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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

7 ways to earn your partners respect

1. Paying attention to them when they are
expressing their opinion, especially when they are
expressing something they are not happy about.
2. It does not matter whether the matter is trivial
or life-changing, just seek out their opinion.
3. Celebrate their triumphs. Make a big deal out of
every of their victories and achievements.
4. This is not to say that you disregard the wrong
things they do. It just means that in trying to
correct them, you make conscious efforts to you
leave out the condescending comments.
5. Never let your bae or boo’s reputation be soiled
by outsiders. It is even more worse to be the one
airing their dirty laundry to friends, on social media
and other places.
Their weaknesses are not meant to be known by
others when you can help them grow past it. That
is what respect is all about.
6. Always speak well of them in public. Always.
7. Everything that is important to them should be
important to you.
UNIZIK announce POST-UTME screening exercise date and registration process

UNIZIK 2017 Admission And Registration Guidelines

The Nnamdi Azikiwe University has rescheduled its
2017/2018 POST UTME screening exercise for candidates
who made the University their first choice in the 2017
University Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). The
dates are outlined below:

Faculties of Arts and Physical Sciences

DAY 2: TUESDAY, 26th September, 2017
Faculties of Management Sciences and Biosciences

DAY 3: WEDNESDAY, 27th September, 2017
Faculties of Engineering and Education

DAY 4: THURSDAY, 28th September, 2017
Faculties of Medicine, Basic Medical Sciences and
Agricultural Sciences

DAY 5: FRIDAY, 29th September, 2017
Faculties of Law and Pharmacy

DAY 6: SATURDAY, 30th September, 2017
Faculties of Social Sciences and Environmental Sciences

DAY 7: MONDAY, 2nd October, 2017
Faculties of Health Sciences and Technology

a. Candidates who made Nnamdi Azikiwe University their
first choice and have the required cut-off mark are eligible to
b. The general cut-off mark is 200 except for Faculties/
Departments indicated below:
Faculties/Programmes with Cut-Off Mark of 180
• Agriculture – AgricEcons& Extension, Animal Science &
Fisheries, Forestry & Wildlife, Food Science & Technology,
Soil Science, Crop Science.
• Arts – Igbo, African& Asian Studies, History & International
Studies, Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Modern European
Languages, Religion & Human Relations, Theatre and Film
Studies, and Chinese Studies.
• Education – Adult Education, Early Childhood & Primary
Education, Guidance and Counselling, Human Kinetics &
Health Education, Library & Information Science, Science
Education, and Vocational Education.
• Engineering – Agric & Bioresources Engineering, Polymer
&Textiles Engineering.
• Environmental Sciences – Architecture, Building, Quantity
Surveying &Geoinformatics, Fine and Applied Arts,
Environmental management, Estate management
• Physical Sciences – Mathematics and Statistics only.
• Health Sciences and Technology – Environmental Health
• Management Sciences – Entrepreneurial Studies only.
Faculties / Programmes with Cut-Off Mark of 200
• Arts - English Language and Literature
• Basic Medical Sciences - Anatomy and Physiology
• Biosciences - Applied Microbiology and Brewing, Applied
Biochemistry, Botany, Parasitology and Entomology and
• Education - Educational Foundations, Educational
Management & Policy
• Engineering - Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering,
Electrical Engineering, Electronic & Computer Engineering,
Mechanical Engineering, Industrial & Production
Engineering, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
• Health Sciences & Technology - Medical Lab Sciences,
Nursing Science, Radiography, Medical Rehab
• Law
• Management Sciences - Accountancy, Banking & Finance,
Business Administration, Cooperative Economics &
Management, Marketing, Public Administration
• Medicine – Medicine
• Pharmaceutical Sciences – Pharmacy
• Physical Sciences - Computer Science, Pure & Industrial
Chemistry, Physics & Industrial Physics, Geological Sciences
• Social Sciences - Economics, Psychology, Political
Science, Mass Communication, Sociology/Anthropology.

a. Registration started on Tuesday, 5th September, 2017
and will end on Friday 22nd September, 2017.
b. - Visit
- Click on ' Create Account'
- Enter your UTME REG Number and a valid email address
and click 'Send'. A verification code will be sent to your
email instantly.
- Copy the verification code and click on 'Continue'
- On the form, enter your phone number, password,
verification code (copied from email), select the access level
and click on ' Submit'
- Your login details will be sent to your email address
- Continue with the application by logging in with the login
credentials sent to your email
- After successful login, click on 'Step One', click on
'Generate Application Form RRR'
- Print the RRR (Remita) page, proceed to any bank of your
choice nationwide to make a payment of N2,000 only
- Login to the portal, click on 'Step Two', click on 'Confirm
payment', enter the RRR number and click on 'Verify
payment'. If payment confirmation is successful, or if you
get a notification 'Payment already verified', then proceed to
"Step Three".
- Click on 'Step Three', click on 'Fill Application Form', Fill
out the application form. You can save each stage of the
application and continue at a later time. Also, you can edit
your information as often as possible within the application
- Check the 'I Agree' box and click on "submit" button.
- Print out the Application Form and come along with it for
your screening and POST UTME examination.


a. Accreditation of candidates commences at 8.00am each
day. Candidates should adhere strictly to the time scheduled
for screening examination.
b. Print out the Application Form from the University Portal
and come along with it for your screening and POST UTME
c. The date and time for each candidate's examination will
be shown on the POST UTME PRINT-OUT

a. Only bona fide candidates/candidates scheduled for the
day's examination and time shall be allowed into the
University / Examination Hall.
b. Parents and guardians are, therefore, strongly advised
against attempting to enter the University Campus as
security will be tight.
c. No GSM handsets, scientific calculators or any other
extraneous materials shall be allowed into the examination
d. Candidates who did not register online will not be allowed
for the screening exercise.
e. The University will not be liable for any payment made
with wrong JAMB registration number at the Bank.
f. The University shall also not be liable for any fraudulent
payments made anywhere that is not in line with the
directives of the University.

Dr. I. H. Isidienu, FCAI

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How to protect your PC from Ccleaner hack

Protect Your PC From Ccleaner Hack

CCleaner has been hacked, it has emerged, putting
some 2.27 million PC users at risk. CCleaner is a
clean-up utility, so the last thing users would expect
it to do is add malware to their computers.

The malware, which has been present in the
software for the past month, sends various data
such as the computer name, IP address, and lists
of installed and active software and network
adapters to a server in the US.

Piriform, the company behind CCleaner, is adamant
that no sensitive data has been targeted, and
confirms that it has now shut down this server
before any known harm could be done.

How to protect your PC from the CCleaner
The good news is that Piriform has already fixed
the vulnerability, taken down the server and, for
those running the Cloud version (1.07.3191) of its
software, the update has been automated.
However, those running the standard version will
want to ensure they have updated to the latest
version, particularly if they downloaded it in the
past month.

The affected software is CCleaner 5.33.6162 (32-
bit). Users should ensure they are running version
5.34 or higher.
You can download the latest version of CCleaner
from Piriform's website.

If you would rather uninstall CCleaner from
Windows 10 go to Start, Settings, System, Apps &
Features, then find it in the list and select Uninstall.
Check out the best Windows antivirus products.

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FUTA postponed POST-UTME registration deadline for 2017

The management of Federal University of Technology, Akure
(FUTA) has extended the 2017/2018 Post-UTMJE screening

The deadline which was Monday, September 18, 2017 has
been extended to Saturday, September 30, 2017
Candidates who are yet to register are advised to take
advantage of this extension.

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Free football predictions for Tuesday 19th September 2017

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Federal Polytechnic Oko 2017 Admission Process
The Federal Polytechnic, Oko Post-UTME screening for
2017/2018 academic session has been announced.

Candidates who chose the institution as their choice and
scored 120 and above.
Available Courses:

a. Fine & Applied Arts with options in: i. Ceramics ii.
Graphics iii. Painting iv. Sculpture
b. Fashion Design & Clothing Technology.
c. Printing Technology.

Business Administration & Management
Public Administration
Hospitality Management and Tourism
Office Technology & Management

Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Electricals/ Electronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Agricultural Engineering

Architectural Technology
Building Technology
Estate Management
Quantity Surveying
Urban & Regional Planning
Surveying & Geo-Informatics

Banking & Finance

Library & Information Science
Mass Communication

Computer Science
Maths /Statistics
Food Technology
Home & Rural Economics
Hospitality Management
Science Laboratory Technology with options in: i.Biology
ii.Chemistry iii. Biology /Microbiology iv. Microbiology v.
Physics with Electronics.

Firstly, you are required to generate an invoice from any
Cyber cafe using this link:
screeningapplication.aspx .
Step Two
With the generated invoice you are required to purchase the
form at the designated banks viz: Microfinance, FCMB or
any other banks that partner with fedpolyoko school or
through the use of remitta, and make a payment of #2000.

A Payment receipt will be issued to you.
Step Three
Revisit any cyber cafe to complete your online registration
with the following credentials:
1. Jamb Result
2. O'Level Result
3. Passport Photograph
4. Local Government Identification Letter
5. First School Leaving Certificate
6. Birth Certificate
7. Testimonial ( Primary Or Secondary)
After Completing The Step Three, Carefully Re-Check Your
Informations Before Clicking "Submit" After That Print Out
Your Acknowledgement Slip.

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How to easily connect your Android phone to your TV

Simple Steps To Connect Your Android Device To Your Tv

To connect an Android phone or tablet to a TV you
can use an MHL/SlimPort (via Micro-USB) or Micro-
HDMI cable if supported, or wirelessly cast your
screen using Miracast or Chromecast. In this article
we'll look at your options for viewing your phone or
tablet's screen on the TV.

Connect your Android to TV
Tablets and phones are perfect for individual users
– lightweight with very long battery life, and with
bright, sharp screens that make light work of
everything from watching films to reviewing photos.

Bigger crowds call for bigger screens, though:
here’s how to connect your Android tablet or phone
to your TV without spending a fortune or drowning
in a sea of cables.

