing hard.
    I was really enjoying myself. Kelvin had woken me up
    with a nice breakfast on bed, after that he helped me
    prepare water for my bath and then later he took me out
    to the state of the art aquarium in the heart of Lagos, i
    really enjoyed the outing, thinking it has ended, i didn’t
    know he had other plans.
    He later took me to the Cinema to watch the season
    three of ‘Magic Mike’ which he had promised me before
    things turned left.
    I was just enjoying the moment and I thanked God for
    bringing my Kelvin back to me.

  18. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 19.
    Kelvin was still himself, i had initially thought he was
    pretending but he proved me wrong, he has been nice
    and homely like he used to, from breakfast in bed to
    running bath water for me, it was just heavenly, he was
    my definition of the perfect gentleman.
    I wasted no time in forgiving him for all the times he
    treated me badly.
    ”Baby ain’t you done with bathing” he called me from
    the room.
    ”Just a minute more, i need my beauty bath” i replied
    and i heard him laughing
    We were getting ready for a top politician’s son birthday
    I knew he would be getting dressed and i didn’t want to
    come out half unclad before our homornes gets the
    better part of us.
    ”Are you done dressing up” i asked from the bathroom.
    ”Almost ready, just this tie and am good to go” he
    I showed up in the room a moment later and met him
    battling with his tie, i laughed because he wasn’t a big
    fan of tuxedo’s, he only wore them on very special
    ”you really look good in that black tuxedo” i
    complimented him and he turned to me and gave me a
    seductive wink.
    ”you also look perfect in that towel but you would have
    looked better without it”
    ”I better get dressed” i said and went to pick the red
    flowing gown that he singlehandedly bought for me, i
    had tried it on twice and i had concluded that i won’t
    object to him buying me anything again cos he certainly
    have eyes for good things.
    ”and i better head to the sitting room before that party
    becomes an impossible tense.
    I simply smiled and pointed to the door.
    We walked into the party with his arms wrapped around
    me there were lot’s of cameras which i had gotten used
    to, paparazzi’s were everywhere at the gate. I smiled
    and waved before we walked in.
    The celebrant walked towards us immediately we
    walked in like he was waiting for us.
    ”Who do we have here” he asked immediately he got
    close to us.
    ”Birthday guy, happy birthday” Kelvin said.
    ”I wasn’t talking to you, i was talking to the lady, the
    Nigeria Version of Naomi Campbell” he said winking at
    me at the same time.
    It seems that Kelvin and his friends all have a thing for
    I smiled at him and he stretched out his hand for a
    handshake and i took his hands.
    I looked up at Kelvin and he wasn’t smiling at all.
    ”I am more handsome than this guy here, we are a
    perfect match, you know that right?” he said and Kelvin
    nudged him.
    ”She is my fiancee`, you better take your hands off hers”
    Kelvin said without smiling.
    ”hey, bro stop being over-protective i was only kidding,
    but i must say; your eyes are really functioning”.
    We all laughed at that.
    ”Happy Birthday bro” Kelvin said to him and patted his
    ”thanks man but you are late though, although am not
    really surprised, why would you come early when you
    have this damsel with you”
    ”coupled with the fact that it takes a woman 10 hours to
    get ready for an occassion like this” Kelvin added.
    ”that’s not a lie bro, Lizzy even takes more than that”
    Charles said
    ”We are special, Happy Birthday” i said handing over to
    him the gift that Kelvin and i bought.
    ”wow, a beautiful lady with a pretty heart, thanks alot,
    left to Kelvin he would have come empty handed”
    ”thanks alot for the compliment” Kelvin replied him.
    The rest of the evening was fun-filled and eventful, i met
    some of Kelvin’s friend and i also meet Lizzy, charles
    fiancee, she was a very lively person.
    The guys later went to a side to discuss football while
    we ladies discussed the guys and their charms.
    The party ended almost at midnight with ninety percent
    of the guys drunk like fish.
    Two days later Kelvin and i were in the sitting room
    discussing when he brought up talk about his family
    which he has never done before.
    ”My younger brother will be coming over two weeks
    from now” he informed me.
    ”It will be nice to have a member of your family here” i
    added but he shrugged indifferently, it seems he wasn’t
    happy about the visit.
    ”He just finished his masters in Leed City University
    Manchester and dad said it will be nice if he comes
    down to Nigeria to do only God knows what” he said
    with a noticeable frown.
    ”Am so glad that i would finally meet one of your family
    ”yeah” he said indifferently.
    ”Seems like you are not happy about his visit”.
    ”am as happy as i can be” he smiled and brought out
    his phone like he was avoiding the question.
    ”what do i need to know about him so i won’t embarass
    ”there is still two weeks for that, but for beginners his
    name is Sam and he is 26, he just finished his M.Sc as
    you already know and trust me you don’t want to hear
    the rest”
    ”I think i like him already” i said and he looked at me
    and shrugged.
    ”bad for you then, am famished, what’s for dinner” he
    ”Semovita and Melon soup”
    ”please tell them to hurry up, am hungry already”
    I stood up and left to the kitchen, it was clear that he
    doesn’t want to talk about his brother.

  19. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 20.
    ”Hey, i was just thinking about something and i thought,
    maybe you could tell me what you think of it”
    ”what is it my lady” Kelvin replied with his eyes still
    glued to his laptop.
    ”I want to donate some money for charity works or give
    it to an orphanage”
    ”not a bad idea” he replied without looking at me. I
    knew he was very busy, the past week since he changed
    for bad to good he has been working from home and he
    always tells me how exhausting it was.
    ”I drove past an orphanage after one of my photoshoot
    and the state of the building was nothing to write home
    about, it’s bad enough to be poor but living in a
    dilapidated building is worse than one can imagine”
    This time around he looked at me and smiled.
    ”i support you, and remember, you don’t need my
    permission to spend your own money, it’s yours and
    you can spend it on whatever you want”
    phew! That wasn’t the kind of answer i was expecting
    but atleast he talked for more than ten seconds.
    ”thanks for your support” i said.
    ”you are welcome. What time is your photoshot today”
    i looked at my wristwatch ”In about two hours time, and
    i think i need to start getting ready”
    ”Let me also get dressed, i will drive you there” he said
    while shutting down his laptop.
    ”No, don’t bother, i can handle it” i said to him.
    ”No way! I won’t let my lady go out to those guys alone,
    that’s like letting a hen into the midst of foxes and trust
    me you are not the fox” he said to me.
    ”your philosophy tutor really did a bad job” i said and he
    winked without saying a word as he was heading to his
    The ride to the location wasn’t bad at all except for the
    bad roads leading there every other thing was perfect
    and the more perfect thing was the hot male homo
    sapien that was sitting next to me with his toned body
    and Abs clearly outlined in his red T-shirt.
    ”we are finally there, seems you are late”
    I looked up to see that the camera’s and every other
    things were all positioned and it looked like everyone
    including Dency had arrived as i spotted her car in a
    ”you know we don’t have all the time in the…” the
    director started scolding me immediately he set eyes on
    me but he stopped midway when he saw my company.
    ”Good day Sir” the older man said to Kelvin.
    ”sorry about her lateness, i caused it” Kelvin said.
    ”She wasn’t even late, we just got here” he said and the
    other crew members started mummuring.
    ”am Jessy, let’s go get you ready for the photoshoot” a
    lady probably in her mid thirties said to me and i
    followed her as she lead the way leaving the blabbing
    director with Kelvin.
    I got to the space that has been designated for dressing
    and i met Dency and the other two male models who
    later introduced themselves as Gabe and Nathan.
    ”wow, this girl is glowing” Dency said when she saw
    ”not more than you” i said and we hugged and i greeted
    everyone else there.
    ”Girl, what’s the secret” Dency said immediately i
    settled down.
    ”Good food and money” i replied her and she twitched
    her lips.
    ”it obviously isn’t any of that” she replied.
    ”well, if it isn’t that two then it’s my boyfriend”
    ”tell me something, does he sell any sell or produce any
    skin-glow product?” she asked sarcastically.
    ”Go get a boyfriend please” i said in an amusing tone.
    ”Nah, not until i am ready for marriage”
    ”why is that”
    ”as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and
    since i don’t support pre marital s-x, it would be better
    to stay clear from guys especially the hot ones until i
    am ready to settle down”
    ”there are many ways to avoid pregnancy, if that is
    want you are scared of, we have contraceptive,
    sheaths, diaphragm and the rest of them” i explained to
    her attracting other’s people attention to our
    ”you don’t get it, am quite religious, I try as much as
    possible to follow God and do what my Bible tells me”
    I felt guilty remembering that while growing up every
    adult have always taught me about the dangers of pre-
    marital s-x.
    ”Time for the dress” Lizzy said holding up a white floral
    gown for us both and interrupting my thoughts. It was a
    Lifestyle magazine photoshoot, we had earlier been
    interviewed and lot’s of question were asked, from our
    workout routine to our diet.
    The magazine was supposed to help people take better
    care of their body and get rid of excess belly fat.
    We were soon clad in the gown and ready for the
    ”Mehn, that was hot” Kelvin said immediately he got
    behind the wheels.
    ”hot as in good hot or bad hot”
    ”good hot, you girls looked heavenly in those gowns, i
    couldn’t resist taking some pictures of my own”
    Just then my phone rang and it was Vivian, she kept on
    crying and i could only make out ”see you tomorrow by
    5 at olive’s garden” and also ”don’t say anything about
    this phone call to Kelvin” before she cut the call.
    My mind began wandering, what could make Vivian cry
    like that? oh no! I just hope she hasn’t lost the

