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Reasons why your ex keep calling
It’s very common to see people in a
relationship break up, and then, after a couple of months or days, one of them tries to rekindle the affair. And one begins to wonder, why quit the relationship in the first place? Why leave or agree to a break up if
that’s not what you really want? There are different reasons why people do this, and it's important to understand that while love may
sometimes be the genuine motivation, most of the time, it is not the case. So people need to be more careful when dealing with past lovers or exes.

Here are the 6 reasons why I feel exes
come back…

Obviously, this has to be on top of the list.
More than half the time exes return, they do
it because of lust. Once they remember how
good you were in bed, or how you were
always available for their se_xual needs,
they run back in the hope that everything
can go back to the way it was. Their return
has absolutely nothing to do with love,
rather, it’s lust-driven.

Some people are so jealous; they can’t
stand to see you with someone else even
after you’ve broken up. So they keep coming
back, and trying to get you back into their
claws. Please, know that this isn’t love,
rather, it’s something born out of an
obsession for you.
There are also situations where exes return
to destroy what you have, once they
perceive you have moved on into a happier
relationship. For them, since they aren’t
happy, you can’t be either. This happens
with bad break ups.

It has been said that loneliness can drive
people even to places they don’t really want
to be. Exes can also come running back to
you because they’re lonely and in need of
company or someone to talk to. Of course,
it doesn’t necessarily have to be your
company, but since you once filled the void,
they feel the need to have you in their lives

You were once broke, and they left you to
yourself, now, you’re financially very stable,
and suddenly, they come professing love,
and want to get back into your life. Love has
nothing to do with their return; they’re only
back to reap off your sweat and hard work.
Men aren’t the only ones who fall victim to
gold-diggers, women also do.

Indecision is naturally a huge problem for
most people. They are just never fully sure
of what they really want and need in their
lives. This is why you see some people going
back and forth with the same person in a

I’m putting this last for a reason; and that is
because I feel it only happens less than 30%
of the time – in situations where it is
apparent that the returning party never really
wanted a break up – otherwise I believe that
once a couple allow themselves to get to
the point of breaking up, they might as well
have lost all feelings for each other.
That said, we can’t rule out the fact that
love can be a reason why exes come back
into our lives.

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