We live in a golden age of content thanks to
streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon
Prime Video. However, this isn't so good when you
want to share the experience with multiple people.

Your TV is perfect for this and we’ll explore
your options when it comes to getting your mobile
content on the big screen. We'll also look at the
services that will let you share your subscriptions,
photos and videos on the big screen – and those
that won’t.


There’s little to beat the wow factor associated with
beaming video straight from a tablet to your TV.

The good thing about Android is that there’s more
than one way to do it. Miracast is a wireless
standard that creates an ad-hoc network between
two devices, typically your tablet and a set-top box
which supports Miracast.

An increasing number of TVs support Miracast
without the need for extra hardware. Miracast uses
H.264 for video transmission, which means efficient
compression and decent, full HD picture quality.
Better yet, Miracast supports Digital Rights
Management (DRM), which means services such as
iPlayer and YouTube can be streamed to a TV. Not
all services work, though – see below.

Android devices running Android 4.2 support Miracast.
An alternative (and most user friendly) is Google’s
Chromecast. This inexpensive £30 'dongle' plugs
into a spare HDMI port on your TV and connects to
your wireless network. Chromecast support is
burgeoning, which means content from services
such as iPlayer, Netflix, BT Sport and others can be
played with the Chromecast dongle doing all the
legwork instead of your tablet, and that’s good
news for battery life.

It's possible to use Chromecast to mirror the display
on your Android device, allowing you to hit play on
a tablet and have (non DRM-protected) video start
playing on your TV. The same goes for anything the
screen can display, including apps, games and
photos. You can also pick up the pricier
Chromecast Ultra to stream 4K content too.
BBC’s iPlayer also supports AirPlay. Note that you
can’t use Sky Go to watch Sky programmes on
your TV via AirPlay. For more on iPad and iPhone
streaming, head here for our step by step guide
Which devices support Chromecast mirroring?
Mirroring on Chromecast used to be only supported
by a handful of devices, but now any Android phone
running v4.4.2 or higher is able to support the Cast
Screen feature.

There is however a list of Android devices that have
been tested to work best for Android Screen casting
- see Google's article.


HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the
interface standard du jour. If your TV was bought in
the last decade it has an HDMI port, as does almost
every set-top box, games console and a decent
number of still and video cameras.

The benefit to HDMI, apart from its ubiquity (which
means it’s cheap), is that it accommodates HD
video and audio simultaneously, allowing you to
connect devices without worrying about watching a
film in full HD but having to make do with your
tablet’s tinny speakers. An HDMI output is an
advantage that many Android tablets have over
Apple’s iPad.

HDMI plugs come in three sizes. Regular HDMI (or
Type A, left) are the full-size ports you’ll find on
devices where space isn’t an issue: think TVs,
laptops and games consoles. The sockets you’re
likely to find on tablets and phones will be either
Type C (also known as Mini HDMI, middle) or Type
D (Micro HDMI, right). Of these, Micro HDMI, or
Type D, is the smallest.
Whichever type of port your tablet has, connecting
it to an HDMI socket isn’t going to cost you the
Earth: expect to pay under £10 (under £5 in some
cases) for an HDMI to Mini- or Micro-HDMI cable.

A range of tablets have either HDMI or its
miniaturised variants. It’s the most straightforward
You’re not limited to buying a tablet with an HDMI
output to connect it to your TV, though.

MHL or SlimPort

HDMI is easy to understand: it’s a port that only
does one thing, after all. The drawback is that not
all tablets have an HDMI output, and very few
phones do. The good news is that a pair of widely-
supported standards have emerged that allow
Android owners to connect to external displays
using their microUSB port.

The standards in question are MHL (Mobile High
Definition Link) and the newer SlimPort. Both look
the same, which is stating the obvious as they
simply use the microUSB port on an Android device
to deliver video.

Like HDMI, SlimPort and MHL support both video
and audio, with up to eight channels of surround
sound available. Both normally require breakout
boxes: a small dongle between your device and TV
that converts the signal from your phone to one
compatible with HDMI.

Expect to pay between £5 and £25 for either a
SlimPort or MHL signal converter. That makes
things a little more expensive than using a tablet
with an HDMI port, but MHL in particular is
supported by a wide range of phone and tablet

MHL has undergone various versions: we’re
currently on version three, which improves the
maximum resolution to 4K - though costs slightly
more. This is the same as SlimPort, and means
both standards offer pretty similar technical specs.
One advantage that MHL has is support from
various TV manufacturers: look on the back of your
TV, and if the HDMI port has an MHL logo above it,
you can use an HDMI to micro-USB cable to
connect the two - the HDMI cable will pass power to
your tablet or phone, meaning no need for extra
adapters or cables. Bonus.

If your TV doesn’t support MHL, or you have a
SlimPort device, you’ll need an adapter.


users should expect to pay around £15, while MHL
users may spend slightly less. If you’re using MHL
it’s likely you’ll need an external power source:
MHL 3 can draw up to 10 watts from its host

With SlimPort no external power supply is needed
(it draws a small amount of power from your
device), making setup less cluttered. Both devices
need a tablet’s screen to be on, though, so breakout
boxes normally come with a microUSB port so a
charger can be connected.

Support for MHL and SlimPort varies enormously.
With three different versions of MHL available plus
SlimPort, you’ll need to check the specifications of
your device before buying an adaptor.

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Window 7,8 and 10 Screen Rotation Guide

Step By Step Tutorial To Rotate Window 7,8 and 10 Screen

There are a few different ways to rotate your
desktop on Windows 7, 8, and 10, from using the
built-in Display settings (this is what it's called
in Windows 10) to those provided by your graphics
card - or even a keyboard shortcut where

The first way you can try to rotate your laptop or
PC screen is with a keyboard shortcut. Whether this
work for you or not will depend on the hardware
and software on your PC. Some software, for
example Nvidia and AMD drivers, allow you to
create ‘Hotkeys’ to rotate the screen using a
shortcut such as Shift-Alt-Arrow keys.
However, the lack of a hotkey option could be
because you don’t have the software installed. For
example, Intel’s Graphics and Media Control Panel
needs to be installed if you have Intel graphics.

The other method requires you to delve into the
Control Panel to change orientation, which could be
a pain if you rotate your monitor from landscape to
portrait (and vice-versa) regularly.

Windows settings
The quickest way to rotate the screen in Windows
10 is to right-click on the desktop and choose
Display settings. You can switch between portrait
and landscape in the Orientation drop-down menu -
it couldn't be simpler.

In Windows 7 or 8, right-click on the desktop and
choose Screen resolution.

You’ll see a graphic showing how Windows thinks
your monitors are arranged, but you can click on a
display to select it, and then drag it to the
appropriate position. If you’re not sure which is
which, click the Identify button and giant numbers
will clear things up.

Intel graphics
On a laptop or PC equipped with an Intel graphics
chip, rotating the screen (or the external monitor
attached via HDMI) is as simple as choosing the
orientation you want from the drop-down menu.
Right-click on the desktop and look for a 'graphics
options' entry.

Nvidia graphics
If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you’ll see an
option to launch the Nvidia Control Panel when you
right-click on the desktop, so choose this instead of
Screen resolution.

In the left-hand menu, choose Rotate display. If you
see a message saying you can’t rotate the display
with Stereoscopic 3D enabled, click the link and
untick ‘Enable Stereoscopic 3D’. Then you will see
the options for rotating the display back in the
Rotate display section.

On our test machine, 3D was enabled despite us
not having a 3D monitor connected.
AMD graphics
If you have an AMD graphics card, click on Catalyst
Control Centre when you right-click on the desktop.
Then, look for the rotation option, which may be
under different headings depending on how old or
new your Catalyst Control Centre version is. On
newer versions it’s under Common Display Tasks.

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Monday, 18 September 2017

UNN Announce Date For JUPEB Entrance Examination 2017
University Of Nigeria Nsukka 
The Management of JUPEB, University of Nigeria, Nsukka,
has approved and scheduled the conduct of 2017/18
entrance examination for the new candidates as follows:

Date: Friday, 29th September, 2017
Venue: GS Building-Theatres A & B (Sciences); Faculty of
the Social Sciences Theatre (Arts and Social Sciences);

Political Science Department (Management Sciences)
Time: 12 noon prompt

Candidates are hereby requested to be punctual and to
come along with their application printout and writing

Date/ Guidelines for the Screening of Results of Successful

Date: 9th -10th October, 2017
Venue: Ekpo Convocation Arena, Nsukka Campus
Time: 10am – 3pm

Candidates are hereby requested to be punctual and to
come along with the following items:

Application printout
Evidence of payment of acceptance fee Twenty thousand
naira (N20,000) only.

Originals and photocopies of credentials, including birth
certificate or sworn affidavit

Two passport photographs.

Thanks for your cooperation
Yours Sincerely,
Professor Aloysius-Michaels Okolie
Director, JUPEB

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ASUU Call Back Strike. Lectures To Resume With Immediate Effect
The Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities, ASUU,
has officially called-off its strike action.
According to report, ASUU is suspending the strike till the
end of October for government to fulfill their promise.

The suspension of the strike was announced after a meeting
with the government delegation Monday evening.

At the meeting, a memorandum of understanding was
signed with the federal government delegation led by the
Minister of Labour, Chris Ngige.

