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How To Open A Working PayPal Account In Nigeria
By at November 25, 2017( 4 months ago )

how to Open a working PayPal account in Nigeria

How To Open A Working PayPal Account In Nigeria, PayPal account in nigeria had been having issues that you can’t use PayPal since you are a nigerian and most of the international companies that you are working for are using PayPal as their payment method, now you are stucked not knowing what to do.
See this few questions below.

The above questions will be answered so keep reading and I bet that after this tutorial, you will laugh last.

Questions Regarding How To Open A Working PayPal Account In Nigeria

Is PayPal Account Available In Nigerian

Yes PayPal is available in Nigeria, and you can get it done all by yourself without hiring anyone.

Will I Be Charged Or Is It Free?

It is absolutely free and you won’t be charged a dime.

Does PayPal Work In Nigeria?

PayPal work well in Nigeria now and you can send and receive funds.


1. Goto

2. Click On Business Account and sign up using your gmail and input a strong password, once the registration is successful check your mail inbox for an activation link.

3. After the activation, it’s time to connect your debit Card.
Note: You need to have much fund (Money) for this process.

4. Enter your card details. Or See how to enter card details online and it will cost you N300+.

If you want to stop the daily spending limit and prove that you are the owner of the card you just connected in step 4 then you will need to verify it.

Tap the Verify Card option, as you will will be deducted N700+ and a code will be sent in your bank account statement.

Once you go to the bank, request for your account statement and you will see a four(4) digit code, input the code on the PayPal website and your money will be refunded.

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