  20. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 21.
    ”who was that” Kelvin asked after i ended the call.
    ”It was a friend” a simply said and turn sideways.
    He understood that i didn’t want to talk and he shrugged
    and continued driving.
    4PM the next day.
    ”Kel, i want to go somewhere”
    ”Okay” he replied and faced the other side of the bed.
    ”are you still angry about yesterday? well am sorry, it
    was Vivian that called me”
    ”what did she say and why didn’t you tell me it was her
    initially” he questioned.
    ”well, she asked me to meet her at Olive’s garden, that
    we have alot of things to catch up on” i said to him and
    he brightened up.
    ”my regards to her and the baby” he said the last part
    like someone that his tongue was glued to his mouth.
    ”I will, well time to get dressed and head out”
    ”sorry i can’t go with you, i have to hang out with my
    friends too”
    ”that’s not a problem, even if you didn’t have any
    appointment, i wouldn’t even let you come” i said
    backing him and picking out my cloth from the
    ”oh! Your girly talks”
    I smiled at him ”trust me you don’t want to hear them,
    we discuss things like the latest fashion, pregnancy and
    ”lalalala, i don’t want to hear the details” he said
    playfully covering his ears.
    I started getting dressed and in no time, i was on my out
    of the house.
    I get there earlier than scheduled to actually sit down
    and think straight.
    What could be troubling Vivian to make her cry like
    that? Vivian was someone who was always capable of
    handling her emotions, she hardly cries and when she
    does it was always tears of joy but that of yesterday
    was different.
    I racked and racked my brain but i couldn’t come up
    with any reasonable explaination to why she had cried
    like that.
    The only thought that kept coming to my mind was that
    she has lost the pregnancy.
    I just hope it’s not true, God, help her, let this not be
    Vivian later came and when i just saw her, i knew that
    all was not well, she was looking distressed, she wasn’t
    the Vivian i knew she was looking some how hagard,
    not hagard as in hagard but she was under dressed.
    The Vivian i knew always maximize any opportunity she
    has to flaunt her curves and her endownment.
    She removed the dark glasses she had on and i could
    see dark circles under her eyes.
    ”Vivian what’s wrong, what happened to you, why are
    you like this” i asked three questions at the same time,
    she just kept quiet and sighed.
    ”Sorry i kept you waiting” she said after a while.
    ”V, talk to me, what’s wrong, talk to me, am your
    bestfriend, your confidant, please talk to me”
    ”Kola has another wife” she said loudly.
    ”what!” i tried to say more words but nothing came out.
    ”how did you find out” i finally found my voice.
    ”his phone rang yesterday and since he wasn’t close by,
    i picked it and the caller, a female didn’t even wait to
    hear me talk, she just said that his kids are ill that his
    attention is needed”
    ”did she tell you who she is to him” i asked.
    ”No, i cut the call immediately i heard that” she said
    amidst sobs.
    ”Cheer up girl, it’s not the end of the world” i said
    holding her hands.
    ”here i was thinking that i was carrying his first child, i
    wish i wasn’t even pregnant with this child”
    ”don’t say such a thing, it might not be his first child but
    it is yours so be happy about it, you will soon carry your
    child in your hands, isn’t that enough reason to be
    happy” i said trying to cheer her up but she began
    crying instead.
    ”What’s the point of carrying a child when you don’t
    have a husband to support you”
    ”V, you have a husband”
    ”I don’t” she replied vehemently.
    ”V, Kola is your husband”
    ”He is not and was never my husband, i can’t bear the
    burden of being a second wife, it’s just like am a love
    peddler or something” she said with bitterness in her
    ”V, stop it, he is still your husband”
    ”he is not, i already moved out of his house”
    ”Did you confront him about the kids issue before even
    leaving the house”
    ‘There is nothing to confront him about he will only lie to
    my face that’s all”
    ”so, how did he react when you packed your things”
    ”he had no idea, when he wasn’t around and i switched
    off my phone”
    ”V, that wasn’t the wisest thing to do, you should have
    atleast talked to him and hear him out before deciding if
    you should leave the house or not”
    ”I have left the house for good, there is nothing left for
    him to explain, he has kids, final”
    I got a text message from my phone from Kelvin, he
    was asking me if we were stilll at Olive’s that he was
    coming over with Kola.
    I replied him ‘Yes’ without telling Vivian, i knew she
    would be angry if i told her, but i did not care, all i cared
    about was for Vivian and Kola to get back together.
    I looked at Vivian and she was still crying ”I wish i had
    listened to you when you told me to know him better
    before marrying him”
    ”this is not a time for regrets, just try and be strong for
    your baby” i said while wiping her tears with my face

  21. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 22.
    Thirty Minutes later, Vivian had eaten and was close to
    her normal self, It was already getting abit dark and she
    was ready to go back to the hotel that she lodged in. I
    was trying my possible best to keep her there till Kelvin
    and Kola arrive.
    I brought up topics for discussion some boring, some
    interesting, well it worked cos we were still talking when
    Kelvin showed up with Kola closely behind him.
    It looked like Vivian was doing better than him, he was
    looking so weak.
    ”Kel, what took you so long” i asked, when they got
    ”Lagos traffic” he said to me and turned to Vivian
    ”Angel, how are you doing”
    Vivian turned to answer him, cos they were standing
    behind her and she realized that Kelvin was not alone.
    ”What are you doing here” she shouted at Kola.
    He didn’t say a word nor moved an inch, he just stood
    glued on the spot. I tried to hold Vivian’s hand to calm
    her down but she withdrew her hand.
    I looked at Kola once more, he wasn’t in a good state.
    The power of a woman!
    A young and radiant Billionaire looking so weak and
    speechless all because of a woman.
    ”Angel, calm down, people are watching, i know he
    owes you an apology but atleast give him a listening
    ear” Kelvin said gently
    ”I don’t care if the whole world is watching, he should
    just get out of here and never come back”
    ”V, calm down, look at him, he isn’t doing any better
    than you, you both are in a bad state” I said calmly
    taking her hands in mine.
    For the first time she actually looked at him closely even
    though it was getting dark, his bad physical condition
    wasn’t had to notice.
    ”I don’t care” she said and snatched her hands from
    ”then do it for your unborn child” Kelvin said to her and
    she became calm and before one could say ‘Jack’ she
    started crying.
    Kelvin came close and began patting her, she soon
    stopped crying loudly.
    ”Let’s go to my house, too many people are watching
    us” Kelvin led her to his car without any resistance from
    her and he drove off while Kola and I took my car.
    Once inside the car, Kola was quiet and not in a talking
    mood, he was in a pitiful state but i was curious.
    ”Have you eaten anything yet” i asked and he shook his
    head sideways meaning ‘No’
    ”I thought something bad had happened to her, i was in
    a state of panic, i only realized that she moved out
    without informing me when i checked the wardrobe and
    one of her bag was gone, i tried to call her but her
    phone was switched off, am happy that she is safe” he
    finally said with a shaky voice.
    ”Why didn’t you tell her that you were married” i asked
    and he looked at me puzzled.
    ”Was that what she told you” he asked me.
    ”well, she said she answered your call and before she
    could say a word the person on the other line said that
    your kids are ill and your attention is needed”
    ”I know that but what i don’t know is why she thinks
    that i have another wife”
    ”it’s only a man with a wife that will have kids” i said
    ”It’s a long story but i don’t have another wife, although
    i have kids, but Vivian is the only woman i love and will
    ever love, as for the call, It was my sister that called
    from the family house where the kids stay, i knew the
    number off hand that’s why i didn’t bother saving it, I
    wish i had saved it, she would have known the caller”
    ”how many kids” i asked out of curiosity
    ”two, twins, she has seen them but she didn’t know
    they were my kids”
    ”how did the kids come, if you weren’t married”
    ”Long story, i will explain later”
    ”Sweetheart, i am so sorry please forgive me”
    Kola was now on his knees in the sitting room pleading
    with the angry Vivian while Kelvin and i stood aside
    watching them.
    ”Why didn’t you tell me about them” she asked sternly.
    ”I was in love with you and i was scared of losing you”
    he explained.
    ”you have another wife Kola! There is no excuse for
    your action”
    Kola looked momentarily at Kelvin and I before turning
    to Vivian once more.
    ”I don’t have another wife”
    ”but you have kids” she asked
    ”yes” he replied and lowered his head.
    ”who gave birth to them, was it a man?” she shouted at
    him angrily.
    ”a woman but she is dead now” he said loudly.
    I looked at Kelvin with shock but his facial expression
    was blank meaning he knew about it. Vivian also
    became quiet.
    ”she was my girlfriend, we were planning to get married,
    i loved her or rather i was dazzled by her beauty, but i
    didn’t know she was after my money, when she met a
    richer man after giving birth to the twins, she
    abandoned them with me and left”
    ”how did she die” i found myself asking before i realized
    what i was doing.
    ”she died during childbirth for her new man”
    I felt pity for him, he has been through alot, i looked at
    Vivian, what he said affected her but she didn’t want to
    show it, i knew her too well, she was the stubborn type.
    I went closer and joined Kola in begging her.
    ”V, please forgive and forget”
    To Be Continued

  22. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 23.
    Kelvin dialled Kola’s number the following morning
    when we woke up. When he picked up, Kelvin put it on
    loudspeaker for me to hear.
    ”Hello, goodmorning” he said, his voice was still weak
    but it wasn’t as weak as it was the previous day.
    ”Good morning,Just called to check on your guys, how
    are the kids doing” Kelvin asked.
    ”they are getting better, seems the touch of a woman
    has a healing effect” he joked.
    ”you are not far from the truth, how is Vivian doing”
    ”great!, she hasn’t spoken a word to me since we
    arrived but she has been taking really good care of the
    ”That is not too good, have you tried talking to her?”
    ”yeah, so many time but she refused to utter a word to
    I felt for him, i knew Vivian has forgiven him but was
    only try to give him a hard time.
    ”how is Becky doing” he asked
    Kelvin looked at me, and i knew, that he wanted me to
    answer for myself.
    ”right here, Good morning” i replied him.
    ”good morning, how was your night”
    ”it was peaceful and yours?”
    ”i didn’t even sleep” he said wearily ”thanks alot for
    your help yesterday, i couldn’t have done it without you
    and Kelvin”
    ”you are welcome, hope you’ve had something to eat or
    should I bring something for you guys” i asked with
    ”thanks for your offer, my younger sister already
    brought something for us”
    ”alright take care and give V time she will come around’
    ”thanks bro” he said to Kelvin.
    ”it’s no big deal, i will come over later in the day.
    Kelvin yawned after dropping the call.
    ”Another work day” he said.
    ”no food for a lazy man” i said playfully.
    ”Baby we both know am not lazy, i just want to spend
    the day with you” he said coming close to me while i
    drew back and got down from the bed and headed to
    the bathroom.
    ”I also have to work”
    I was preparing for another major runway show, the
    African Fashion Summit was in a week time and all
    hands were on deck to make the event an unforgettable
    The previous day, we had gone for a two hours workout
    session at a gym close to the venue of the event. And
    today we were going to practice our catwalk on the
    stage set for the show.
    ”Sorry, i came late” Dency said to me when she walked
    in, her eyes were red, looks like she has been crying.
    When Kelvin left for work, everywhere became boring to
    me, so i took my bag and left the house.
    I arrived earlier than most of the other models, we rising
    models tend to come earlier than the supermodels like
    Dency and Bella, Bella was yet to come, she usually
    comes with convoys and escorts.
    ”Dency, what’s the matter” i asked touching her
    forehead to feel her temperature.
    ”nothing, just mood swing” she replied and turned away
    from me, she was lying and it was so obvious.
    ”What kind of mood swing makes you shed tears” i
    I knew that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, so it couldn’t
    be heartbreak.
    ”Hey, talk to me, i promise to keep my mouth shut, i
    won’t tell anyone.” i told her when she didn’t reply my
    question. She was biting her lower lips, making it
    obvious that she was troubled, she always does that
    whenever she was nervous or troubled.
    ”Did your boyfriend break your heart” i teased her again.
    ”Hell no, what use is a boyfriend to me” she said and
    hissed loudly.
    ”Then tell me, what’s wrong” i inquired again.
    ”An unwanted visitor came to my house this morning”
    she said and lowered her head.
    I was confused. What did she mean by an unwanted
    Was anyone stalking her?
    ”by unwanted visitor, did you mean a stalker or a crazy
    fan” i asked trying to make eye contact with her but she
    refused to look into my eyes.
    ”no, none of that, the man that got my mum pregnant”
    she said and i smiled in amusement.
    ”you mean you and Bella’s dad” i asked.
    ”he is Bella’s dad but not my dad” she said with a slight
    tone of anger in her voice.
    ”what did he say”
    ”as usual, after abandoning a child for so long, then one
    day they come to their senses and then they come to
    ruin the child’s happy mood by coming to blab about
    forgiveness and all the other rubbish”
    ”wait, you mean he came to ask for your forgiveness” i
    asked trying to be sure before i jumped into hasty
    ”exactly” she replied, by now she was already close to
    Oh no! Not another crying and petting session.
    Yesterday it was Vivian and today Dency, i wasn’t sure
    how much longer i could keep up with all the constant
    ”what did you say to him” i asked her moving closer to
    ”I asked security to throw him out”
    ”that was harsh, you should have waited to hear him
    out” i said, remembering how Vivian had also jumped
    into conclusion without hearing Kola out.
    ”Hell no, he has nothing to say to me, i have heard and
    seen enough, he is a Devil in a human’s body, i hate
    him for what he did to my mum and what his wife did to
    me” she said sobbing while i rubbed her back.
    ”Dency, just forgive him”
    ”Never” she screamed and everyone turned to look at