Consequently, the leadership of the union has called on
lecturers to resume duty as from tomorrow Tuesday 19th,

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The compatible

Episode 1
If there was any word more beautiful
than the word “GORGEOUS” I would be
using it to describe Oluchi. One of her
added beauty is her beautiful blue iris,
she has this straight face & spotless
skin a well structured nose (not pointed) and beautiful lips
dark brown skin.
Oluchi Marcus de Leonardo is the
daughter of Romero Marcus de
Leonardo a 55 years old billionaire who
you could mistake for a man in his 40s; he is young than his
age, he is the CEO
& founder of New Generation
Technology (NGT) the biggest
technology establishment in the world,
he is married to Late Grace Oluchi
Marcus de Leonardo and Oluchi happens to be the only
Romero is from Mexico and Grace is
from Nigeria (Imo state). Oluchi was
named after her mother
Oluchi was born in los-Angeles but later
moved to Washington at 10. She is also known as Mariana
and she is 29 years
old but unlike any other lady she is not
a fashion freak but she dresses like an
expert stylist. She was a student of
Harvard University America & graduate
with a G.P of 4.0, a first class degree in Applied Physics,
she became the first
female student to get that high. Now Oluchi is back to
Nigeria to run
daddy’s company from home. This is a
company that raises $100 billion
Romero hands over power to his
daughter but, she fears she might be unable to handle such
responsibility but her father
encourages her to do all she can and
that he will support her. Oluchi arrive Nigeria for the first
in her life, from the airport she went
straight to NGT with her Dad to address
the board of directors but was nervous
and she almost fainted when she saw
24 matured directors in the meeting, she was speechless
but Romero helped
her out
“(clears throat) you all have heard of
my daughter Oluchi Mariana Marcus de
Leonardo. She will be taking responsibilities here
in Nigeria. I believe she has the potentials of
doing so, I will be moving over to
America to support her and I believe
you all will work peacefully with her”
he addressed & they all applauded.
Jackson one of the board members had his eyes on Oluchi
throughout the
speech and Oluchi noticed it but didn’t
pay attention because people stare at
her everyday and its part of her life.
Oluchi is so beautiful that no man
passes without a second look, more interesting she’s got all
that it takes
from front to back to s£duce any man.
The newspaper has once carried that
she had butt in plant but she spoke
against it. Jackson was sure that God
used more than 2 days in creating Oluchi. “Mr. Jackson!
Mr. Jackson!!” Mr. Romero
shouted & called back his attention
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing sir”
“Alright that’ll be all” he said and
everyone dismissed “It feels good to be here” Oluchi said
“I knew you’d like it here” her father
Oluchi walked round the large office
smiling; 30 feet wide 70 feet long, the
main desk was close to the glass window and faced the
door; a very
large desk with special inbuilt laptop,
the table is structured to the ground
and made of marble, pearl and stone,
the top is made of bullet proof glass,
the laptop is not visible because it was structured to the
table and having the
same color as the dark glass, it can only
be accessed by the CEO. From the CEO’s
table to the right is a set of sofas
arranged with a centered glass table
forming a sitting room, at the back left of the CEO’s tables is
a big shelve full of
books and to the left is the table for the
board meeting; a table with 12 chairs
on left and right and the boss’s chair
making 25, a flat screened internet T.V
and computer at the end of the table on the wall. Four
different landlines on the
CEO’s desk, with books and documents
arranged. Oluchi has never seen an office so big
and beautiful, as she walked around a
lady walked into the office in a bright
pink tight gown, Oluchi turned to look
at her, the color of the dress caught
Oluchi’s eyes, it was a beautiful dress and so was the
woman in it, Oluchi like
her face; she was fair and really pretty.
She happens to be the most senior
secretary of the whole NGT Nigeria.
One of the most trusted personnel in
the company, Romero saw her as his own daughter too
“O dear Jane, this is Oluchi my
daughter; Oluchi this is Jane our senior
and beautiful secretary” Oluchi was
admiring Jane’s beauty and her dress
and Jane was doing the same; they both stared at each
“My God, Where on earth did Mr.
Romero get such a beautiful daughter”
Jane was thinking
“My goodness, she’s pretty and she
looks disciplined” Oluchi thought “Hey, girls what is going
on? Do you
know yourselves?” he asked
“No no no” Jane said quickly and
stretched her hand to shake Oluchi and
she received it with a smile
“Jane here will show you a lot in the company, and you’ll
enjoy her
company?” he said smiling
Oluchi still felt like a visitor because she
had spent her childhood abroad.
Mr. Romero took his daughter home to
introduce her to those waiting for her at home. “Sweetie,
your house here is beautiful,
you’ll love it. Wait till you see your
bedroom, it’s unbelievable” he said as
they sat at the back of a black Hummer
with escorts following front and back. “Dad, stop you are
making me nervous”
she said smiling in a sad face and he
laughed. They arrived in 15mins; the car drove
deep into the compound and stopped in
front of the maison
“No take us to the back, the direct
entrance into the master’s room”
Romero said and the driver moved. The car moved towards
the left of the
maison and turned right, going to the
back but stopped at the end of the
building, the maison seemed very
lengthy on the sides.
They stepped out of the car; Oluchi was impressed with
what she saw, the
beauty of the whole place was breath
“Let’s go up” he said
She saw Chefs; male and female lined
up before her, Cleaners, Gardeners and security men too.
Body guards filled the place as they
kept patrolling the environment
“These are your workers but don’t
worry Red will introduce you to all” he
said and they moved towards a set of
stairs leading up into a balcony. It was very beautiful with
flowers arranged in
vases on the ground it was as wide as
a sitting room, it had chairs arranged
like a restaurant and sofas resting on
the wall

Episode 2
“Sweetie come sit over here” he said
holding her on the shoulder and moved
her to the sofa and she sat down; two
guards were standing behind him, he
turned to them
“Please call me Red” he said and they left
Oluchi was wondering what kind of
name that was
“Red? What about Blue?” she thought to
herself smiling
“Why are you smiling?” “Nothing” she said as the smile
disappeared. She brought out her phone
to keep herself busy. “Welcome sir” Red said
“O Red (he smiled) how are you” he
said hugging him
“Fine sir” he replied
“This is my daughter Oluchi” Romero
said smiling. Red turned to look at her and she also turned
to look at him, they
both froze at the sight of each other
“Lord have mercy, what is this? My God
this is beauty, I bet” Red thought to
“I can’t believe this. I have seen this guy in my sleep so
many times or is this
another dream” she thought to herself.
Red was a handsome guy in his 30s.
She stood up and walked to him to
shake him
“Nice to see you” she said “Same here and at your service”
he said
“Red will show you around later, he is
like a son to me I assure you can trust
him for protection, he will your
personal guide but now we all need to
rest and tomorrow I have business to attend to in America”
“Come on dad. I just came here and you
wanna just leave me and go away. Dad
no, stay with me” she said in a sad face
“Ok my love, I’ll stay for a week” he
said “O that’s better” she said and hugged
him. He stayed for a week before
A week after Mr. Romero left Oluchi
wakes up one morning with a
headache and a back pain, she couldn’t get up from bed,
she was so weak and
in pain and she had an important
meeting to attend to but, she couldn’t.
She tried to call out but couldn’t, she
didn’t understand what was going on
in her body, yesterday she was fine and went to bed happy
and now
waking up in pains. She reached for her
bed side phone “Hello, please get me water” she said in
“Yes ma” a voice said from the phone.
In 60secs someone came up to her
room with water. It was Bola, she
carried a jug full of water and a glass cup in a tray but, as
she saw Oluchi’s
condition she panicked
“My God, ma what’s the problem?” she
said helping her up
“I don’t know, I just feel terrible” she
said in pain “You need to see a doctor” Bola said
“No, please get Red here”
“Ok ma” she said and ran out to call
Red; 2mins later Red came in
“Madam what’s wrong” he asked
“I don’t know I feel pains in my head and back”
“Ok nothing to worry about. Bola gets
me a hand towel, a bowl of warm
water and Robb” he said and she felt to
bring it
“What’s that for?” she asked “A massage but I will have to
take you
outside” he said
“Ok no problem” she said. He carried
her in his arms to the balcony and
dropped her on the sofa
“You will have to lay on your stomach and huumm takeoff
your top” he
“Alright” she said and did it and la!d on
her stomach, she was left with her bra
and her jean shorts. Bola came up with
the items “Ya, thank you” he said and collected
them from her
“O I forgot please get a bigger towel
too” he said to her
“Ok sir” she said and ran off
“Just relax and let me do the massage” he said
“Ok” she said smiling. He touched her
body and he felt the shake in her body,
her body was soft and smooth
“Where do you feel pain” he asked
“I can’t say for sure” “Alright then” he dipped the towel in
the warm water. Bola came back with
the towel
“Here sir” she said
“Thank you. You can go” he said and
she left. He sq££zed out the water in the towel then placed
it on her back
“I’ll allow your body absorbs the heat
from the towel” he did this three times
then he took it off. He applied the Robb
on his palms and robbed it on her back
gently massaging it. It felt so smooth in his arms, her skin
was a delight, it felt
so soft and smooth. He smiled as he
imagined her in his arms, wishing he
could kiss that beautiful skin. Oluchi
loved each touch on her body, his hands
felt so good on her body she wished he could go further
down and all over her
body. They both thought about being in
each other’s arms. He did this for 5mins
then stopped
“Ooo, come on why’d you stop? I loved
that” she said smiling “Am done” he said
“Waw, I feel good. The pain is gone
except for my head” she said
“Alright lie on your back” he said and
she did. He took the bigger towel and
covered her breasts, he then soaked the other towel in water
and sq££zed out
the water he then folded it and placed
it on her head. “Thank you”
“You’re welcome” he replied
“How did you do it?” she asked
“Well, I know a little about massage”
he said, Oluchi remembered something
important “O my God, I have a very important
meeting today” she said
“Meeting? You are too weak and if you
go out the pains will resume even more
painful” he said
“What do I do?” she asked “Don’t worry about it, I’ll be at
office and the board will handle it”
“Really? Thank you Red. You are the
best” she said smiling holding his hand. Red went over to
the office later and
helped out with the project but Oluchi
was unaware that he addressed the
meeting and project perfectly. She
thought it was the board. Oluchi and
Red are coming real close. Oluchi has learnt to spend time
with Red, and
even the aides in the house could see
this and know that something is up. “Boss, Miss Oluchi was
here looking for
you” Tom said; Tom is one of the senior
body guards
“You mean she came to our quarters?”
Red asked
“Yes she did, she told me you should come see her”
“Ok” he said and was about to leave
but tom called him
“Boss, I think that lady is in love with
you” he said smiling
“Don’t say what you don’t know, Tom” “(smiles) Look man
don’t deny it you
love her too” he said smiling
“Shut up” Red said laughing as he
walked away
He went up to meet her; she was sitted
in the balcony with her phone “Hello Madam” he said
“Hey Red, come sit here” she said
tapping the space beside her. He sat
“I’ll be having a conference in south
Africa tomorrow and I want you to come with me”
“Of course I will be there to protect
“Come on please not as a body guard
but as a friend” she said smiling
“Ok, all the same” he replied “No not the same, you wouldn’t
be my
guard but best friend”
“Ok, I’ll be your friend”. After 3 months, Oluchi was familiar
with the home and company, and her
feeling towards Red has increased.
Since her dad left Red has made her
feel so comfortable, he showed her
around, took her to the field to play football and has taken
her where ever
she wanted. Her feeling for him has
grown but she wasn’t sure of dating
him since he’s her father’s guard or so
she thought
A beautiful morning it is, Oluchi is smiling as she sleeps &
roll on her
gigantic bed, a big bed enough to take
6 personnel. Rolling from side to side
she enjoyed the softness of the bed
sheet’s friction on her thigh which
made her sleep more, she opens her eyes to look at the
time but she ignored
it since she was the boss but, the alarm
clock disagreed; it rang so loud that she
had to shut her ears, she jumped up &
stopped it
After taking her bath, she dressed in a red gown that
revealed her shapes &
her cleavage slightly. She picked up the phone by her bed &
called the kitchen & asked for a cup of
coffee; it arrived in 3 minutes. The
house belonged to her father; it’s a
really big maison, it was so big that if
she had thieves living with her she wouldn’t notice it. Her
master bedroom can take 10 cars
the bed is built on a higher floor 5 steps
from the normal ground, which made it
look like a throne room, a beautiful
sitting room just ahead of the bed, a
large flat TV on the wall & a ps4 (she loves games), four
different doors in
the bedroom, one leads to the largest
bathroom you can ever imagine, a
bathroom with more than 6 bath tubes
built to the floor & of different shapes &
toilet with transparent glass doors arranged in rows, with
red tiles on the
floor & wall of the bath tubes; there is a
particular level of water that never
dries on the floor, up to the ankle, its
colorless & neat. Another door leads to the inside house,
this is a house worth over 2 billion
dollars with over 90 rooms, 10 sitting
rooms & 1 cinema, game room, library
Outside the house are beautiful gardens with an express
lane leading to the
main gate, a football field, a helicopter
landing pad at the back over 20
bungalows for all the guards & cooks
Another door leads to the library, and
the last door leads to the balcony which is wide and big as a
sitting room with
different chairs & table arranged like a
restaurant with a wall TV.
She walked into the balcony and the
wind blew into her and she took a deep
breath and exhaled. She wondered why her father left her
such a big maison
“Ma, what car would you like to go out
with” she turned to see Red, the leader
of the military guard, he was good
looking & was not smiling & looked like
he would kill anyone “I don’t know they are so many. Help
me chose” she said smiling; he smiled
“Ok take the new SUV” he said
“O thank you” she smiled that was the
car in mind “Your pilot will be out in 60 seconds” he
said with a smile & left but she called
him back
“Red please I need you to show me
around Lagos”
“No problem” he said smiling. He stood there staring at her
and smiling
She thought to herself why he was
“What!” she said in a weak tone like
she was expecting him to say
something; he was silent for some seconds then said
“you are beautiful, ma” he said smiling;
she smiled like a shy little girl
“we’re to go” he said
“Okay thank you” she said & walked down the stairs at the
right side of the
balcony. She arrived at the door of the
car, one of the guards opened the door
& she went in, two cars followed right
behind her & two in front
Oluchi looked from left to right at the people on the road. It
was a 15 min
drive from home to work; she got there
by 10:30 Am
She entered the main building; the
reception is a very large hall with a
very beautiful tiled floor with mirrored tiled & the name of
NGT was written
boldly on the floor. People of different
sizes, shapes, country & races moved
around at random. She stopped at the
door to look around for 10 seconds with
Red & the other guards behind, and then she moved
towards the elevator. Each step she took blew them away,
she could hear a lot of greetings from
left to right, she smiled at them; some
stared at her ended up bumping into
other persons; she just held herself
from laughing; she walked straight down & went down a 5
step stairs &
turned right to the elevator.
Immediately she entered her office,
she felt at home, she sat on the chair
comfortably, turned it 360 and
immediately caught Red staring at her & standing in front of
her table. She
“What” she said
“Do you need anything?” he asked
“No thank you” she said; she watched
as he walked out. She picked up one of the phone & called

