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Reasons Why You Must Activate UBA Magic Banking
By at November 29, 2017( 4 months ago )

Reasons why you must activate UBA Magic Banking

Here are reasons why you must activate UBA Magic Banking, Magic Banking? What’s That?
Okay, See everything about magic banking.

The rate of scam is exceedingly increasing and it’s going into duping people off their money especially from their Bank but before I continue, read the story below.

I coincidentally met a guy when I was opening an account in the bank.
After we were done, both of us deposited money into the awaiting account.
I’ve not been taking with him but we just did the same thing that day.

We left and both of us Recieve a text 5 days later to come for our debit card, we both met again at the bank and he was told that his debit card can’t be given to him because of insufficient fund but he said he deposited money after the account was created and awaiting activation.

So the customer service now checked his account statement and she saw that after the money was credited, they made transfer using UBA MAGIC BANKING.

Reasons Why You Must Activate UBA Magic Banking

What did you learn from the above story?
Take a look at it now, most of us due save our account number on our contact list right? Just check step 3 On How To Activate UBA Magic Banking once those scammers are with your phone and have seen your account number, imagine what they can do.

So preventing them from scamming you: If you have already activated UBA Magic Banking and they want to try anything fishy it will give them option to input password and which they don’t know, I think you have act smart Abi?.

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