  23. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 24.
    With all the drama’s around me, from Vivian who had
    finally forgiven Kola to Dency who had stopped being
    friendly with me claiming that i was putting too much
    pressure on her to forgive her father. I hadn’t even
    realized that the week was far spent, it was already
    friday, the day we were expecting Kelvin’s younger
    I had supervised the maids who tidied up the room the
    previous day, i made sure everything was in their perfect
    shape. I even put fresh flowers in his room which
    wasn’t Nigerian-like, i didn’t even know why i was doing
    it, i guess i was trying to impress the first member of
    Kelvin’s family that i would meet.
    I was off to work by 8:30AM, it was the last day of the
    African Fashion Summit and i will be working down the
    runway with a popular Nigerian Designer Temmie Black
    ‘Girl power’ new clothing collection.
    I got to work and Dency just said ‘good morning’ to me
    and walked away, i ignored her, knowing she will come
    around, she was only fighting the desire to forgive her
    The show ended quiet late, around 6PM, it was the final
    day, so there were lots of talks, and finally the
    interviews cos the hall was packed with reporters.
    I got home really, really exhausted, the whole house
    was silent, meaning that all the workers in the house
    has retired for the night, i pushed the door and it gave
    way and i entered and went straight to my room. I met
    Kelvin lying down, i tiptoed to the bathroom, not wanting
    to disturb his sleep.
    I came out few minutes later after taking a warm
    I met Kelvin with his laptop when i came back into the
    ”Hey baby, welcome back” he said to me without taking
    his eyes off his computer screen. I noticed that his voice
    sounded like he was troubled or unhappy and his mood
    wasn’t anything to write home about.
    ”Did anything happen to his brother”
    my chest instantly tightened up when that thought came
    to my mind, first of all there was nothing unusual in the
    house to indicate that anyone came to visit from
    ”Is anything wrong” i asked him
    ”no, nothing , why did you ask?”
    ”never mind. Where is your brother, hasn’t he arrived
    This time around he looked at me.
    ”He has, i sent my driver to pick him at the airport by 4
    PM, he’s been in this house now for two hours” he said
    and hissed.
    I ignored the tone of his voice.
    ”why isn’t there any indication that your young brother
    is around” i asked.
    ”what do you mean?”
    ”i mean, if you didn’t want to throw a welcome party, a
    special dinner won’t hurt your ego”
    ”Is he the president or what” he asked me slightly
    raising his voice on me.
    ”i get it, there is a kind of bad blood existing between
    you and your bro but don’t you think you should keep
    that aside and aleast welcome him properly” i said
    trying to make him reason with me but he flared up
    ”welcome him properly? For what? Did i invite him” he
    said angrily.
    ”am sorry” i said and moved closer to him putting my
    hands over his shoulder and our progesterone and
    testosterone hormone took over.
    I woke up the next morning feeling weak with love
    marks all over my body.
    I got out of bed just as i heard, the door opposite ours;
    Sam’s room, open.
    I walked to the bathroom and freshen up and stepped
    out feeling fresh in my loosed skirt and a baggy top.
    It was a saturday, meaning no work nor outing till
    Kelvin was still sleeping, so i left to the sitting room.
    I met sam there, with his back towards the door.
    ”Hello” i said when i got closer.
    I could see his dark, luscious hair from behind, there
    were wavy lines in it, making it appear better.
    ”Hy, goodmorning” he replied without turning back.
    ”Am Becky, nice to meet you” i said without going
    He turned towards me and i stepped back in awe.
    Kelvin was a learner compared to his brother when it
    comes to look.
    His thick eyebrows like that of Drake, thick and long
    lashes like they were fake and his shiny olive brown skin
    colour coupled with those eyes that couldn’t be called
    perfect, perfect was an understatement.
    ”Uhm, any problem” he asked me.
    I mentally kicked myself for acting foolish in his
    ”no, nothing at all”
    ”well, your mouth was open a while ago, and i thought
    there was something wrong” he said with a thick
    american accent.
    ”sorry about that, what do you want for breakfast” i
    asked moving closer to him.
    ”Hello, what’s that in his hands” i asked myself.
    ”Omellete and a hot cup of tea would be nice”
    ”alright, what do you have in your hands”
    ”A Bible” he replied like it was the most normal thing to
    The last time i had seen a Bible was about 7 months
    Now i understand why Kelvin doesn’t like him, Kelvin
    wasn’t a religious person at all, he wasn’t even a bench
    warmer talk more of being born again.
    ”Any probs” he asked me drawing my attention again.
    ”no, nothing”
    i turned to walk away and i saw Kelvin standing behind
    us with folded arms and anger written all over his face.

  24. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 25.
    ”what was that all about” Kelvin asked, forcefully
    grabbing my hands immediately i got into the room.
    ”stop it, you are hurting me” i said trying to release my
    arms from his grip but it wasn’t possible as he was way
    muscular and bigger than me.
    ”Is it his bed that you have choosen to warm next” he
    asked increasing the force with which he held my hand.
    ”what did you say” i asked with anger in my voice.
    ”You heard me right, you who*e” he said and pushed
    me into the bed and left to the bathroom.
    I layed down there crying like my life depended on it and
    by the time he came out from the bathroom after taking
    a shower, my crying has already reduced to sobbing.
    He didn’t even look at me, his facial expression wasn’t
    even friendly.
    ”Kel, i am sorry” I said to him without even knowing why
    i was apologizing.
    He still remained in the position he was without even
    casting a glance at me but what he did next threw me
    off balance, he started singing Ariana Grande’s song-
    ”…I’ve got one less problem without you, I’ve got one
    less, one less problem…”
    I closed my ears with the pillow to shut his voice out but
    his voice became louder.
    When i couldn’t take it anymore, i ran into the bathroom
    and cried my eyes out there after which, i washed my
    face and by the time i came out, he was gone leaving a
    lingering scent of his mild perfume.
    i spent the morning in my room sobbing silently and
    standing at the window wishing for him to drive in but it
    didn’t work.
    Each time i closed my eyes and wished for him to come
    in, when i open my eyes, there will be nothing.
    It was already noon and my stomach was already
    rumbling, but i wasn’t in the mood for eating.
    I was on a strict diet of leafy vegetables and fruits
    because of my photoshoot for Ok! Magazine in two
    weeks time.
    I tried to ignore my stomach and concentrate on more
    important matters like wishing for Kelvin to walk in but
    my stomach still persisted.
    I turned to the door when i heard a gentle knock on the
    ”who is there”
    ”It’s sam” his deep captivating voice rang from the
    I feet heat rising in my stomach.
    ”Go away please” i said instead ignoring the real thing
    that i was feeling.
    ”am sorry, please come out and eat something, you’ve
    not had any food since morning” he said gently.
    ”I said go away, you caused this, i shouldn’t have talked
    to you if i knew that it would cause problem for me” i
    said and immediately regretted it.
    He kept quiet for a while before he finally spoke.
    ”sorry for getting you into trouble”
    ”Go away” i said sternly trying to hide my true
    ”alright i will go but please come out” he said and i
    heard him walk away.
    I instantly felt empty.
    I started hitting myself for speaking so rudely to him.
    I felt like running after him and apolozing.
    ”Am glad, you changed your mind” he said when i came
    into the sitting room.
    ”yeah, sorry about the way i spoke to you earlier” i said
    sitting opposite him.
    ”No offence taken, you were angry and it was normal to
    react that way”
    ”but still i am sorry” i said calmly.
    ”alright Becky, apology accepted”
    The sound of my name and the way his mouth curved to
    say my name instantly made me forget i was in a bad
    ”how did you know my name”
    ”you are the next big thing after Naomi Campbell so
    knowing you name is as easy as ABC, besides your
    photographs and name is everywhere in this sitting
    room” he said gesturing to the large wallpaper opposite
    the Television.
    ”oh” i simply said.
    ”i made something for you” he said gently with his thick
    A gasp escaped my mouth, thank God i wasn’t eating, i
    would have chocked on the food.
    ”made, as in cook?” i asked recovering from the impact
    of his words.
    ”yeah, cook, and why are you so surprised, men are
    better cooks than women”
    ”definately not the twenty first century men”
    ”well, if it might interest you to know, cooking is my
    Another wave of shock hit me!
    ”will you keep staring or you will check out what i
    cooked for you”
    he asked and i came back to my senses, i didn’t realize i
    had been staring at him.
    ”am famished”
    I dashed to the kitchen and he followed me, though i
    didn’t turn to look but i could feel it.
    Few minutes later, i was devouring the delicious
    spaghetti he made for me, he was truly a good cook, i
    had forgotten that i was on a strict diet the moment i
    perceived the aroma.
    ”thanks for these meal” i said to him.
    ”it’s the least i could do after getting you in trouble with
    your boyfriend”
    ”fiance” i corrected.
    ”pardon me, i had no idea”
    i instantly lost my appetite, so Kelvin didn’t tell his family
    about our engagement, no wonder he kept it away from
    the press and asked me not to wear my engagement
    ring to public functions.
    Another strange emotion eveloped me—hatred, hatred
    for Kelvin and the way he treats me.

  25. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 26.
    I lost track of time while gisting with Sam; he was the
    most lively person apart from Vivian, that i have ever
    He was capable of making you forget your sorrows and
    the whole world around.
    I ran to my room when i heard Kelvin’s car horn at
    about 8PM.
    He came in and i heard him slam the door and before
    you know it, i started hearing his voice and that of Sam.
    I didn’t clearly hear what they were saying , but i heard
    Sam telling Kelvin to forgive me.
    I smiled in amusement, how can he be angry when i did
    nothing wrong in the first place.
    The voices stopped and i ran to the bed and pretended
    to be asleep, incase Kelvin walks in.
    I heard him walk in and i was expecting him to slam the
    door but he closed it gently.
    ”Maybe his brother talked sense into him” i thought to
    I shut my eyes tightly, I knew he was close to me.
    because i could perceive his scent, i just stayed mute, i
    didn’t move an inch.
    I only moved a little when i felt his hands on my arms.
    ”Baby, i am sorry for my outburst this morning”
    I just twitched my mouth and continued in my pretence.
    ”Am sorry, please look at me, i know you are not
    sleeping” he continued.
    I still remained silent.
    ”alright, just look at me even if you will not forgive me”
    I turned slowly and i was shocked to see him kneeling
    beside me.
    At the mere sight of him kneeling down, all the anger
    and hatred i felt towards him disappeared into thin air.
    I opened my mouth to speak but no sound came out, i
    was touched beyond explanation.
    ”Baby, am so sorry, am sorry for being so unreasonable
    this morning, am sorry for hurting you, am so sorry for
    everything, please forgive me” he said while still
    Tears began pouring down my eyes when i remembered
    how unfairly he treated me that morning, he tried to wipe
    my tears with his hands but i pushed it away and got up
    from the bed.
    ”am on my knees, please forgive me” he continued
    pleading and my heart began softening and before you
    knew it, i was leaning on him and crying.
    ”Do your like it” he asked, showing his perfect white
    ”yes, i love it” i replied touching the diamond encrusted
    necklace he gave me earlier as a gift for forgiving him.
    ”We will meet with two of my friends at a resturant for
    dinner, before going to the Cinema for the late night
    movie” he said while carassing my exposed thighs.
    ”it’s alright” i replied shifting my legs away from his
    hands, I was wearing a skimpy red coloured gown with
    a deep cut and a sleeveless hand. The clothes were too
    exposed and i know it but i had to wear it because
    Kelvin picked it out himself.
    ”why are you moving away, haven’t you forgiven me” he
    asked returning his hands to my legs.
    ”i have forgiven you but i just want you to concentrate
    on your driving” i lied to him, although it wasn’t far from
    the truth, his touch was getting me irritated and at the
    same time my safety was also my priority.
    My heart skipped a bit when i remembered what Sam
    had told me earlier when i came into the sitting room
    dressed for my outing.
    ”I have a bad feeling about this outing, please don’t go”
    I ignored him and went out.
    ”maybe he’s jealous of me and his brother” i thought to
    ”why are you silent” Kelvin asked me, taking the bend
    that led to the resturant where we were to meet his
    ”nothing, where were you earlier today?” i asked and his
    face stiffened a bit before returning to his normal
    I just knew he was about to lie to me.
    ”i was hanging out with my friends and please don’t ask
    me which friends”
    ”alright, can you ask you something else”
    ”yes baby”
    ”why didn’t you tell your family about our engagement”
    He laughed loudly.
    ”I told them, who told you that lie?”
    ”your brother said he wasn’t aware of the engagement” i
    said to him.
    ”My brother is a big liar then, cos all my family
    members are aware of our engagement”
    ”no but, we are already there” he said entering into the
    resturant. He parked carefully and we walked in hand in
    hand, we saw his friends already waiting.
    We sat down and they both introduced themselves as
    Clarence and Henry.
    They already knew who i was so there was no point in
    introducing me to them.
    We ordered food and started gisting about stuffs
    happening in Nigeria ranging from politics to
    We soon finished there, paid the bills and headed out of
    the resturant.
    The last thing i remembered was that i got into the car.
    When i woke up, i was semi-unclad, my cloth were gone
    leaving me in just my underwear. I turned around but
    the place didn’t look familiar, it was probably a hotel, i
    looked out of the window and everywhere was bright, i
    didn’t know for how long i had stayed there, i started
    Just then Kelvin came in smiling and waving a camera
    at me.
    ”everything has been recorded so, henceforth you will
    do whatever i say or i will release this s*xtape and ruin
    your career and your perfect life.” he said and walked
    out laughing loudly.