Episode 3
Her iphone rang, it was Sylvester
calling, a friend of the family, a young
rich guy. She felt reluctant to pick the call but did
“Hello, Sylvester” she said
“Hello Love”
“Who’s love?”
“Come on sweetie”
“Look Sylvester, I’m not in the mood” “I wanna take you
“Am not interested” she said
“Look I don’t wanna be one of your
mistresses; I want a life of my own,
ok?” “I can give you a life” he said
“Excuse me? I have a life better than
yours and besides you are not the guy I
want” she said
“What the hell does that mean?”
“It meant what you heard” “F**K you” he yelled
Oluchi hanged up on him, she never
liked him, and he was a pest to her
Jane came into the office
“Good morning, Ma”
“Good morning miss Jane. What do you have for me?” she
asked; Jane went
back to her office & came back with
heaps of documents
“O come on Jane, I don’t wanna die on
paper” she said; Jane smiled
“Don’t worry all you need to do is skim through then sign”
Jane replied
“Thank God”
“We have a meeting with Panasonic &
Samsung by 2pm” Jane said
“Alright then call me the senior
director, we need to have a meeting” Oluchi said without
looking up The day was perfect for Oluchi, she
arrived home by 6:40pm totally
exhausted she rushed into the shower
after that she relaxed in one of the bath
tub in warm water her beautiful body
shone in the she didn’t know when she slept off in the
water. When she
opened her eyes & saw the clock, she
discovered she had been in the water
for 2 hours; she jumped out of the
water & picked her towel on the wall,
turned off the T.V in the bathroom & went out. She cleaned
herself up & put
on her royal blue night gown, it
revealed her beautiful thighs. She saw 7 missed calls in her
from Sylvester; she also got 2 emails
from the office. She called for her
dinner and went to bed by 10:30pm
after watching a movie.
After 2 weeks Oluchi decided to visit Lagos just to see other
places in town.
A new day begins again, Oluchi just
finished taking her bath, and she was
sitted in front of her bed side mirror
with her towel wrapped over her
b0s0m while she combed her hair, she had this long dark
beautiful hair; from
her childhood her mother has refused to
cut her hair and she grew up having a
very long hair growing down back but
she cut the hair to her shoulder level
before coming to Nigeria. She dressed up in a white
leggings and
white blouse which held her body, she
applied a red lips stick and was on a
beautiful black sandals, she picked up
one of her private car keys in her
bedroom and went into the balcony, just then Red came up
“Good morning, Ma”
“Good morning, Red” she replied
“We are ready” he said
“ready for what” she asked, he was a little confused with the
“for work”
“I’m not going to work today, I’ll need
to take a look around town”
“Ok then I’ll inform the boys. We’re
going with you” “No way”
“its for your own good”
“Am not interested” she said, Red didn’t
“okay ma” he said and was leaving
“Wait” she called him back. He paused then turned
“I want you to come with me” she said,
he was silent
“Ok?” he said slowly
“what’s that look on your face” she
asked him “Nothing”
“Ok let’s go” she said, but he was just
“is something wrong?” she asked
“No, nothing” he said
“Red? Talk to me” “well, I cant look at you for too long”
“And why is that?”
“Am sorry but you beauty is a total
distraction to me” he said, those words
travelled deep into our mind. She was
short of words and it looked awkward “Ok, lets go” she
managed to say as
that was all she could say, she moved
out and he followed
“Move the cars, she ain’t going to work”
Red said loudly
She walked into the underground car park and saw so many
cars, she
couldn’t identify the car she wanted
but she pressed a button on the car key
and an Audi answered. The car was
unique, it is known as the camouflage,
it appeared in different colours at different weathers. When
it rains it is
Black, when its sunny it is Red, on an
average weather its blue and at night
its mirrored which makes it invisible.
It’s worth over 10million dollars
“I’ll drive you” he said “No you wouldn’t, go sit your
on the driver’s seat” she said and
walked to the driver’s seat
“Ok, madam” he said; Oluchi was
getting tired of the “Madam” thing
They both left the house and went into Lagos mainland
“red, where do we go”
“madam I think…. Stop” Oluchi
“Stop calling me madam”
“Ma am sorry I cant” “Really? We have been friends for
time now and would feel better if you
called me Oluchi” she said
“it’s my duty to protect you, I cant”
“Come on, what has protection got to
do with this, just call me Oluchi” “Ok, I will” he said
“What is your name?”
“Are you serious? I mean your real
“Danny” “Danny or Daniel”
“No Danny”
“Ok Danny am Oluchi” she said smiling,
he didn’t know what to say
“Well, I know that” he said
“You are suppose to say, Nice to meet you”
“Ok nice to meet you” he said and she
smiled. She drove and stopped at an eatery
“let’s go in” she said
“No madam. Sorry Oluchi I don’t think
we should”
“Don’t think, just do it” she said and came out of the car, he
hesitated and
then later followed her
The security man at the entrance froze
at the site of Oluchi, am very sure in his
life he has never seen anyone so
beautiful, he forgot his duty; Red knew his state of mind and
went forward to
open the door for her
“Thank you” she said smiling
The restaurant was very large and
lively, as they walked people stared at
them and even after they did, they were still staring
“I’ll go get you something” he said and
was about to leave
“Wait, they’ll come around” she said
“No, in here you go make your order
yourself over there” he said pointing; she didn’t really like
that. He went over
to get something, just then a young
man walked to Oluchi
“Excuse me” he said smiling
“yes?” she said pressing her phone
without looking at him “may I sit?” he said, she then raised
head to look at him. A young handsome
man was standing right in front of her
as handsome as Danny himself or
slightly less
“Yes you may” she replied and he sat “Am d!ckson” he
stretched his hand
“Am Oluchi” she received it
‘I must comment, you are clearly the
most human I have ever seen”
“Thank you”
“you look familiar” he said “Well, you don’t”
“From your accent I guess you are not
from here” he said
“Yes and No” she said
“Meaning?’ he asked
“I was born and brought up in America but my mum is a
Nigerian” she said
“Interesting, and Dad?”
“from Mexico” she said
“So what brings you to Nigeria” he
asked, she was worried what’s
keeping Danny “Am here for business”
“what kind of business” he asked; she
was getting uncomfortable with
“My father’s business”
“What kind of business does father do?” he asked
“And why are you so concerned about
her father’s Business” Danny said with
two trays in his hands as he dropped it
on the table
“This is for you” he said to her “Thank you”
“O my God, am so sorry, I didn’t know
you are here with your boyfriend” d!
ckson said and Oluchi smiled
“Am her personal Guide” he said to d!
ckson, Oluchi was not happy with that and she gave him
that “Really?” look
but he ignored it
“Actually, he’s my friend. Best” she
“Ok am sorry for the question but I
need a Job” he said “So is that why you are here?” she
“No No, that’s not why am here” he
“then tell me why” she said
“I would fancy a friendship with you and get closer to you”
he said
“well, d!ckson ain’t you close enough?”
she asked. d!ckson laughed, just then
her phone rang, it was Sylvester, she
got angry but didn’t show it
“Danny let’s go” she said standing up “Did I say anything
wrong?” d!ckson
looked surprised
“no, you didn’t, We just have to go”
“What about the food?” Danny asked
“Forget it” she said
“Forget it? The plates are disposable lets go with it” he said
“Alright then” she said
“can I have your number” d!ckson said
“I don’t give out my number like that”
“At least something to keep in touch”
he said “Ok, here is Card” she gave him a card,
he collected while looking at her face.
She and Danny left. d!ckson looked at
the card and was surprised at how
beautiful the card was and when he
read it he was even more surprised that he had been talking
to the Oluchi
Marcus de Leonardo who is the
daughter of Mr. Romero, the man he
and his gang robbed and most of his
men died and almost lost his life too,
after been shot by Danny; he now remembered Danny’s face
well enough
but Danny didn’t know him because he
was masked; he looked at the card
again he wondered what they were
doing around here with no Guards.

