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See The 3 Best Uncrowded Niches In Nigeria
Starting a blog in Nigeria this days is more of a competition, to pull over and stand out, most especially when you are into the the regular entertainment, technology niche. You will have to commit up to 60% of your time and a handful of cash to pull through the already crowded niches. That is more of the reason why i had to do this genuine research and compile the result to your very taste.

Three best non-crowded blogging niche in Nigeria

1. Baby Development
This is a good niche per se. But truthfully, I was recently convienced that this blogging niche is a good one for bloggers in Nigeria.

Speaking of baby development, mothers are almost taking more than half of the worlds population. If you haven’t given any thought to this website niche, then it is high time you did.
This niche I could say is still not crowded in Nigeria but this niche also worth millions of money far from Nigeria.
Let us assume you suggested a baby product and it was awesome, don’t you think most parents will demand it?
Some of the products you can offer online ranges from:
. Food
. Apparel
. Foot wears
. Toys
. Health and personal care etc
These things listed above are what several parents invest heavily on for their babies. Also consider that there are several parents out there with several babies to take care of.

2. Real Estate
Real estate is one of the profitable blogging niche in Nigeria and they have low competition in their niche. This is because several people do not know about them and alternatively, they still have a good search volume around google search engine.
Several real estate bloggers move away from their websites because they tend to believe that they do not have time enough to run their website.
It is always advised that you shouldn’t start a blog if you’re not ready enough to write post often and on.
Taking up a good way and popularity with real estate, it must require you to write often time about the transaction process and local marketing trends in Nigeria.
This is a proven strategy for real estate agents to provide additional information to their respective clients.
Using real estate, you can turn your blog to a source of income when you stage properties and attract buyers to your blog and increase conversions.


I do not suggest you could deny the fact that there are not quite too many photographers in your street or your area. Naturally, there are not many photographers in real life and this same happening takes turn in websites.
There exist low competition on photography niche in Nigeria and as such, you’re advised to venture into it. A photography blog can also be called a “photo blog”.
Several guys and ladies have formed the habit of taking photos severally and this is a bold step to start a photography blog given that you have what it takes.
Being in the photography niche is where direct adverts comes in.

You may not need to use google Adsense to earn on your website but surely, your clients will convert in your website.
Your readers could hire you to do a job for them, companies could hire you for your services as well.
If you’re impressed with this niche, you could give a kick off to it by starting your own photo blog today, believe me this untapped niche in Nigeria is still very profitable.

Wrap up
I have taken time to strictly devise the non-crowded blogging niche in Nigeria, the job is now left for you to finish. You can still start out in any of these non-crowded blogging niches that you find more interesting to you.
Believe me you will make much money than you ever imagined and also you will be open to popularity better than serving in an over crowded blogging niche.

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