  26. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 27.
    It’s been a week since the incident
    I was fast becoming a shadow of myself, i was simply
    dying in silence.
    Kelvin my so called fiance was enjoying every bit of
    pain and emotional torture that i was going through.
    It was early in the morning, we were both in bed, he was
    busy doing only God-knows what on his phone and
    smiling while i sat down staring into space and silently
    cursing the day i met him.
    My phone rang and i looked at Kelvin to seek his
    The past one week since the incident, he has been in-
    charge of all i do including the clothes i wear and the
    calls i answer.
    ”who is that” he said sternly.
    ”It’s…It’s Vivian” i said in a shaky voice.
    He shrugged and continued what he was doing with his
    I waited and waited but i saw no sign of disapproval and
    i answered the call.
    ”Hello V” i tried to sound cheerful, praying that she
    doesn’t notice the change in my voice.
    ”Good morning Becky. Hope you slept well, cos i didn’t,
    Kola is away on a business trip and the twins have gone
    to school, it’s just me and the kicking baby in my
    Vivian hasn’t changed a bit, you say a word to her and
    she will reply you with two hundred words.
    ”V, did you call me by this time of the day to tell me all
    this” i asked calmly, trying to hold myself from breaking
    down into tears at the thought of how ugly my life has
    now become.
    ”sorry about the timing, i was just asking if we could
    hang out tomorrow at our usual spot by 5 or you will
    come to my house” she said sounding very enthusiastic
    like she won a lottery game.
    The call was on loudspeaker, I looked at Kelvin to know
    if he will give me any sign to reject the offer but he didn’t
    so i hastily agreed to the meeting at Olive’s garden and
    ended the call before she brings up anything that will
    implicate me and put me in more trouble.
    The minute i ended the call, Kelvin stood up from the
    bed, i was initially scared, i thought i had offended him.
    ”am going out, and i won’t be back until evening” he
    said to me without even looking at my face.
    ”Isn’t it too early” i asked with concern.
    ”is it your leg or your car” he asked. His eyes dark with
    ”Sorry” i said and closed my eyes to avoid any further
    He went into the bathroom and came out few minutes
    later, he started dressing while i pretended to be asleep
    and after dressing up he left the room without saying a
    word to me.
    I was relieved when i heard his car leave the compound.
    Unlike before when we first met, staying without him
    was like a death sentence but this days staying in the
    same room with him was becoming unbearable and
    I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that this
    handsome monster was the Kelvin i met at Vivian’s
    wedding who had looked impeccably handsome and
    cute in his black tuxedo and his cute smile.
    I brushed the thoughts of the happy moments we had
    and rushed into the bathroom and by the time i came
    out i was looking better than i was.
    I strolled into the sitting room and met Sam on the
    couch studying his Bible.
    I felt a piercing sensation in my heart.
    Gone were those days when i will wake up and study my
    Bible, now i didn’t even own a Bible.
    My life has suddenly taken a turn from the once happy
    school teacher to a modern s*x slave.
    ”Good morning Becky” he greeted me immediately i
    came into full view.
    ”Sam good morning”
    ”How was your night” he asked keeping his Bible by his
    ”Fine and urs” i replied with a fake smile and went and
    sat opposite him.
    ”mine would have also been nice if not for the noise
    coming outta your room at night during your nightly love
    making session, please you two should try to keep it low
    next time” he said and sat upright.
    I was embarrassed, ofcourse all he said was true. It was
    a nightly thing, i dare not refuse Kelvin.
    But the cries that were coming out of mouth were not
    cries of joy or ecstacy but that of pain and anguish and
    a bleeding heart.
    ”Becky did i say something wrong”
    I opened my eyes to see Sam at my front with concern
    written all over his face.
    I touched my face and felt the liquid, i didn’t realize that i
    was shedding tears at the thought of Kelvin monstrous
    ”No, you didn’t” i said and wiped my tears with my
    ”Becky, am not a kid, I have noticed how moody you
    have been since the day you left the house with Kelvin
    and you both returned at daybreak, tell me what’s
    ”Nothing” i replied and tried to get up but he held me
    ”what did my brother do to you” he asked looking
    straight into my eyes.
    ”nothing, we are just going through a bad phase in our
    relationship” i lied.
    ”well, am glad it’s just that, i thought it was worse” he
    ”why would you think that” i asked him.
    ”my brother has not been himself since Jemimah’s
    death, i never knew he could fall in love again”
    ”who is Jemimah”
    ”I see he hasn’t told you, that is his secret to tell, ask
    him” he said and left me.
    His words left me confused and curious as to who
    Jemimah is.

  27. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 28.
    I was in my room pondering on who this Jemimah lady
    was when Kelvin drove into the compound that evening.
    Earlier on, i had tried all my possible best to get Sam to
    tell me who she was but he refused blatantly.
    I cook and i even stooped as low as trying to seduce
    him to get the information but no method worked.
    It seemed like he was immune to all my charms.
    Trust me when i say he was the first red-blooded male
    that have ever rejected my sexual offer.
    I was desperate to know why Kelvin suddenly turn from
    being nice to a green eyed monster.
    I was still in my thoughts when Kelvin walked into the
    I stared hard at the T-shirt that was tightly mounded to
    his body which he got from spending his free hours in
    the Gym.
    My lust suddenly turned into hatred when i looked at his
    face and his face held that grin it normally holds
    whenever it was time for me to perform my nightly
    I felt anger burning in my system, he just walked in from
    only God knows where, he hasn’t even showered nor
    eaten yet he wants to have s-x with me. I couldn’t help
    but wonder if i was still his fiancee’ or a s-x slave.
    ”hello princess” he said coming closer to the bed where
    i was sitting, his voice was unmistakeably filled with
    I clenched my fist to hide the urgue to bury both my
    hands on his neck and yanck his head off.
    ”welcome” i replied, instead of imagining tourturing him.
    ”is that how to welcome you fiance, come on give me a
    kiss” he said and brushed his lips against mine.
    Is that the smell of cigarrete or is my senses toying with
    Before i could think about the smell i just perceived his
    lips came down on mine again and this time it wasn’t a
    gentle brush of his lips to mine but a demanding, taking
    and not giving kiss.
    Before i knew it his hands was already tugging at my
    shirt and before five minutes we were both unclad, i
    couldn’t dare to refuse him, even though me body was
    aching from the herculean task of making a delicious
    pot of Egusi soup and Semovita for Sam.
    We laid still on the bed with the silk bed cover drapped
    over our unclad bodies.
    I looked over at the monster who i initially thought i
    knew and loved.
    His eyes were still roaming my body clearly showing
    that he wasn’t yet satisfied.
    I drew the sheet up, covering up to my neck.
    I can literally say now, that Kelvin is a nymphomaniac.
    ”why are you silent” he said with his voice harsh, i
    shrugged it off, atleast he noticed i was silent.
    ”what is he expecting me to do? Should i start singing
    after Love- making lullaby” i thought to myself.
    ”i was just thinking” i replied calmly.
    ”about what” his voice held no sign of concern.
    ”about you and your life with Jemimah” i blurted and
    looked at his face to see his reaction.
    His face displayed an array of different emotions; love-
    anger-joy were all there.
    What they had must be really special for him to react
    that way.
    I turned to look at him again and this time his face was
    red with anger.
    I knew i was in deep trouble.
    He stood up with shaky hands and started wearing his
    clothes and at the same cursing and swearing in
    When he turned to the door that was when i realized that
    he was about going to rip his brother’s body off.
    I immediately ran to the door and knelt down before him
    in my unclad state and started begging him to forgive
    his brother.
    He finally agreed and relief washed over my face.
    The next morning had been normal except that i saw a
    whole new side of Kelvin, a very silent Kelvin who said
    less than five words to be before going off to work.
    I really enjoyed Sam’s company before heading to the
    gym at 10AM.
    I was beginning to greatly admire Sam’s great sense of
    humour and his kidness and genuine care.
    I pushed the door to the gym open and i was surprised
    to see Dency working out on the wind miller machine,
    she smiled to me when i got close and i return the
    My workout was an intense one, i was trying to get all
    the bad treatment and torture that i was getting from
    Kelvin out of my system.
    I was feeling better and exhausted by the time i rounded
    things up.
    Dency got up with me as i was about getting into my
    She told me that she was now cool with her father and i
    smiled in happiness and hugged her.
    I got home and met Kelvin’s car parked at the front of
    the house.
    I pushed the dissappointment away and decide to face
    whatever it is that brought him home that earlyy.
    I pushed open the door and was greeted by silence.
    I looked at Sam’s usual position on the couch but he
    wasn’t also there.
    After staying in the house for about five minutes i
    painfully realizied that Sam moved out of the house or
    rather Kelvin chased him out of his house for telling me
    his secret.
    I felt broken and empty to loose a friend over Kelvin’s
    possessive character and secretiveness.
    My hatred for Kelvin trippled.