Episode 4
He looked at the card again, he couldn’t
tell if it was plastic or glass, the lower
right end holds her signature, it had
golden edges, a white surface but the
back was black and at the back was a
spot with a small circuit like an ATM card. He began nursing
the idea of revenge
on her father for killing his friends…. Oluchi drove into one of
the rough parts
of Lagos; the sun was slightly itchy and
the roads were littered with nylons,
papers and plastics
“Where are we?” she asked Danny
“You are the driver I should be asking you” he said
“Are you serious?”
“Well, thanks to you we are in Mushin,
one of the most notorious places in
“Really?” she said “yes”
“Did you get a Fanta” she asked
“No I got Fayrouz and coca cola’ he said
“o come on, I want Fanta”
“Ok, I’ll get you Fanta just stop at the
store over there” he said. She stopped the car.
“I’ll be back but don’t come out of the
car” he said
“What are you my daddy?”
“Just stay here” he said and went out.
People had already gathered around, which was the usual
thing in lagos
when they see interesting things.
Danny was surprised why they
gathered but he noticed that they were
looking at him and the car. He was well
dressed and the car was amazing some people took out
their phones. He
walked to a store
“good day, sir” a salesgirl said
“Good day, I need a bottle of Fanta” he
“Bottle or plastic” “plastic thank you” he said smiling
As he left, Oluchi came out of the car,
now at the sight of her all the people
started mumbling words loudly
“Jesus Christ, see babe” someone said
“O boy this one pass beautiful” another said
“Guy I no go chop this night” “I swear, this one don full
everyone was saying things, she
looked around and saw some with
their phones up, it seemed they were
recording As she looked around, somebody came
behind her and grabbed her butt0ckz,
she turned in shock.
“Chai baby your ynash too big, I no fit
even hol am finish” a dark guy said, he
had rough beards and a skinned head (gorimapa) and he
smelled like
cigarette and alcohol
Oluchi gave him a very dirty slap and
the crowd shouted
“See slap” somebody shouted Danny immediately turned
and saw the
guy standing in front of her, he started
walking back to them.
“You slap me because I touch your
ynash” he said trying to hold it again
but she hit his hand away. He gave her a dirty slap; Danny
was angry at the
sight of that; the guy was laughing but
the laughter was cut short by a punch
that landed on his left ear and he fell
down, one of his boys who was there
yelled “Haaaa, who be this one” he said and
immediately ran to look for a bottle,
another picked up a stick and
attempted to hit it on Danny’s head but
he collected it and broke it on the guy’s
head and he fainted, the other ran back with a bottle and
was about to hit
Danny but he held the guy’s hand then
hit the guy’s eye with his head and
collected the bottle and broke it on his
head and stabbed him on the neck and
he fell bleeding seriously. Danny turned and saw the guy
who slapped Oluchi
running away, he brought out a gun
from his suit and shot the guy’s right
leg and he shouted in pain as he fell,
they crowds scattered at the sound of
the gun shot but they gathered again to see what Danny
was up to and no one
attempted to go help him after what
Danny did to the others. Danny walked
to Oluchi
“I thought I told you to stay in the car
now see what that guy did” he said angrily as she had tears
coming from
her eyes. Danny walked up to the guy
and pulled his left leg dragging him on
the dirty ground, he pulled him towards
Oluchi and pulled the guy up and knelt
him down before Oluchi and said “Slap him” he said but
Oluchi hesitated
“Slap him!!” he yelled and she was
startled, out of fear and confusion she
slapped him
“Slap him again!!” he said loudly and
she did “Again!! Again and Again” he said and
she continued slapping but she stopped
“Why did you stop” Danny yelled
Danny was not satisfied so he
continued slapping him. Oluchi was
crying “It’s ok, please stop” she said but it fell
on deaf ears. The slaps became punches
that landed brutally on the guy’s face
and he was seriously bleeding but he
didn’t stop, he dragged the guy close to
the gutter and picked up an iron rod and started hitting him
all over his
body; the guy was seriously shouting
and begging but he didn’t stop. Oluchi
ran to him
“Please stop” she said pulling him back
and he stopped and threw the rod at the guy and walked
away, at this point
the crowd had multiplied even more,
the guy was half way from the dead.
Some people had their hands on their
heads, some were taking a video.

Episode 5
Danny went back to meet the guy but
Oluchi quickly followed him thinking he
was going to continue “If I ever see you, I will do this to you
again and again” he said and walked
away holding Oluchi.
“I’ll drive” he said and she didn’t argue
Danny drove out of the environment
and headed back to the house, after some time he stopped
the car “Am sorry about what he did to you, it
was my fault. I shouldn’t have left you
“It’s not your fault, I should have
listened to you” she said lowering her
head, Red was silent for some seconds “I couldn’t stand
back after seeing
what he did” he said
“I know but you almost killed him”
“I planned on beating him to death” he
said and she turned to look at him with
surprise “What?” she said
“I wouldn’t allow certain person come
to you talk less of slapping you. I’ll kill”
he said and she was silent
“I saw you in tears for that I needed to
repay him” Red said “But he started crying” she said
“Crying wasn’t enough, I wanted to
shed his blood for making you shed
tears” Oluchi was silent, she knew he
wasn’t protecting her because it’s his
job but because he was in love with her
“I appreciate everything Danny but I
don’t want you to kill. I really like you,
you have been my best friend since I
arrived Nigeria” Danny was silent for
some time; he then started the car drove off… The next day
she got up early and
dressed for work, the morning was cold
so she put on a white turtle neck
sweater and black jeans. She left the
house and went to the office with Red
and co. She picked up her office phone and
called Jane
“Jane, what do we have today?”
“Madam, we have expertise coming
from Jax technology and Microsoft who
have received and accepted your proposal”
“O thank God, spread the word to the
others. And what time will they be here?”
“Ok thank you” Jane was about to
leave the office
“Jane wait, please send a message to
our robot engineers reminding them of the experiment by
10:00am today, and
additionally Google android engineers
will be present in the program, so we
need to prepare but am sure they
wouldn’t disappoint” Oluchi said
“You can count on that madam and there is someone here
to see you” Jane
“Ok, send the person up”
It was d!ckson, as he came into the
office the sight of Oluchi made all his
senses go the four wings of the earth (East, west, north and
South), he took a
deep breath then returned to himself. Oluchi was writing a
“I can’t believe I received such an
executive hospitality” he said walking
towards her, she raised her head to
look at him
“So it’s you” she said and continued writing
“You look beautiful” he said smiling
“The card I gave you gives you an
express entry to the Ceo’s office and
expires after you leave this office” she
said ignoring his last statement, he was silent and his
silence got her attention;
she paused to look at him
“You said you needed a job”
“O Yes I do” he said bringing out his
papers and gave it to her
She was impressed with the results on his paper
“Waw, this is impressive” she said
smiling. Oluchi liked him, there was no vacancy
at the moment but she was willing to
create one for him, even without an
“you have the job” she said
“Just like that?” he was surprised “Yeah” she smiled
“Waw, thank you so much’ he said
happily. She called Jane into her Office and did a
little paper works and asked her to fix
him in the Physics lab department. d!
ckson was excited and knew this was
the beginning of his plans. … At dusk, a lot of people are
moving around the premises inside and
outside, some coming in for night duty
and some going home. Oluchi came out
of the main building and saw d!ckson
waiting and smiling “What are you smiling at?” she asked
as she came down the stairs outside
the building with Red and some guards
“I felt you were still inside so I decided
to wait” “Wait, why?”
“We have an unfinished conversation”
“Come on let me drop you off” she said
Red was not happy, she didn’t notice
Another guard Sean opened the door for them
“Hey Danny where are you going join
us” she said
“No thanks I’ll be in front”
She wondered what’s wrong with him
but forgot about him and went in with d!ckson
“How was working in the company
like” she asked him
“It was awesome”
“Really, or you’re saying that to impress
me” she said suspiciously “No of cause not”
“Don’t worry soon you’ll get bored” she
“Bored? That’s not possible as long as
you are there”
“Hmmm” “You know you didn’t give me your
“Ok” she said and gave it to him
“I’ll call you tonight”
“I don’t pick later night calls so you
better call from 7:00pm to 9:00” “a lady with rules. I like
that” he said
She was falling for him
“Drop me here” he said
“Is this where you live?”
“No I wanna pick up some things” he said
“Alright, stop the car” she said and the
car parked
“See you tomorrow” he said
“Yeah bye” she replied
As he stepped out he saw Tom who opened the door for
him, he smiled at
him but Tom didn’t smile back, he just
close the door and went back into the
car. Oluchi was happy and just smiling. They
arrived home she remembered Red and
decided to talk to him
“Danny, I…. I sorry I just wanna ask you
about d!ckson” she said in a low tone
with guilt on her face. He turned to look at her
“Why do you have such guilt on your
face? Well, I don’t know life is about
choices” he said and was about to
“Wait” you are the only one I can ask” she said
“Ok, d!ckson is a guy you just met and
don’t know anything about him, it
would be too early to jump in a
“How did you know I am going to that?”
“I see you better than anyone Oluchi”
he said and looked at her for about
5secs then walked away. She still loves
Danny but d!ckson is coming up in
mind; she thinks maybe she should give him a chance.
d!ckson called as promised, they had a
long chat and he asked her out and she
accepted his proposal… d!ckson took
her on a special date 2days later where
he changed things in her life.

