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How To Make Online Payment With Your Debit Card
By at November 16, 2017( 4 months ago )

Making Online Payment Using Your Debit Card Is Very Easy If You Read This.

Online Payment Using Your Debit Card, It is sometimes obvious when you want to make online payment and a form is displayed but you don’t know how to fill it.

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In this post you will learn how to make online payment using your debit Card without stress.

How To Make Online Payment With Your Debit Card

What does this photo above mean?
What is your card number, when there are plenty numbers on your card?

What About Card Expiry?

What Is CVV or CVV2?

Okay here are explanations to the above questions.

Card number is the 15 digit numbers on the surface of your card.

Card expiry is the expiring month and year on your card

3. CVV or CVV2
Your card CVV or CVV2 is the 3 identification pin on the back of your card.

Do not disclose the above information to anybody except if you are making an online payment on a trusted website, because anything can happen.
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  1. thank you.

    by Gabriel on Nov 25, 2017 at 1:46 am

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