  28. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 29.
    The next morning.
    ”Kel, why did your brother leave” i asked gently.
    ”i said it” he sparked ”there is something going on
    between you and my brother, you are nothing but a
    disgrace, jumping from one bed to another at the
    slightest opportunity” he continued making me boil with
    I have had enough of his meaningless accusations but
    there’s nothing i could do about it. He would ruin my life
    and career if i get into a fight with him.
    ”is not what you mean” i said calmly trying to soften his
    heart but he was getting more and more angry.
    ”you think am as dumb as you are” he said and smiled
    a smile that did not reach his eyes.
    ”Sam is just a friend” i explained.
    ”a friend with benefit, no need to give me details about
    how you have been warming his bed, i can imagine” he
    said coldly and i felt hot tears in my eyes.
    I tried to talk but it seemed like his accusation had
    blocked my throat, no sound came out.
    ”stop you crocodile tears, you are getting me irritated,
    we both know that you will greedily jump into any guy’s
    bed, if he offers you money for your luxurious lifestyle”
    he said and left me in the bed to wallow in my pains.
    He was right, i had sold myself cheaply to him, i wish i
    could turn back the hands of the clock but it was too
    late already.
    For the first time since i met Kelvin, i closed my eyes
    and prayed for God to get me out of this mess.
    Kelvin left for work and i was alone in the room
    wallowing in my pains and sorrows and crying like my
    life depended on it, when my phone rang and i saw the
    strange number, i was scared to pick it thinking it was
    one of Kelvin’s monstrous plan.
    After it rang for the second time, i answered the call and
    the sound of the voice brought warmth and joy to my
    heart, i quickly wiped my tears and concentrated on
    keeping this feeling of joy that he brought along with
    ”Sam, why did you leave” i asked without even
    exchanging pleasantries.
    ”your boyfriend asked me to”
    at the mere mention of ‘your boyfriend” my heart sank
    ”so, how are you surviving, do you need money to get
    an apartment” i asked with genuine concern towards his
    He laughed before replying me.
    ”i have more than enough money in my account to buy
    the whole of this city”
    i momentarily forgot i was talking to billionaire’s son.
    ”oh, sorry about that”
    ”nothing to be sorry about, i appreciate your offer, it’s
    not everyday that we get to see a woman who is willing
    to give a guy money, it’s always the other way round”
    ”where do you stay now”
    ”not very far from you, don’t worry you will get to know
    my house at the right time” he said like he knew i was
    about to ask him for his address.
    ”how do you move around”
    ”no big deal, my dad got me an SUV with just a phone
    call, Becky, don’t worry about me, i have more than
    what i need to survive, you should be more concern
    about your wellbeing”
    ”how do you mean” i asked.
    ”never mind, i just called to check up on you, bye” he
    said and ended the call before i could say anything
    Fear gripped me.
    Why would he tell me to be more concerned about my
    Does he know the kind of monster his brother was or
    was he just saying it.
    Am sure he knew something for him to have abruptly
    ended the call like that.
    I was literally shivering with fear.
    I started packing my bags but i soon realized that there
    was no way out for me, so i just pushed the already
    packed bag back into the wardrobe.
    Three days later.
    Kelvin drove in and i ran to the bed the way i have been
    doing since Sam’s phone call
    He came in and slammed the door.
    I knew he was angry about something, another thing i
    realized when he started showing me his realself was
    that he was quick to anger.
    I didn’t turn even when he came out of the bathroom.
    He came to the bed and started to move his hands over
    me but i stayed still.
    ”Baby, i know you are not sleeping”
    His voice alone made me more irritated than i already
    He began pulling away the sheet covering my body
    when i refused to move.
    I caught the sheet halfway.
    ”Kelvin, please leave me, am tired already”
    ”my brother is not here so who did you sleep with that
    made you this tired for the past three nights, is it the
    ”what, how could you say such a thing to me, am i that
    cheap” i asked with anger.
    ”we both know what you are”
    ”Kelvin can’t you see me as a normal human instead of
    your s-x object”
    He just smiled.
    ”Kelvin, as for s-x forget it, am not doing this anymore,
    if you want to kill me, just kill me” i said to him and
    layed back down.
    ”you see, that is why i say you are a dummy”
    Before i could turn he was already on me, i tried to push
    him away when i realized that he was about to rape me
    but i couldn’t. I tried to shout but realized that the maids
    and cooks don’t come to the side of the house when
    Kelvin is around.
    Nevertheless, i still started shouting for help hoping for
    a miracle to happen.

  29. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 30.
    I was still screaming on top of my voice while Kelvin
    had a devilish smile on his face.
    ”Try using a megaphone, am sure people will hear you
    when you do that”
    ”Kelvin, please let me go, please” i pleaded with tears in
    my eyes.
    ”why should i, am only taking what belongs to me, i
    made you who you are today, i spend money on you, i
    got you a car and even an expensive engagement ring
    and the least you could do was just stay faithful to
    warming my bed everynight but no, you think you’ve
    grown enough wings” he said while relaxing his heavy
    weight untop of me.
    ”Kelvin, please, am begging you don’t do this, i will hate
    you after this, coupled with the emotional trauma.”
    ”emotional trauma” he said and laughed ”it’s not like
    you are a virgin, why would a who*e like you be
    traumatised for doing what she does best and as for
    hating me, i don’t give a d–n”
    he said and with that he tore the last piece of clothing
    away from my body and i screamed with the last
    strenght i had and suddenly the door popped open and
    Sam came in, i could see the shock on his face.
    ”Kel, what is this” he said while coming closing and
    dragged his brother away from my body.
    ”what are you doing here” Kelvin screamed at his
    brother and raised his hands to hit him.
    Sam was more muscular even though he was younger,
    so he caught his hand and pushed him down.
    ”Kel, what’s wrong with you, have you suddenly lost it”
    ”yes, I lost it when you and your friends killed Jemimah”
    he said aloud with pure pain in his voice.
    ”if you think so, but why transfer your anger to Becky?”
    ”i never transferred any anger to her, i only demanded
    for the only thing she has to offer, i gave her a good job,
    popularity and every other thing she wanted, the only
    thing i wanted was her body” he said aloud and i bent
    my head and started to cry again, i only looked up when
    a towel fell on my naked body and Sam looked at me
    giving me signal to cover up.
    ”Kelvin, dad will hear this first thing tomorrow money”
    ”who cares, after you have always been his favourite
    son” he screamed at Sam and started walking to the
    ”and she is also leaving this house tonight” Sam threw
    at his back.
    ”i don’t give a d–n also, am already done with her, I’ve
    gotten what i wanted”
    He walked into the bathroom and slammed the door and
    i burst into hot tears, Sam came to me and started
    patting my back and by the time i quietened down. He
    asked me to dress up and come and spend the night in
    his house before his brother does something worse to
    I obeyed and in few minutes i was already at the door
    step with my bag in my hand and Sam by my side.
    I looked at the house where my life turned around for
    good and then back to worse and i started shedding
    tears again.
    ”it’s will be fine, let’s just go don’t worry about
    anything” Sam said and patted my back before
    stretching his hand to collect the bag from my hand, i
    gave him and followed him quietly to the car.
    The ride to his apartment was short and quiet.
    I only found my voice when i got into the apartment.
    ”i will keep the bag in the room while you go and take a
    cold shower” Sam said with a heart felt smile on his
    i followed the direction of his hand to the bathroom, took
    a cold shower and washed off all Kelvin’s scent from
    my body and then came out feeling better.
    I realized i hadn’t eaten a single spoon of food since
    morning when i perceived the sweet aroma that filled
    the whole house
    I followed the aroma and it led me to the kitchen, where i
    froze when i saw it was Sam cooking and not a maid or
    a cook.
    He looked really nice in the apron and the loosed T-shirt
    he was wearing.
    I shrugged the thought away, now wasn’t the time to be
    fantasizing about the person who saved me from being
    ”Sam, thanks for today” i said when i got closer.
    ”Thank me after dinner, but for now go and make your
    self comfortable at the sitting room while i serve you
    dinner” he said with a look clearly stating he was deeply
    sympathizing with me.
    I looked over his shoulder and saw it was spagetti that
    he was cooking.
    ”is spagetti the only food you cook” i said and smiled
    trying to look less vulnerable.
    ”it’s a fast food or would you have prefered Noodles” he
    said with concern.
    ”Noodles is so last year since i realized it was
    dentrimental to my health”
    ”am hearing this from a girl for the first time” he said
    with a mockery smile that showed all his teeths.
    We talked about alot of things while the food was
    cooking and when it was cooked he dished for me and i
    ate to my satisfaction.
    ”Becky, how did you get into this mess” he asked after i
    finished eating.
    ”i loved him and he loved me, i don’t know what
    happened” i explained with arms folded.
    ”well, it’s clear that the true love was one sided, you
    loved him and he took advantage of your feelings and
    exploited you and used you to his own advantage
    despite all the goodies he offered, that kind of love in my
    book is called a RABBIT LOVE”

  30. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 31.
    I yawned and opened my eyes to a very beautiful room.
    It was nicely decorated with royal blue giving it a
    peaceful look.
    For the very first time in months, i woke up with Joy that
    i couldn’t put a finger to why i was feeling that way.
    I checked my phone and it was already 9AM.
    I smiled, people usually loss track of time when they
    have an angelic sleep like i did.
    I quickly had my bath and changed into a nice bum short
    and a strapless singlet.
    I got to the kitchen and met Sam cooking but with his
    ear piece in his ears so he didn’t hear me enter.
    He only turned when i touched his shoulder but the look
    he gave me sent hot shivers down my spine.
    ”ehm, good morning” i said trying to stable my
    breathing rate.
    ”good morning, hope i didn’t wake you with all this
    noise” he said pointing to the pan he was washing.
    ”No you didn’t, the aroma of your food actually woke
    me” i jokingly said.
    ”I take that as a compliment, i know am a good cook” he
    said and winked at me and the wink reminded me of
    Kelvin, speaking of Kelvin i wondered what he might be
    doing now, he’s probably gotten another girl to be
    warming his bed, my stomach twisted at the thought of
    ”Have you heard from your brother” i asked sam who
    was busy turning the bread he was toasting.
    ”yeah, i tried but he refused to take my calls”
    ”i didn’t get the chance to properly thank you for your
    yesterday’s intervention”
    ”you thanked me enough already”
    ”what were you doing there anyway” i asked.
    ”i came to get my remaining things, it seems God just
    directed me there at the right time, i never intended
    coming there by that time”
    God! That is one word that i have never heard from
    Kelvin’s mouth.
    ”am still grateful to you and to God” i said to him.
    ”when you are done thanking for doing nothing please
    help me carry that to the dinning table” he said putting
    to the breath taking omelet that was on the plate.
    Sam had a nice touch with food unlike Kelvin.
    I shook my head and did as he said, it wasn’t the right
    time to start making comparison.
    Besides i never liked church-guys, they always justify
    what ever they do with Bible verses that suites them.
    ”Sam, can i ask you a question, it’s been bothering me
    since yesterday night” i asked after eating the breakfast
    that Sam prepared.
    ”go ahead, am listening”
    ”Who is Jemimah and how did she die” i asked and i
    could see that he was stunned by my question.
    ”Why do you want to know about her” he asked keeping
    his face neutral which was a character Kelvin also
    They both keep a neutral expression when you ask
    them a personal question.
    ”am just eager, your brother said something about you
    and your friends killing her”
    ”well, we didn’t kill her”
    ”who was she” i asked again.
    ”She was Kelvin’s girlfriend, lover and anything you can
    call it, i will tell you cos i like you and i trust you to keep
    your mouth shut about this”
    I nodded and waved at him to continue.
    ”They we so close, we all knew that they would get
    married when they get older, but death snatched her
    away from Kelvin, she was just Twenty one at that time,
    four years younger that Kelvin, she came to my 21st
    Birthday party and after staying for a while she told me
    she was going upstairs to Kelvin’s room and the next
    thing we saw was that she fell Kelvin’s Balcony down to
    the floor and she died Instantly, I ran up to Kelvin’s
    room to check what made her fall and i realized it was
    my own girlfriend or so i thought, it turned out that she
    had eyes for Kelvin and she was in his room when
    Jemimah got in and they got into a fight and in the
    course of the fight they came out to the balcony and she
    mistakenly pushed her down” he finished with tears in
    his eyes.
    ”So why is he blaming you”
    ”well, the pepetrator of the act was my girlfriend and he
    thought i had a hand in it, cos i initially didn’t like her, i
    only started liking her few weeks to her death” he
    explained without looking up.
    ”It’s been Five years, why can’t he still get over the
    death” i asked with curiosity.
    ”Well, it turned out she was pregnant with his child
    when she died and he was planning to propose to her
    that night at my party”
    ”what! now i know, he must have been heartbroken”
    ”heartbroken was an understatement, i lost count of the
    times when he tried to committ suicide, he only stopped
    attempting suicide when our very religious mother
    convinced him that he would go to hell if he takes his
    own life, so since then, he has been bahaving
    heartlessly, taking drugs, sleeping with tons of woman
    and refusing to stay in the rehab”
    i was shocked with the last part.
    ”So he was in Rehab”
    ”yes, his last session in rehab ended when he said he
    was coming over to his friend’s wedding and he never
    returned to the U.S again, my dad decided to let him be
    thinking he has change..”
    He didn’t even complete his last statement when we
    heard a knock on the door and when he went to answer
    it, i saw the last person i expected to see…Kelvin.