Episode 6
They sat in the restaurant eating but
Oluchi was not eating and d!ckson
knew why
“Dear you are not eating” he said
“No I am” she tried to pretend, d!ckson
knew her mind “You love him” he said, she raised her
“No I don’t, how can you say that?” she
replied “Come on its obvious” he said and she
was silent
“Look I understand but I love you even
more. That is your body guard and how
on earth do you want people to address
you if you date him, it will ruin your entire reputation and the
And besides that you don’t know if he
is putting up such attitude for the sake
of your money” he said and she was
“I thought about all these but” she said ‘But what? Look you
have to be able to
read between the lines, he doesn’t
even like me around you which mean
he has other plans” d!ckson had gotten
into Oluchi’s head
“Really?” she said “Yes, and from today keep an eye on
him you don’t know what he’s capable
of” he said and she nodded. They went
on with their dinner and the night was
far spent before they left… Everything was going fine, d!
ckson and
Oluchi have been dating for 8months
now but over these months the
company has lost a lot of money
because of d!ckson who has been up to
no good, she had even promoted him to a senior staff in the
company, the most
annoying is that Oluchi has refuse to
listen to anyone even her personal
secretary Jane, she only listens to d!
“Whatever money lost can be regained in excess” that’s
what she keeps saying Danny has tried but she shunned
she doesn’t even go out with him again
she believes she no longer loves him,
she has even threatened to fire him if
he speaks about her boyfriend. Red is
trying his best not to show how hurt he felt, he wondered
why ro how he fell
for her, he tried taking her off his mind
but it proved negative.
d!ckson has even started giving
instructions to the guards including Red;
Oluchi seemed to have forgotten about Red and how willing
he was to give his
life; he had once saved her life when
they were attacked on 3rd mainland
bridge where he saved her life for the
life of his men and he got shot twice on
the back while trying to protect her as they escaped. d!
ckson’s influence in her life has
affected the company really bad and
she still believes he’s the only one to
trust.. Oluchi and d!ckson were in a romantic
position when Danny showed up and
they didn’t notice, Red felt like shoving
a machete into d!ckson’s head but he
thought again “What’s my business”
“Excuse me” he said and they were still kissing
“Madam” he said loudly
“What is it?” she said angrily looking at
“Sorry to disturb your romance but
Lamnalco project has arrived here” “Take it to the office I’ll
“Excuse me? They need it today”
“I said I can’t are you deaf, if they can’t
wait they should get lost”
“Madam” “She said you should go with it, simple.
Are you deaf?” d!ckson said; Danny
knew if he touched d!ckson he would
kill him but he held himself
“Ok, just sign it and allow me handle
the project” Danny said; Oluchi and d! ckson paused to look
at each other and
then busted into laughter
“You?” she said mockingly
“You are just a guard what could you
possible know about projects” she said
laughing with d!ckson “You alone know how to protect and
die’ d!ckson said
“I wouldn’t take that from you” Danny
said pointing at him
“Look, drop it there and go’ she said
still laughing; he dropped it and left angrily
The company in Nigeria was falling and
it seemed Mr. Romero was not noticing
this from there. Oluchi was not doing

Episode 7
Daniel sat close to Jane’s office the
senior secretary and from the
transparent glass Jane could see Danny.
She walked up to him and sat beside
“Hello red” she said smiling “Hey Jane, how are you doing?”
“Am fine, how the day is going?” she
“Going the right way”
“You don’t look happy”
“Me? Am fine” he said
“No come on talk to me” “Am fine thanks for your concern”
said smiling, Jane smiled
“I don’t like that guy too and I know
you love her” she said and he wanted
to speak
“Don’t deny it” Jane said “ok, you are right but it’s useless.
get over it”
“No you won’t” she said
“How do you mean”
“You can never get over true love”
“I guess you are right but I have an idea”
“And what’s that?”
“Can you do it?” he asked because he
was not sure she’d agree
“If I can”
“Ok, I want you to pretend being my girlfriend so she can
see” he said and
she was silent for some time
“What?” she said
“Sorry forget it” he quickly said
“Don’t worry I’ll do it” she said smiling
“You will do what?” Oluchi’s voice changed their mood
“What are you doing? Wooing my staff”
she said
“Actually we have a relationship” Red
said, those words sank deep into
Oluchi’s heart “Relationship?” She almost shouted and
the jealous look on her face was very
obvious, then she tried hiding it
“We…Well that’s not my business. And
why the hell would you bring your love
affair to the office” “Its break ok? And besides we were
not kissing like you do in the office
with d!ckson” Red said and Oluchi was
so angry and jealous she thought to
herself “Danny is in love with her” “Hey Red watch what you
say to me, I
am your boss, if you say such again
you’ll loose your job. You are here for something different
and not to date my staffs and I
wouldn’t tolerate you dating my staffs”
she said
“Excuse me is there any law against
that?” he asked and she was silent and embarrassed
“You don’t have to be jealous” Danny
said and got up, pecked Jane and
walked away. Oluchi was so angry and
was full of jealousy…

Episode 8
Oluchi got home and was think about
what Red said about Jane, she
remembered d!ckson she was getting
confused with it all. d!ckson was not
even in the office today, he always
went on unnecessary breaks and Oluchi was allowing this
and unknown to her
that under her nose d!ckson had
another girlfriend and he was gradually
draining the company’s wealth
“Can I talk to you” Red’s voice brought
her back, she dropped the glass of water she was holding
“What do you wanna say?” she said
without looking at him
“For the past nine months your attitude
towards your father’s business has
changed, your attitude to your staffs has changed and your
attitude towards
me has changed. You no long care
about the business all you do is go out
with d!ckson who has nothing good to
offer… will you shut up” she cut him
“Who are you to talk to me about the company’s business
what do you
know? Who are you to talk to me about
love? Who the hell proposes love to his
boss? I think you are mad” she said
angrily, he just stared at her
“I will fire you the next time you say such” she said angrily
and sat down, he
looked at her for like 10secs then said
“No you are not Oluchi. Yes I knew it.
You are not her I will never talk to you
about this again until Oluchi is back” he
said and walked out, she turned to look at him and he
seemed so serious.. An hour later d!ckson came by the
house and they both went out and
return by 7:00pm
“Am tired, I wanna take a shower,
wanna join me” she asked
“I’ll join you later” he said and she left for the bathroom. d!
ckson quickly
picked up his phone and called
“hello love, how are you?”
“Am good”
“I already have her pinned down all I need to do is get those
files into the
hands of that stupid guy Red”
“Call him and send him to the office to
get the files then you tell Oluchi he is a
criminal who wants to destroy the
company then you go with the police to the company and
arrest him” a voice
said “That’s good. I love you baby” he said
and hanged up
He sent for Red who came by later
“You called me” he said
“Yes Oluchi wants you to go get the
documents concerning the latest development with iphone
and android
and also the account details of the
“but she never brings them home”
“What do you know about business?
Just do it” he said. Red looked at him “If not for Oluchi
whom you have
blinded I would have killed you and I
know your face looks familiar but I
cant place it and when I do you’ll be
dead” he said and left
“Idiot” d!ckson said after he left Oluchi came out of the
bathroom and d!
ckson approached her
“I told you that, that personal guard of
yours is a criminal”
“what has he done again?” “worse” he said and she turned
“What did he do?”
“I heard him talking downstairs to
someone on the phone about some
documents he’ll get at the office”
“What’s his business with my office?” she asked
“He must be the reason why the
company is falling, we have to go and
get him now before he makes away
with the files” he said, She quickly
dressed and they both left the house to the company and
called the police and
told them to meet her at the company…

