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How To Promote Your Blog For Free On Facebook
By at November 3, 2017( 5 months ago )

Promote blog free on facebook

Promote Blog Free On Facebook And Earn Massive Traffic

For those who have not implement SEO and rely on social traffic especially facebook, this post is for you. One thing so annoying is that you will post just 4 links or more and you will get banned from posting to groups for many weeks.
So how do you cope in this kind of situation?

Promote Blog: I have got a trick on how to promote your blog on facebook for free without being banned.
All you have to do is follow this post to the end and you will thank me later.

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Here are the tricks on how to promote your blog on facebook without being banned just for free.

Yes you can promote your blog for free on your facebook page.
But How?
Just create a new facebook page if you have none, add profile picture, add your cover photo and invite your friends to like it.
Just keep on updating it with inspiring quotes and things related to the page name.
NOTE: Do not post any link inside the page.
After you have gathered the desired audience, start updating it as usual with link but in plain clickable text. See photos below
how to promote blog free on facebook

Keep your audience updated on your timeline with things they wish to hear/read. Next you will start dropping your blog content but the link should be in the comment section.
how to promote blog free on facebook

The most crucial reason for this post is this last tag, you’ve been waiting huh?
Okay just grab a popcorn now let’s roll on with this post along with it.

Yes it’s quiet possible to promote your blog on facebook group without being banned with this little but powerful trick.
All you need to do is create a nice post that will keep the group members engaged so that they will be commenting and as they are commenting, your post will be at the top and anyone who visit that group will first see your post and he/she will contribute to it.

But How Can I Do That?
What am about sharing is my little secret but it because, it’s nice helping those in need.
You can write a post like “Technology has finished me, okay comment XVQ and your phone will vibrate”
Then at the bottom of the post, include your blog post link some will keep on trying and many will be clicking on the link.

To avoid being marked as spam and banned from posting to groups, use another word phrase in another group, don’t let them look alike.
And your post limit should be 5 minutes intervals.

Thanks for reading this post, we have always wanted the best for you. Please comment and share along with your friends.
See You At The Top


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