  31. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 32.
    Ke…Ke…Kelvin what are you doing here?” i stammered
    trying to recover from the shock of seeing him.
    ”am here to speak to you” he told me calmly.
    I was surprised, i expected to see him acting the way he
    was the previous night.
    ”I don’t want to speak to you” i said angrily and turned
    ”Am really sorry about yesterday night, i don’t know
    what came over me” he said to me gently.
    ”apology accepted, you can now leave” i said to him
    calmly too.
    All through the conversation, Kelvin was still at the door
    step, while Sam’s hand was on the door knob looking at
    both of us with interest.
    ”Baby please hear me out first” he said with a voice that
    sounded like he was close to tears.
    ”I don’t want to” i said and turned my back to him.
    ”I guess this is the part where i will have to slowly give
    you two the much-needed privacy”
    ”thanks” Kelvin said and came into the sitting room
    ”alright, big brother” Sam said and walked towards the
    dining table where i was and began clearing the plates
    we used plates.
    I offered to help but he refused.
    ”Don’t hesitate to call me if you need me” he whispered
    to me before leaving for the kitchen
    He left and I went over to the sitting room and sat down,
    Kelvin who has been standing since looking like a
    drenched puppy came and sat beside me.
    ”Kelvin, say what you want and leave me”
    ”I like my women naive and feisty” he said to me
    I turned to him wondering if he was still talking to me.
    ”what did you say” i asked, confused.
    ”you heard me right, well let’s get straight to the point”
    he said and smiled at me showing all his front teeths.
    ”Finally” i screamed and shifted away from him slightly.
    ”well, well, i need you back in the house and you know i
    always get what i want” he said with a mischievious
    ”thanks for being so polite” i replied sarcastically.
    ”I don’t like being polite, but if you want me to be polite,
    then i will politely release all the s-xtapes i have in my
    custody to the press.
    ”I love the very dummy and naive you, they are much,
    my friend and trust me my face is not in anyone, i can
    already see the headlines in my head, ”Watch S-x tape
    of Nigeria Model Becky and her numerous sugar
    ”Kelvin how can you be so heartless” i said with tears in
    my eyes.
    ”no, no, Baby I only get heartless when people go
    against my words, Just be by my side at all times and
    perform few duties for me, simple, but no you chose to
    go against my wish”
    ”am sorry Kelvin, please let’s go back to the way we
    ”there was never a ‘we’ so don’t be deceived, all said
    and done, I’ve got important things to do, and I give you
    three days to make up your mind, there are only two
    options either you peacefully return to the house or I
    release the tapes to the press and all these hungry
    After saying that, he left to the door and i followed him
    quietly, i only talked when he got outside the apartment.
    ”Why are you punishing me over Jemimah’s death” i
    asked and he turned to me with his eyes showing only
    anger and i immediately regretted what i said.
    I started to shed tears when i felt a sharp pain on my
    cheeks and i realized that Kelvin had just slapped me.
    ”Never you talk about Jemimah in that disrespectful
    manner again” he said and angrily walked away leaving
    me there in tears.
    I held my cheek and ran back into the sitting room and
    started crying loudly.
    I wiped my tears when i heard Sam’s approaching
    ”I just saw my brother drive away angrily, he almost
    brought down the gate, what happened between you
    two” he asked without looking at me.
    ”nothing, just normal conversations between two
    engaged persons”
    ”Becky, what’s with the tears, why are you crying” he
    asked coming closer to me.
    ”nothing, am just happy your brother and i reconciled” i
    lied and fake a smile.
    ”well, if you say so, honestly i don’t know if i should
    happy or not” he said sitting opposite me and removing
    the ear piece that was in his ears.
    I guess he had them in his ears since, if not he would
    have heard when his brother landed that thunderous
    slap on my cheeks.
    I touched the place and tears began threatening to drop
    from my eyes again.
    Two days later.
    I was already in the taxi that was taking me back to my
    doom, back to Kelvin’s house.
    I was praying silently for God to intervene in my
    My phone rang and i picked it with shaky hands when i
    saw who the caller was.
    ”Becky, get back here” he screamed.
    ”Sam, what are you talking about” i asked feigning
    ”I saw the note you kept for me in the sitting room, just
    get back here, we will look for a way out of this” he said
    Earlier on i had left a written note stating the real reason
    why i was going back to Kelvin’s house.
    ”No, thanks, am going back to face him and i pray…I
    pray… i die soon” i said crying.
    ”Becky, please come back here right now” Sam said to
    me over the phone.
    ”No” i screamed and ended the call.

  32. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 33.
    I was weeping at the backseat of the taxi.
    ”Madam na wetin happen” the taxi driver asked.
    ”stop poke nosing and just drive” i shouted at him.
    ”sorry ma, but hope you get money to pay me o
    because na my money be my problem, na him i dey take
    feed my family” he said quietly.
    ”do i look like someone who can’t afford my own
    transport fare, please just shut up and drive”
    He became quiet and continued driving while i began
    praying inwardly for us not to get there on time but i
    was only deceiving myself, we soon got to his big black
    gate and i payed the nosy taxi driver and he left.
    The gateman rushed out to help me with my things but i
    refused his offer of help and carried the bag all by
    I got inside and met him sitting on the sofa and
    watching the evening news.
    ”am here” i said after i had struggled to drag the bag
    into the sitting room.
    ”I knew you would come” he said without looking at me.
    ”why did you make me come back, what do you want
    with me” i asked fighting back the tears.
    There’s was no way i will cry in front of him again.
    I came here to fight my own battle and i am determined
    to do so without showing my vulnerability.
    ”Kelvin, why am i here” i asked him again this time, with
    a louder voice.
    He didn’t answer me, he just stood up and started
    walking towards me.
    ”so it’s now Kelvin right, what happened to all the sweet
    he asked me when he was few inches away from me.
    ”they went with your kindness, the day you started
    being heartless and wicked to me that was the day, i
    erased all the sweet names from my memory” i said
    ”well, we both know why you are here, so far so good
    you are the best among all the girls that i have ever
    gone to bed with and i am determined to keep you”
    I was taken aback by his blurtness, I raised my head as
    tears began forming in my eyes.
    If only i had heeded to all the advice from friends,
    neighbours and preachers against pre-marital s-x, I
    wouldn’t have been in this situation now.
    ”Kelvin, i am human and i have feelings don’t you think
    you are hurting my feelings”
    He smiled. ”am a man and i have need and desires and i
    wish to satisfy them” he said still smiling sheepishly.
    I was getting irritated with his smile, by his words and
    by his whole being. How can someone be so heartless?
    ”well, when you are done frowning, the room is wide
    open for you”
    I was close to tears, so i didn’t talk, in order not to cry in
    front of him, i just carried my bag and left to the room.
    I entered the bathroom and i spent more time than usual
    in the shower, i was crying and weeping like a baby.
    I wondered what i got myself into, i wondered if i can
    ever come out of it.
    Kelvin was determined to make me stay and wasn’t
    ready to stay.
    I came out of the bathroom when i could no longer stay
    there, i went close to the door when i started hearing
    voices, thinking it was Kelvin and one of his girlfriends, i
    hissed and went to bed.
    The voices were getting louder and when i listened
    closely, i heard Sam’s voice.
    I quickly dressed up and ran to the sitting room.
    ”Go back and get your things” he said immediately he
    saw me.
    ”This is my private affair, i don’t need an intruder, she
    loves me and i love her” Kelvin said and i felt like
    punching him for that big lie.
    ”By you love her, did you mean threatening her with S-
    xtapes and the likes”
    Shock was written all over Kelvin’s face, he looked at
    me and then turned back to his brother.
    ”oh, yes, i know everything, she did a good thing by
    telling me. You don’t have to punish an innocent person
    over what she knows nothing about”
    ”Sam leave my house” Kelvin said angrily.
    ”I will leave but not without her” he said pointing to me.
    He started walking towards the rooms and i followed
    him, he got to our room and helped me carry my bag
    out and then went into his former room to get the
    remaining of his things.
    I was just following him about, not knowing if i should
    be grateful to him or expect the worse from Kelvin.
    ”Kel, am leaving your house, and i better not see
    anything like S-xtape on the internet or i will also sell
    your story to all this blogger, what you both shared in
    private should be left in private”
    ”Get out both of you” he screamed and i walked
    backwards to the door.
    ”As you can see, we are already leaving, have a
    goodnight rest and one more thing, turn back to God like
    you were when you were younger, only him can heal
    your broken heart, the whole family loves you especially
    Jesus” he said and opened the door and we both went
    out into the dark.
    That night i couldn’t sleep, i lost count of the times i
    checked the internet and some popular blogs to see if
    Kelvin had carried out his threat.
    I later slept.
    I was browsing for the morning news when i came
    across the headline i had being waiting for, i started
    sweating all over my body.
    So Kelvin truly carried out his threat.
    ”My life is over” I shouted.

  33. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 34.
    ”Becky, Becky, wake up”
    I heard his ever gentle and loving voice ring in my ears
    and then felt his warm hand on my arms.
    ”Sam, thank God it was a dream”
    The look on his face showed that he was clearly
    ”Becky, were you having a nightmare or what?” he
    ”No, just a silly dream” i replied nonchalantly, but i was
    overjoyed that it was just a dream, Kelvin hasn’t truly
    carried out his threat.
    ”Becky, if it’s about my brother’s threat, don’t get
    yourself worked up over it, it’s just an empty threat” he
    assured me and i scream happily inwards.
    ”No, am not bothered about it” i lied trying to sound
    ”alright, i will head to my room now” he said and made
    to walk away.
    ”what’s brought you here by the way”
    ”I was just passing and i heard you talking in your sleep
    and then you screamed that was why i came in to check
    on you”
    ”Thanks for that, am fine now”
    ”alright, Goodnight, see you tomorrow morning” he
    replied and shut the door.
    I closed my eyes and thanked God that it was just a
    How could I live with the stigma if Kelvin had done it.
    All these and some other questions were left
    unanswered till i fell asleep.
    ”Goodmorning Miss B”
    ”Good morning Mr. Sam, how was your night” i replied
    in the same playful tone that he had used, I swallowed
    hard and averted my gaze from the tight T-shirt which
    clung to his body like a second skin.
    He was working out like he normally does after his
    morning prayers and Bible study.
    ”My night was awesome, thanks to her”
    ”Her?” I asked sharply.
    ”yeah, My mum called yesterday night to inform me that
    she will visit me this evening”
    ”wow, i see why you are excited, It must be really nice
    to have your mum visit you” i asked trying to mask the
    pain and hurt that i was truly feeling but my voice failed
    ”Becky, what’s wrong? Did I say anything wrong?”
    ”No, you didn’t, it’s just that i was never really close to
    my mum, although she is late now but even when she
    was alive, we never really had that mother to daughter
    bond and seeing how excited you are about your mum’s
    visit reminded me of all that I’ve missed”
    ”Becky, just so you know, we all experience pains, hurt
    and setback as we progress in life, and the most
    successful people in life are the ones who never had
    any parent to pamper them, they worked hard through
    thick and thin and made their mark”
    ”Thanks Sam”
    ”we are friends, you don’t need to thank me for
    He came closer and gave me a soothing and refreshing
    hug, which lasted more than normal and my
    progesterone hormone started controlling my thoughts,
    I had to break off.
    ”Sam, don’t you think we should put things in order
    before your mum comes” i said stepping away from
    ”yeah, i plan on doing that after working out”
    ”i will see what i can do before you finish your workout,
    does Kelvin know about the visit”
    ”no, he doesn’t, Mum intends to pay him a surprise
    i started walking away when i heard him clear his throat.
    ”well, one more thing, wear something long, preferably a
    skirt or gown that’s on your knee or below and not too
    tight, am sure you don’t want Mum to give you a three
    hour sermon on decent dressing”
    We both laughed at that.
    ”Your mum must be very religious”
    ”Wait until you see her”
    ”that’s unlike our billionair’s wife’s”
    ”my mum is different, she always tells us that making
    heaven at last is her utmost priority, she is a born again
    ”wow, i can’t wait to see her” i replied smiling.
    ”while waiting, start preparing for a sermon on your
    career also, according to her, Modelling is not
    something that should be found amongst Godly girls,
    she claims that God created us to walk like humans and
    not like cats”
    ”Thanks for the info, i will definately prepare”
    Evening come much too slowly.
    Sam and I had gone out earlier to buy things and
    stocked the house
    Afterwhich we cleaned the whole house and
    environment even though cleaning it was not necessary
    as it was already neat.
    At exactly 6:54 we heard her car horn, and we went out
    to meet her after the gateman had shut the gate.
    I was expecting to see her with escorts but i was
    disappointed when i saw that she came alone and she
    drove herself which was something I never imagined.
    She was clad in a long ankara gown.
    ”My daughter how are you” she asked me after hugging
    her son who was beaming with smile for the upteenth
    ”am fine ma, how was your journey here”
    ”Fine dear”
    ”Sammy, get my phone from my bag, your dad must
    have run down my battery now with his constant calls,
    the phone rang more than three time on my way here”
    ”Mum! He’s only being a caring husband”
    I smiled while watching mother and son chat happily.
    The woman was truly an epitome of beaty, she was also
    big hearted and very very religious, that night we prayed
    for an hour and half before going to bed, even the
    religous Sam kept on yawning like he was paid to yawn.
    I felt at home and excited.