Episode 9
Danny walked into the company, the
lights shone bright in the hall, he
entered the elevator and headed for
the 80th floor, he walked out of the
“Hey Red” Rose said, rose is a night staff
“hey Rose, long time how you doing?”
“Am good, what are you doing here?”
“I came to get some files for Oluchi”
“Alright then” she said and he went to
her office He turned on the lights and went to the
desk and searched
“Where the hell did she keep it?” he
said and searched for about 5 mins until
he found it under some mixed up files;
he took both files and left “Hey Rose see you later” he said
“Bye see you later” she said smiling
“He’s so handsome I wonder why he’s a
body guard” she thought to her self
As he approached the elevator it opened and he saw Oluchi
and d!ckson
with some police men
“What are you doing here? I found it
already” he said; Oluchi walked to him
and snatched the files from him and
opened it “So it’s true, you came here to steal our
company’s files” she said
“Excuse me?” he said and she
immediately slapped him, he was
“Aren’t you the one who… shut up” Oluchi interrupted him
“I told you” d!ckson said, Red now
understood that d!ckson set him up
“You are fired. Arrest him” Oluchi said
“is that a joke?” he said
“You are a criminal” she said and walked away
“Sir you are under arrest for the
stealing of company’s property” a
police man said, Red followed them
quietly; Rose just watched all the
drama quietly… The next day it was all over the news
“Miss Oluchi Marcus de Leonardo’s body
guard attempts stealing important
company documents worth billions of
dollars”- Daily Sun “Miss Marcus de leonardo’s Body guard
was arrested for stealing company
property”- Punch
For the next one week, it was news at
the company and red has been in police
cell for over a week. Oluchi had a meeting with the board of
directors and Mr. Mark one of the board
members raised the issue of Red in the
police cell
“Madam, the young man you arrested
has been in prison for over a week now”
“And so? What has that got to do with
“it has got everything to do with us”
Mr. Henry said angrily, he is the most
senior member of the board “Mr. Henry with all due respect
that has
nothing to do with you and besides he
must face the law for what he did”
“the man in question has been working
with your father before you came to
Nigeria he is the most trusted man I have ever known. You
just showed up
from nowhere and fired him, wait till
your father hears about this” Mr. henry
“Am sure my father would be please”
she replied Mr. Henry walked out with every other member
following. Mr.
Jackson stopped beside Oluchi and said
to her
“you have made a grave mistake and I
pray you can correct it in time” he said
and left… Oluchi and d!ckson were discussing and
laughing when Mr. Henry came in
“Oluchi the company is at its downfall
and all you can do is play with a man
who has nothing to offer” henry said
“What did I do?” d!ckson said “Mr. Henry with all due
respect I
wouldn’t take that from you anymore”
She said and Henry walked out

Episode 10
And even in prison Red was thinking
about what d!ckson would be doing
now just then a police man came to
“Hey you come” he said to Red and
opened the door for him to come out. He led him to the
DPO’s office where he
saw Mr. Henry, Mr. Mark and Jane. He was surprised to see
them there
“Hello Red” Henry said with a smile
“Sir Henry, Mark, Jane what are you
doing here?” he said looking surprised
“We’re here to free you” Jane said
“Ok you can take him, he’s free” the DPO said
“Thank you” Henry said and they left. They got into Henry’s
car; a black
Hummer jeep and moved out of the
“Red, what happened?”
“Long story, that d!ckson guy told me
Oluchi asked me to go get those files and I went to the office
to get it, only
for me to be stopped by Himself and
Oluchi at the elevator with police men”
“That guy is evil” Jane said
“come on but you know those
documents don’t leave the company” Mark said
“Yes But Oluchi hardly listens to me so
there was no way I could ask her”
“I’ll deal with that guy” Mark said
“No don’t do anything, let the company
keep falling Mr. Romero will soon arrive” Henry said
“yes, you are right. So she’ll have no
one to blame” Jane said
“Sir Henry may I stay at your place for
now” Red said
“Sure no problem” “I’ll fly to London soon” Red said
“Am sorry for all these nonsense Red
and besides you are more handsome
than that J0yst!ck guy” Jane said
“He’s really a J0yst!ck” mark said and they laughed
“She’s beautiful and unwise” Henry
said “and he’s in love with her” Mark said
“How did you know that” Red asked
“Come on, those days when you were
best friends we all know” mark said
“And How you have risked your life for
her over and over again is something I don’t understand”
Henry said
“I Remember you being rushed to the
company’s hospital when you were
shot at your back” Mark said
“yeah, actually the guy who shot was
aiming at Oluchi but I noticed this and quickly covered her
with my arms and
the guy fired three time and ran away
and the second attack was when d!
ckson was with us, we were ambushed
and that day it was just Pilot (the
driver), d!ckson, Oluchi and I in an Audi jeep and it was d!
ckson’s idea we go
alone and as we were stopped by these
guys I had my gun in my suit but about
four of them had Ak47 and the other
two had shot guns; I was with a Desert
eagle (laughs), I felt so damn that day I started thinking as
they approached,
they asked us to step out of the car I
stepped out to interrogate them but
they insisted that everyone step out
which we did then they asked us to
give the car’s key and all money we had, I was so angry
with them I told
them I cant give the car key so one of
them tried to hit me with his gun on
my head but I held his hand and quickly
turned him over to back me while I
held his neck with my arm from behind to use him as a
shield, I brought out my
gun and shot four of them in the head
but one ran and hid behind a tree and
quickly aimed to fire at Oluchi; I pushed
the guy I was holding away and stood
in front of Oluchi and he shot and it hit my upper chest
region, he ran away
and so did the other but as I was on the
floor I couldn’t find d!ckson it was
Oluchi and pilot who helped put me in
the car and on her I could see fear that I
shouldn’t die but Thank God I didn’t” “Waw you have tried”
mark said
“Who would do that if not for love”
Jane said smiling
They arrived at Henry’s home, they got
in and Henry showed Danny his room,
he quickly went into the shower. Henry came out to meet
the others
“Oluchi doesn’t know how important
this man is to her father” Jane said
“She’ll know soon” mark said…

Episode 11
Two weeks after Red’s release
although Oluchi was not aware of this;
Jane went into Oluchi’s office to drop a
report but met Oluchi sitting on d!
ckson’s laps
“Oluchi we have a problem” Oluchi was still laughing with d!
ckson then Jane
grew angry and couldn’t take it
“Oluchi are you loosing your senses?
What is wrong with you? Ever since
this good for nothing asshole came into your life your beauty
is gone, your
sense of intelligence gone, your sense
of strategy gone, your sense of
planning gone everything all gone. You
are becoming useless to this company”
Jane spoke out of anger; Oluchi was just surprised as she
kept staring at
“Right now 200billion dollars is missin
from the company and here you are
messing up” Oluchi couldn’t believe
what Jane said “What? How is that possible?” she said
standing up from his legs
“That’s a very stupid question? Your
question should be that has Mr. Romero
heard” Oluchi became more scared and
like it was planned her father called, she was scared of
picking it, she was
“Hello dad”
“Oluchi why the hell did you remove $
400 billion from our American account”
he yelled on the phone “What? I didn’t”
“Shut up, am coming to Nigeria” he said
and hanged up
Oluchi knew she was the only one who
had the access codes and the closest
person to suspect was d!ckson, she turned to d!ckson
“d!ckson what have you done?” she
said in fear and d!ckson laughed loudly,
brought out a gun and pointed at
Oluchi. She was beyond shock
“What are you doing?” she asked; Jan was not surprised
“I don’t have much to tell you but I let
me start by saying I just created
another account in the company’s name
in another country and pushed the
money there. (laughs) Oluchi do you know that they were
right?” “Right about what?”
“You are stupid” he said and laughed
“I thought you had a first class in
physics? Or was all that made up cus
you don’t seem like scientist to me. You don’t deserve it”
Oluchi had tears
rolling down her eyes. Now it was
dawn on her that she has made a grave
“And Red was just trouble so I had to
use you to get him out of your life (laughs). I really like the
way you
slapped him, I held my self form
laughing” he said and laughed
“You are a criminal” Oluchi said and he
laughed loudly
“ Really? So am now the criminal? I thought it was Red
(laughs); in 8
months brought you to Sh*t, I can’t
believe this myself; I guess I
overestimated you” he said
“You cant get away with this” Oluchi
said “But I already have.. o I forgot, actually
my fiancée is waiting for me I have to
go” he said; Oluchi was speechless, she
had been a fool and she knew it
“Am very good, ain’t i?” he said to Jane
“Yes you are” she said unseriously “Thank you sweet heart.
Ok ladies I
have to go now”
“Why are you doing this?” Oluchi asked
“Your father killed my men or should I
say his body guards did and it was Red
who saved your fathers life. That’s why I wanted a pay back
so I decided to use
his daughter and I have succeeded;
believe me this company wouldn’t
survive two months before crashing”
“What have I done?” Oluchi said with
her hand covering her mouth “Time to go” he said and shot
Oluchi on
her stomach twice and he shot Jane on
her upper chest; they both fell like logs
of wood
No one heard the gunshot cus he used a
silencer; he walked out of the office, passed the guards and
into the elevator
and out of the company 5mins later
Henry came by her office as he entered
he saw two bodies on the floor
“Jesus! Help!” he yelled and the guards
came in They were quickly rushed to the
medical department where doctors had
to work on them immediately after
about an hour the doctor spoke with
“Mr. Henry Oluchi is alive but we aren’t sure of Jane’s
survival” the doctor said
“Nooo please do your best” Henry said
“Can I see Oluchi?”
“No, come back in 2hours”
Henry left the medical building. The
news of the incident had spread and was all over the news.
Henry came
back in 2hours’ he entered Oluchi’s
room he saw her crying, he didn’t feel
pity for her he was just angry at her.
Oluchi saw him
“Mr. Henry am so sorry” she said “Please don’t say you are
sorry, I would
only get angry. After all you did all you
did at your own free will. You threw
caution to the wind” he said
“I know it all my fault but… please stop
it” Henry cut her “I came here to let you know that, I
had a meeting with the board and we
have decided that you wouldn’t be
running this company until Mr. Romero
arrives and his on his way. I wonder
what you would say because at this point the company is at
its falling
point” he said; she couldn’t control her
tears as it kept coming and it wet the
“Please release Danny” she said
“Release? I already did that weeks ago; you never cared why
do you know? Is
it because you are in pain and you now
need him? So you have suddenly
realized that he is important in your
life. After all he did, he risked his life
for you and all you could do was fire him. Oluchi wait till
your father hears
that you fired that man” Henry was not
happy with her
“Please I need to see him”
“He doesn’t want to see you” Henry
said and walked out. Oluchi cried bitterly…