  34. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 35.
    I slept peacefully that night, maybe i also got too
    comfortable in my sleep because i started dreaming of a
    perfect wedding scene where i was the Bride in my
    glowing white dress and Sam was the groom, he looked
    breathtaking in his black tuxedo and his charming
    I woke up smiling and shaking my head over the dream,
    when I heard a knock on my door.
    Without being told, i knew who it was.
    ”Sam, come in”
    He opened the door halfway and stood against the door
    ”Good Morning beauty, sorry to disturb but It’s time for
    morning prayers and Mum won’t accept any excuse,
    hope you don’t have anywhere you need to be this early
    morning cos it doesn’t usually end on time”
    ”Just a photoshoto later in the day”
    It was obvious that Sam wasn’t really into the long
    prayer hours thing.
    ”You don’t look or sound too excited about it”
    ”You can say that again” he replied and smiled.
    Just like in my dreams, that same infectious smile,
    which was capable of sweeping any sane girl off her
    ”Sam, what’s taking you and your girlfriend so long”
    we heard her call from the sitting room and we
    simultaenously opened our mouth in shock.
    ”ehm, I will…I will explain things to her later, Please
    dress up and come out before she start getting other
    ideas” he replied and turned to leave.
    I simply smiled at him and he left.
    The look on his face when his mum called me his
    girlfriend, had been priceless.
    The prayers ended after thirty minutes, I knew because i
    was checking the wall clock.
    Sam stood up to leave from where he knelt down during
    the prayers when his mum called him back.
    ”Sam I need to talk to you two”
    Without being told, i already knew what she wanted to
    talk about.
    ”You see, my children” she started after Sam sat down
    smiling, i guess he also knew what she wanted to talk
    ”you both are adults and i can’t order you around, my
    duty is to guide you both, the idea of you both living
    together when you are not married is not proper, back
    when i was growing up it was a taboo for two unmarried
    people to live together but you kids of nowadays
    nothing is a taboo anymore but remember as Godly kids
    and children of your father in heaven, our Bible tells us
    in the book of first corinthians, that we shouldn’t
    deceive ourselves, that no sexual immoral will inherit
    the kingdom of God, so staying together while
    unmarried is something i won’t even advice my enemies
    children to do”
    ”But…but mum we are not dating” Sam said still smiling
    the way he had been smiling since his mum’s sermon
    ”If you are not dating then…”
    ”Mum, believe me we are not dating, she’s one of the
    new models signed to our modelling agency, she’s just
    here for the time being, her name is Becky, you can ask
    Dad or google it”
    ”A model” she asked with a clear look of disapproval.
    ”Here comes the sermon” Sam whispered to me.
    ”yes ma, am a model, i actually studied Mass
    Communication but chose modelling after…after i
    graduated” i explained to her.
    ”A mass Com. graduate, my daughter what are you
    doing modelling? When you could get a decent job and
    decent life, sorry to say but i don’t like that proffession
    at all, my husband and sons only went against me and
    established that agency, i was never really in support”
    ”Mum, am hungry and she doesn’t want to hear the
    details of how we disobeyed you and established the
    agency” Sam replied grudgingly.
    ”I will make sure you get a decent job before i leave the
    country that’s if you are interested, and back to what i
    was saying, even though you two are not dating, it’s
    still not advisable for two young adults to live together, i
    trust my son but you know he is a man with blood and
    you a lady, some unplanned things can happen”
    ”Mum, nothing is happening, can i go now” Sam said
    and started yawning.
    ”Sam you can go before you swallow me”
    ”Thanks mum, she also has an important appointment
    so make it brief.” he said and left after winking at me.
    ”My daughter, i see you are a decent girl, i congratulate
    you for that, i can get you an apartment anywhere you
    want, staying with him, if anything happens, it’s always
    the lady that’s at the receiving end”
    I sat still, if only she knew my past history with Kelvin,
    she won’t call me decent.
    ”Thank you ma, We were planning to go and search for
    an apartment later in the day.
    ”alright, that’s better, i will take care of the payment and
    don’t say no”
    ”Thank you ma, God bless you ma”
    My photoshoot was fantastic with Sam by my side,
    joking and playing around.
    It was the first time he accompanied me and he was a
    good companion.
    After the photoshoot, we left to search for an apartment,
    after much searching and searching, we find one in a
    serene environment.
    Just after bargaining with the agent, Sam’s phone rang
    and he was informed that his mum was in the hospital.
    I remembered that she said she was going to visit
    Kelvin that afternoon when we were leaving.
    I wondered what could have happened to her there.

  35. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 36.
    We got to the hospital and met Kelvin sitting at the
    waiting room like a lost puppy, his eyes were red, It
    seems like he had been crying or maybe he was high on
    drugs, i wasn’t really sure.
    ”Kel, what happened to Mum”
    Kelvin didn’t answer, he was just looking downwards.
    ”Kel, answer me, what happened to Mum” Sam asked
    ”She just collapsed when she got to my house, I don’t
    ”wait, she just collapsed like that? God please save my
    I felt really bad for him. He was smiling happily just few
    minutes ago.
    ”Sam Calm down, you mum will soon get better”
    ”Thanks Becky, am just super worried about her she
    has never been in this kind of condition before, she has
    always been hale and hearty, i really don’t know what
    happened to her and i don’t want to think the worse”
    ”Sam, don’t jump into conclusions yet, your mum will
    soon get better, the God she serves won’t let anything
    happen to her” I advised him from the depth of my
    ”Thanks Becky, you are truly amazing”
    I just smiled and rubbed his shoulder, amazing was a
    word i didn’t deserve, especially not infront of the person
    who made me question God about my creation.
    ”Kelvin, have you informed dad about this”
    ”No, i haven’t”
    ”Well, let me go and do that, Becky i will be right back”
    ”Alright” I replied and he left.
    It was just Kelvin and I, i looked at him many times with
    ”Kelvin, am so sorry about your mum”
    ”Thanks” he replied.
    ” what really happened, why did she collapse”
    ”Are you the police or what, why all this interrogations”
    he asked me sharply.
    I hissed at him loudly, i wasn’t surprised, he was still the
    same Kelvin, I wasn’t expecting him to change overnight
    or was I?
    I hissed again and left his side and went outside the
    I really hated hospital environment, the air was always
    After taking in the fresh air from outside, i went back in.
    ”Becky, where did you go, i was slightly worried” Sam
    said to me when he saw me.
    ”No need for that, i only went out to explore abit”
    ”Has the doctor said anything yet” I asked him.
    ”He is attending to another patient, he said he will speak
    to us when he is done with the patient, …oh, see him
    we all turned to see him at the end of the hallway and he
    signalled us to follow him.
    Kelvin was carrying his pathetic self like there was a
    bag of cement on his head, i knew he was faking the
    He was still heartless and i disliked him for that.
    ”Your mum suffered from an abrupt heart attack” the
    doctor informed us, once we were comfortably sitted in
    his office.
    ”But, doctor she was in a perfect condition this
    morning, how come?” Sam asked, like he was about to
    cry and i instantly felt that urge to comfort him and draw
    him closer.
    ”Well, being fine in the morning doesn’t guarantee that
    you will be fine in the afternoon, what did she see that
    made her collapse”
    ”I only know she went to visit my brother, i don’t know
    what she saw there” Sam said.
    ”Doctor, i don’t want to talk about what she saw, can
    we skip that part” Kelvin said rudely.
    ”well, if you say so, once she recovers, don’t give her
    any news that will make her too excited nor too sad for
    the time being, any kind of hyperactivity can trigger
    another heart attack and she might not respond to
    treatment the way she is responding now.” the doctor
    ”Alright, doctor thanks, i will be on my way” Kelvin said
    and walked out before the doctor could reply.
    ”Doctor, hope her condition is not too terrible” Sam
    asked in a low tone.
    ”No, it’s not, she is responding to treatment very well,
    just take proper care of her and don’t let her do any
    strenous activity”
    ”alright doctor, thanks for your time” Sam said and
    shook hands with the doctor before politely leaving with
    me closely following him.
    We all slept in the hospital, although Kelvin’s phone that
    was ringing every now and then disturbed our sleep.
    ”Can’t you put that off” i screamed at him when i
    couldn’t take it any longer.
    Our eyes met and I eyed him and turned sideways.
    I really pitied the poor girl who might be calling him, If
    only she knew the kind of person he was.
    I woke up with sharp pains in my joints and itchy eyes.
    I had slept for just Four hours.
    Kelvin stood up and left after the doctor finished his
    morning checkup on his mum.
    Sam tapped me gently and asked me to go and rest in
    the car, that he wanted to spend few minutes with his
    mum before we go.
    ”Stop disturbing me” I heard Kelvin scream into his
    I hid behind the door where i could see and hear
    ”My mum almost died in my hands because of my
    careless lifestyle…am done with you girls and your
    stupid lifestyle…you all have nothing to offer except your
    body…bye. Stop…bye”
    He angrily pushed his phone into his pocket and started
    walking towards his car.
    So Kelvin truly had a hand in his mum’s heartattack and
    he has been denying it.
    This guy is really unpredictable!

  36. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 37.
    It’s been three days since the incident, Sam’s mum has
    gotten better and she was getting discharged. The days
    she spent in the hospital were hectic for me, i took care
    of her the way i never cared for my mum, Sams sisters
    had each called me twice to thank me for caring for their
    mum. Sam was also supportive, cooking all the food,
    which was what he does best.
    No one had set eyes on Kelvin since the morning he left
    the hospital, his phone was switched off and his friends
    knew nothing about his whereabout.
    We were all worried about him especially his mum, who
    woke up and narrated to us how she got to Kelvin’s
    house and met him and his friends partying, a pool party
    precisely, some were smoking, some were drinking, with
    unclad girls everywhere , the sight was too much for her
    to take in, that was what caused her heartattack.
    I really felt for her, i really understood why one of my
    lecturers used to advise us against putting blames on
    the mother of a wayward child, sometimes it’s not
    really their fault, they did their best. Like in Kelvin’s
    case, his mum did all she could.
    She was discharged in the evening, we were very happy,
    i could sense that she wasn’t too happy even though
    she tried to mask it with a fake smile.
    I didn’t really blame her, how could she be happy when
    she didn’t know the whereabout of her first son.
    We got home and she got the biggest surprise that she
    wasn’t expecting, even I wasn’t expecting it; Her two
    daughters were around to welcome her, with cakes and
    welcome cards, she was elated, i could feel it when she
    The girls were very jovial and caring, they both thanked
    me uncountable times for taking care of their mum, i
    really felt special.
    Just when she thought it was all over, Her husband
    walked in, she screamed in excitement and hugged her
    husband, they looked like a young couple in love.
    With all the love and excitement that filled the room, i
    felt a tinge of jealousy, I wish i could joke and laugh like
    they were, although Sam’s sisters especially the
    youngest made me feel like i belonged to the family.
    Everyone took the snacks and drinks that Sam’s dad
    bought for us all, we were led by the mother of the
    house in prayers, we prayed and thanked God for life
    and for granting her quick recovery, we also prayed for
    the Kelvin, wishing him goodluck and success where
    ever he was, only Sam and I said amen to that prayer.
    We then moved to the dinning table to eat the specially
    prepared meal by Chef Sam, they were one big happy
    family, i felt peace and unexplainable happiness as i was
    not left out of any of their conversations, the whole
    family were jovial, they didn’t even carry themselves
    high the way some rich men who were not even up to
    their standard did.
    From their conversation i learnt that their Family house
    in Nigeria was under renovation and that the girls would
    be staying in Eko hotel and suite for the one week of
    their stay in Nigeria.
    After meal, Sam’s sisters and I cleared the tables and
    washed the dishes, i really admired their down to earth
    We went back to the sitting room after clearing and met
    the rest discussing about Kelvin’s disappearance, Sam
    mentioned that he had earlier gone to Kelvin’s house
    and met everywhere under lock even the gateman was
    not there, i started praying silently in my mind for him
    not to be in any sort of danger.
    ”If we don’t see him tomorrow, i will call the Inspector
    General of police and ask them to comb all nook and
    cranny of this state and fish him out where ever he is, i
    am sure he is someone planning another evil act”
    ”Dad, he is not really like that” Sam said sharply.
    ”Adekunle stop defending him” his dad called him with
    his native name.
    ”Dad, let’s just call the police now and report the case”
    Sam said again.
    ”He is somewhere, and he is very very safe where ever
    he is, he is probably somewhere in another of his
    mannerless friends house, throwing another pool party”
    His dad said nonchalantly.
    ”Darling, he is still our son”
    The argument went on and on for about twenty minutes,
    when we heard a knock on the door, we didn’t even hear
    the gate open, so we hesitated a little before opening
    the door, when Sam finally opened the door, Kelvin
    walked in.
    ”What are you doing here, have you come to send your
    mum back to the hospital” Kelvin’s dad shouted at him.
    He immediately went down on his knees when he came
    into full view.
    ”Dad, mum, I am truly sorry for all i have done, for all
    my bad behaviours and for ever disobeying you” he said
    on his knees.
    I almost cried seeing him in that state, he was looking
    lean and haggard, just like the prodigal son in the Bible.
    We were all watching him. When he was done pleading
    and asking for forgiveness, his mum was the first to
    stand up and walk towards him, she pulled him up and
    embraced him with tears in her eyes, followed by his
    sisters and then brother, his dad was the last to
    embrace him, i was surprised when he came towards
    me for a hug. I happily hugged him.

  37. Amaka Amaka says:

    Episode 38
    When the celebration of the return of the prodigal son-
    Kelvin had died down, Kelvin whispered into my ears to
    meet him at the poolside.
    Well, i was initially scared, i didn’t know if he was faking
    the change or if he had really changed but i late made
    up my mind and went into the cold night to meet him
    ”Becky, sorry for everything” He started saying when we
    sat down by the pool, i made sure i gripped the side of
    the pool firmly incase he was just pretending to change
    and wanted to push me into the pool, Kelvin was
    capable of anything.
    ”Kel, it’s all in the past now, i have forgiven you” i said
    to him.
    ”you know what, you are really special, all the girls i
    have been with, i have never felt anything for them but
    your case was different, i felt something i have never felt
    before since Jemimah’s death, am assuming Sam has
    already told you everything”
    ”yes he did, am sorry for your loss” i sympathised
    genuinely with him.
    ”it’s in the past also, i want to move on now”
    ”that’s good, so where have you been?” i asked.
    ”self discovery journey” he simply said.
    ”as in?” i asked confused.
    ”as in I went on a journey, trying to find my true self, the
    Kelvin that i was before, the Kelvin who never did drugs
    nor drank nor smoked nor womanized, nor slept with all
    his employ…”
    ”wait, wait, wait” I started coughing a fake cough.
    ”what” he asked me.
    ”all your employees, as in all, i mean everyone who
    works with you” i asked.
    ”yeah, all the models, i usually sleep with them before
    signing them”
    I started coughing again when i remembered that we
    were more than thirty, including supermodels and
    amateur models.
    ”including Bella” I asked curiously, remembering how
    she usually carried herself like she owned the world.
    ”yeah, including Bella, i almost dated at a point, but her
    lavish lifestyle stopped me not that i don’t have the
    ”wow, am surprised”
    ”Don’t be, wasn’t it obvious, i take girls with zero
    talents, sleep with them and train them and make them
    models, so they can always worship me and do
    whatever I wish, i intend closing KISS agency, i have
    done too many bad things with it.”
    ”no, don’t, it has provided employment for some people”
    i said to him calmly.
    ”And it has also taken the virginity of some people, am
    closing it and i have decided, i will help the decent ones
    get decent jobs”
    ”if you say so, so where were you staying this past few
    ”I was with Pastor Kehinde, he was my pastor back then
    when i was little, he used to joke with me then that i
    would become an Evangelist when i grew up cos of how
    dedicated i was to the things of God and he was very
    nice and godly not all these money mongers we have
    this days, So when i saw how my lifestyle affected my
    mum, i was confused and i ran to him for help, i’ve been
    with him since that morning” he explained.
    ”how come you didn’t tell anyone” I asked.
    ”I did, Kola knew where i was, he was the one who told
    the gateman and house-workers to go on break”
    ”but he denied knowing anything about your
    whereabout” i said to him.
    ”I begged him not to tell anyone”
    ”that wasn’t fair, so what are your plans now” i asked.
    ”am going back to rehab and I will be a better person
    when i come out”
    ”am so happy for you, you made the right choice” i said
    and hugged him tightly
    ”Thanks Becky, and thanks for forgiving me” he said to
    me looking into my eyes after the hug.
    ”We all did things, we were not proud of, am not a saint
    Kelvin, stop thanking me” i said looking into his eyes.
    ”If you say so”
    His lips came down on my when i least expected and
    the kiss lasted for awhile before he ended it.
    I was happy that Kelvin had changed for good.

    One more episode to go
    Who do you think Becky will end up with, is it Kelvin
    who once treated her like trash, or Sam who she is
    already day-dreaming about.
    Don’t forget the reconciliation kiss sha.

  38. Amaka Amaka says:

    Final Episode (Episode 39)
    I was walking through the garden of my house and
    thinking about the last 5 weeks.
    True to his words, Kelvin had shut down the agency and
    as he promised, he got jobs for the ones he considered
    decent and left the country back to the rehab in
    company of his sisters and parent.
    Bella caused a big scandal, saying that she was
    pregnant for Kelvin, although it was confirmed that she
    was two months pregnant, but Kelvin denied being the
    father of the baby even though he had slept with her
    countless number of times. They are still waiting for the
    baby to be born in order for a DNA test to be carried
    out. I wish them well.
    I also met pastor Kehinde the pastor that made Kelvin
    change from his wayward ways.
    Kelvin’s Mother kept her promise also and got me a job
    where i never imagined, I am now a CNN Africa Special
    Correspondent. I have no idea how she did it but i am
    sincerely grateful.
    Before she left the country two weeks ago she made me
    promise that i would give my life to christ and serve God
    with all my heart because without him I am a nobody, i
    promised her and started going to a Bible believing
    church and am not ready to break that promise i made
    to her, not now or ever, I love my new life and lifestyle.
    My phone which was in my hand started to ring, i
    laughed when i saw the caller’s I.D.
    ”Vivian and her Baby Bump calling” I muttered to myself
    before answering the call.
    ”Mama IBeji, Good evening” i said to her.
    ”Papa Ibeji, how are you doing” she asked me playfully.
    ”am fine o, how are the babies and their brothers” I
    ”am pregnant with just one child o” she started
    I started to laugh, her stomach has grown so big
    already, we all suspect that she is carrying twins, I
    asked her to go for scan, so she could start getting
    prepared for the babies but she refused to go, probably
    due to the fear, knowing that she is carrying two people
    in just one stomach will freak her out.
    They are rich anyway, they can start preparing and
    buying things for the babies once they are born.
    ”Becky, are you still there” Her voice brought me back.
    ”Mama Ejima, am here, how are you holding up, i know
    pregnancy can be quite difficult at times”
    ”am doing just fine, just called to check up on you, hope
    you are not lonely or should i come over” she asked.
    ”Come over ke? I cannot take care of three people at
    once” i thought to myself.
    ”no, am not lonely” I said instead.
    ” so when are you leaving for New york, and how long
    will you spend there”
    ”Next week by God’s grace, it’s a three months training”
    ”train well o, i can’t believe i will soon be watching you
    on CNN”
    ”my sis, na God o” I said in pigdin.
    ”alright, i will see you before you leave, am feeling
    sleepy later, catch ya later”
    ”you and sleep, alright, thanks for the call, say Hi to
    Kola for me”
    ”alright, I will, bye”
    Shortly after i dropped the call, i heard the sound of a
    horn at my gate, i watched as my gateman, Habib ran
    to open the gate.
    I saw the familiar car enter the compound.
    The occupant had been visiting me everyday after work
    for the past two weeks.
    He alighted from his car in a casual wear looking so
    charming, Since he resumed work in his father’s
    company, he usually wear casual wears on Friday.
    ”Welcome Sam, have you considered modelling cos you
    look perfect in this” I said hugging him tightly, and I
    collected the things he bought for me, just like he had
    been buying since i moved into my house, a three
    bedroom bungalow.
    ”You want my mum to skin me right” he said and we
    both started to laugh.
    He locked his car and i led the way into my tastefully
    furnished sitting room.
    Kelvin bought me the T.V and sound system, an
    attempt he made to win me back, but it just didn’t work
    for him, i had lost interest in him, i discovered i was
    never in love with him, I just let my infatuation cloud my
    thought making it seem like i was in love with him.
    ”Sam sit, let me prepare something for us” i said to him
    after he came into the sitting room.
    ”nah, i already have something for us here” he said and
    winked at me before handing over one of the leather to
    ”Chicken and chips with Ice-cream for you and then
    Fried rice and chicken for me, I don’t normally eat out
    but today’s case is different, i need the energy”
    I collected the item from him, thanked him and went and
    microwaved it and then dished it for him.
    I sat opposite him eating my own, we ate in silence, he
    was unbelievable quiet.
    ”Have you heard from Kelvin since this week” he asked
    me after the meal.
    ”nop, did he call you” i asked.
    ”yeah, and he sends his regards”
    ”that’s nice of him”
    He became quiet again.
    ”Sam what’s wrong”
    ”Nothing” he replied.
    ”there is something, tell me please”
    ”alright, Becky, would you go out with me”
    ”Is it what am thinking” i asked joyfully.
    ”yeah, please be my girl, please”
    ”of, course, i will”
    He stood up and hugged me passionately.
    ”I love you B” he whispered to me.
    ”I love you more”

    The end.

    Thanks for reading this story to the end. are you impressed? drop your comments below.

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