Episode 12
Mr. Romero arrived very late; Mr. Henry
picked him at the airport, Henry told
him everything except the Danny part.
He went over to see her immediately. Oluchi saw her father
come into the
room; Oluchi was looking dejected
“dad please forgive me” she said
“Oluchi, why did you do this to me?” he
said almost crying
“What did I do to you? Why did you destroy all I have built
for years?”
“I don’t deserve forgiveness but please
have mercy” just then he remembered
“Where is Red?” he asked
“Am sorry dad”
“That’s not what I asked. Where is Red?” he said
“I huum I sacked him” she said, her dad
was shocked
“No you didn’t” he said trying not to
believe it
“Sir she did but not only that she arrested him” Henry said
“What? Oluchi you did what?”
“What for?” he asked
“She accused him of stealing company
property” Henry said
“That’s impossible” Mr. Romero said “Oluchi you have done
the worst, you
have done what your father would
never do. I gave you someone so
valuable and this is what you did with
it. Red is supposed to be your guide and
not your guard. Red is one of the reasons why this company
is first class
worldwide, do you think I don’t pay
him or do you think he’s just a body
guard? He gives advice and they work
out. He tells us how certain projects
should be handled and they work out just as he said. He
saved my life and
your mothers’. Oluchi while you were
living the best of life in America this
man was one of the reasons you could
live such life. What more can I say, you
allowed your school reputation and degree into your head
not knowing
that Red has even more powerful
educational reputation than you do.”
Oluchi still cried out “Whichever way you can get Red back
or I’ll not forgive you for destroying my
hard work” he left the room, she
continued crying it was like it would
never stop; she remembered how she
and Red started and how d!ckson came in and everything
between them
changed. Her dad refused to go see her
again… After two days she was discharged, she
went to Mr. Henry’s home to see him so
he could help her look for Red
“Welcome Oluchi” he said sitting down
“Thank you sir” she said in a low tone,
from her looks it was obvious she was in a sorrowful mood
“Why are you here?” he asked
“please I need your help, I need to find
“Why ask for my help?” he said
“Please I know you can help me” “I don’t think he would
want me to do
that? Because he plans on leaving the
country” Oluchi felt bad after hearing
“No please, I love him” she said crying
“You? Love him?” he asked surprised “Yes I do”
“So you have suddenly realized that
you do? You lie”
“I don’t know what to say but I have
always loved him I just don’t
understand why d!ckson clouded my mind”
“I don’t think I can help you”
“Please; if I leave here I’ll go kill
“if you die no one would miss you”
Oluchi was hurt by those words as tears kept coming from
her eyes
“I think I will” a voice said behind her,
she knew it was Danny’s voice, she
froze at the sound of his voice she
refused to turn around. He walked up to
her where she was standing, he held her from behind and
turned her to face
him. She turned and saw him with a smile,
she looked at him
“Da.. Danny please” she lost words, he
smiled at her
“I have worked with your father for
years and had never met you but the day you came to
Nigeria I fell in love
with you at sight. I tried as much as
possible not to let my feelings override
my job. The day d!ckson came into your
life you turned your back on me but I
did do the same to you, so many things you said and did but
I wish not to talk
about it. You completely forgot our
friendship because you started seeing
me as a guard and not a guide, you sort
guidance from the wrong person and
finally you allowed your reputation into your head and not
caring to know
where I stand as in education. You
have done a lot but let me ask you; do
you think you deserve forgiveness?” he
said she had tears flowing down
“No I don’t” she said lowering her head, he smiled
“Yes you do. And I forgive you” he said
and hugged her but she dint stop crying
“Come on, haven’t you cried enough” he
said smiling, he wiped her face with
his hand “I love you Danny, I swear I do”
“I know, I love you too” he said and
kissed her fore head…

Episode 13
A phone rang in Danny’s pocket, he
brought out the phone
“this phone belongs to d!ckson’s
Girlfriend and I will be using it to get
back all the money he stole” Danny said
smiling “How did you come about it?” Oluchi
asked after wiping her eyes
“Well, I have always been on d!ckson’s
tail, he wants to flee the country with
her and the company’s money but with
her in my custody he doesn’t stand a chance. I knew what
was going on and
I had already tracked her down so just
yesterday I met her at an eatery where
I told her that d!ckson has sent me to
bring her and that it very important
and she followed then I brought her to Mr. Henry’s place
and now she’s in one
of the rooms tied down. Do you wanna
see her?” He asked
“No, I just pray we get that d!ckson”
she said
“I’ll be back wait here” he said and quickly rushed in
He entered into a room where a girl
was tied to a chair
“Hey your boyfriend was calling I think
he wants to speak to you” Red said
“Please why are you doing this” she said
“Your boyfriend is a criminal and if you
know you don’t want to suffer for his
crime you will do as I say, ok?” he said
and she nodded in agreement, the
phone rang again “now tell him you are at a friend’s
place in Lekki phase II at No,12
crescent road close to China embassy,
are you ready?” he asked and she
agreed, he picked the call and put it on
her ear “Hello Baby” she said
“Where the hell are you?”
“Am at a friend’s place in Lekki”
“O God, ok where I need to see you, we
need to leave this country tomorrow” “Am at Lekki Phase II,
No12 crescent
road close to China embassy”
“Ok I’ll be there” he said and hanged up
“Good girl” he said smiling and left
He went back to meet Oluchi
“He’ll be here soon” “Lets call the police” she said
“No not yet” he said smiling
“I’ll be outside, I need to pick him up
and after that we’ll go see your dad” he
said and went outside, he walked out
of the gate and into an uncompleted building where he
waited in hiding. At about an hour, d!ckson drove a small
nice KIA to the front of the gate, he
parked the car and stepped out, and he
looked around then went to the gate to
knock, Danny came out of the building
as d!ckson entered the compound, d! ckson walked to the
main door, it was
slightly open so he walked inside
“Hello, any one here” he said looking
around, as he entered the sitting room
he got the shock of his life…
Oluchi was sitting down in the sitting like she was expecting
him; he froze
with fear and surprise
“You.. You are dead?” he said moving
back, Oluchi did utter a word she just
looked at him and then faced the TV. He
brought out a gun and point to her again she just looked at
him and looked
away again and from nowhere an iron
rod landed on his hand and the gun fell,
he screamed in pain holding his hand
with the other he was almost in tears,
he turned to see who did it; he saw Danny standing with a
thick iron rod in
his hand and smiling
“You? I should have killed you” d!ckson
“So you can still talk well that’s good so
you’ll start by telling us where our money is”
“You think I’ll do that?”
“It’s all over for you, J0yst!ck man”
Danny said
“No it not”
“Ok then I think I’ll have to force it out of you” Danny said
going close to him
but he refused to speak; Danny hit the
rod on his face and he screamed in pain
“I will stop if you speak” Danny said
“Ok ok I tell you” d!ckson said covering
his face because of the pain “Good talk”
“My car is outside and in it there’s a
black brief case that contains all the
documents of the transfer and all my
credit cards, everything you need is in
it” he said “Good” Danny said and carried him up
took him into the room where his
girlfriend was and tied him up
“You have been reunited” he said to
them and left
Danny went back to meet Oluchi “I’ll call the police” Danny
said and
picked up a phone and called the police
and in 30mins they arrived. Danny led
them to the room and they picked up d!
ckson and his girlfriend; they stepped
out into the sitting room; d!ckson turned to look at Oluchi
but she didn’t
even look at his face, she was just
quiet as she pressed her phone
“You promised to free me” d!ckson’s
girlfriend said to Danny
“O am sorry I can’t. Actually, she’s the one who would
decide if you are to be
freed or not” he said pointing to Oluchi;
Oluchi turned to look at the girl, she
stood up and walked to her
“would you let me go if I did something
like this to you? You would have to face the law” Oluchi said
and walked
“Please take them away” Danny said
and the police men moved them away
Danny walked to Oluchi, he pulled her
up from the chair “I think we should leave now” Danny
said to her and they left the house…

Episode 14
Mr. Romero was so excited to see
Danny, he welcomed him with a smile
and a hug, everyone was happy as he
came out of the car with Oluchi,
everyone was outside waiting to
welcome him, Romero welcomed him like a son. “Dad, I
have something to tell you”
Oluchi said
“What is it” he said smiling
“I’m in love with Danny” she said and
he just smiled
“At last, what took you so long?” he said smiling Oluchi was
a little
“Don’t be surprised, I have secretly
wished so”
“And Danny thank you for restoring the
Business” “you don’t have to thank me sir
because this is also my business” he
said smiling
“Alright everyone this calls for
celebration” Romero said. They had a night party and most
of the
guests were NGT staffs
“This party is just to announce to you
that My daughter Oluchi would be
getting married to Danny Red” he said
smiling and everyone applauded Oluchi sighted Jane
“Jane!” she said loudly and ran to Jane
and hugged her
“Easy there” Jane said
“Am happy you made it” she said
smiling “Of cus I would make it” Jane said
boastfully and they laughed
“It’s good to see you Jane” Danny said
smiling, Oluchi remembered what
happened in the office sometime ago
“Jane I know you like Danny But…” Oluchi paused
“No it was just a prank to make you
jealous” Danny said
“Yes just a prank, I don’t like him? I
hate me” she said smiling and they
laughed… After two months, they were married. Mr. Romero
said they should both
handle the company affairs and the
company was back on its ground. In
two year they had a daughter Sonya.
Good things they say don’t last but this
one will be lasting forever… ***THE END*** PLEASE